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  1. Thanks to everyone who replied to my message. The progress report is that I have a lease (mostly — main document is signed, still waiting for the addenda to get back to me), my insurance straightened out, hotels are booked and paid for (Marriott answered after an hour and 37 minutes), car hauler is paid, first two months' rent is paid, and I have most of the money for the moving company saved. Here's a basic, stupid, question. What do people call the light rail system, colloquially? In Chicago it was "the L." In Boston, it's "the T." In New York, it was just "the subway." In
  2. As a few of you know, and most of you don't, I'm moving back to Houston. It's been almost 20 years since I lived in the city, and a lot has changed in that time. When I first moved to Houston, everyone wanted to work for Enron, people crowed that you couldn't have light rail because of all the rain, and the notion of taking a cruise out of Galveston would get your dismissed as a kook. More germane to my life today, back then you found an apartment by hiring someone you looked up in a Yellow Pages in your hotel's phone booth to drive you around for a whole day to tour various ap
  3. Yeah, the big crash. I don't even remember who hacked HAIF, it was so many years ago. I vaguely recall that we lost something like 100,000 posts. If I recall correctly, you were the first person to even be banned from HAIF. Years later, you came back a different person, and have since become an asset to this group. I think of that sometimes when I see people on the internet being pilloried for things they did five, ten, twenty years ago. It is folly to judge people today by who they were in the past. We all learn and change, every day. The internet has taught people how to b
  4. Thanks for being a long-term member! FYI, I recently increased the upload limit. It was previously set at a size that made sense in the early days, but is no longer realistic. It is much more believable now.
  5. OK, so it hasn't been 20 years of HAIF. It's been 19 and change. But the 20th anniversary is coming up, and because I need a job, I've been looking through what remains of the HAIF archives to fill in my LinkedIn profile. So I thought I'd share some of my memories here. The issue of how old HAIF is remains kind of vague. HAIF started as a subsection of houstonarchitecture.info. But that site didn't start on that domain. It was on a different one before moving to ha.i, which happened in 2002. So that's why if you base things on the site's content, it's been 20 years, but if you base
  6. Thanks. I've sent that along to my wife to investigate. Right now she's focused on The Star, the former Texaco headquarters. Primarily, because it's near one of her friends. I like it because of the immediate rail access and it's close to Assumption Church. Any thoughts about The Star? (1111 Rusk) When I lived downtown last time (1999-2003), there were very few services available outside of business hours/days. In perusing the businesses that pop up on the maps app (coffee shops, fast food, etc...) it seems that has not changed. It's not really a mixed use district yet. It's ju
  7. I'm like you. If I smell pot on a tour, it gets crossed off my list. I'm not into the dorm vibe, either. I prefer to live like an adult. Any downtown buildings you'd recommend? When we lived there, there were only three apartment buildings. There seem to be a bunch now, and from this distance, I'm sure there are ones we're missing. We prefer newer construction, and I prefer a larger building because they tend to have on-site maintenance. Interesting about the East End. We have friends who live there and also rave about it. With any luck, I'll be able to keep my job and
  8. Interesting about the people at Skyhouse. We're quiet types, so we'd prefer a building that is also quiet, and slightly older. How did you like The James? That one is on my wife's list, too, along with The Ivy, which I believe is next door. Is it problematic being right next to the train tracks?
  9. You can tell that Spring is here, because my wife is once again talking about moving us back to Houston. We're still months away from the end of our current lease, so there's no hurry. But in light of recent events, I thought I'd throw this out there to see if it's a factor or not: Two of the places she's considering for us are SkyHouse River Oaks (2031 Westcreek) and SkyHouse Downtown (1725 Main). SkyHouse R.O. gives us more space in our budget, which is nice. But SkyHouse Downtown puts us within walking distance of the Cathedral, the train, and all the other downtown goodi
  10. Hi all, I've made some changes to HAIF. People can now upload more pictures than before. Previously there was a 10MB limit per user. Which made sense in 2001, but not today. People can now delete their own attachments. This is useful when you realize that you might have accidentally posted a picture that you do not have the rights to post. People can now delete their own posts. This is probably the most-requested feature over the years. I've resisted it until now because it can create continuity issues. But as more and more people quit social media (and even the
  11. So there were still problems. You may have noticed. I've been back-and-forth with the technical support people over the last five days, and it appears to be a caching issue with the system. I've disabled most caching now. The only content currently being cached is thread views for guests, which are now only refreshed once an hour. Hopefully the HAIF server can handle running without cache. It was pretty close to 80% capacity before. I'll keep an eye on things. As always please write to me to let me know if things are borked.
  12. For those of you following this topic, I have updated the software. Hopefully it helps. Don't forget to clear your browser cache! I thought it was a stupid notion, but it made a difference for me. I've created a new thread to discuss any further problems:
  13. The Black Labrador used to be the traditional place for the mods to meet. But that's gone. So very sad.
  14. Hi All, I've updated the software that runs HAIF. I know there were a lot of problems after the last one went in, so hopefully this will improve things. An important note: Be sure to clear your browser's cache. After this upgrade, I was still having problems until I cleared my browser cache and now things seem better. Hopefully everything is magically delicious now. Only time will tell. To clear your cache if you're using Safari, press Command-Option-E. Safari on iOS (iPhone and iPad) is more of a pain in the butt. You have to use Settings → Safari → Advanced → Website Dat
  15. So, the bad news is that the problem with the rich text editor not loading continues to be a problem. The good news is that it's happening to lots of other fora, and not just HAIF. So hopefully that means the makers of the software will get on it. I'll keep you updated.
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