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  1. You're right — I'm a little hard on Seattle. But mostly because I lived there for a while, opened up a business there, made a couple of partnerships in the tech space, then moved away when I realized it wasn't everything everyone thinks it is. The quality of the graduates of the University of Washington that I met was... subpar. But then, I've experienced that with a bunch of other supposedly top-notch schools: Northwestern, UNLV, Rutgers. It seems to be that excellence is more about the individual than the school they went to. One of the best employees I ever had was a woman who graduated from one of the crappiest colleges in downstate Illinois. I never tried hiring anyone out of Austin, so my image of its graduates hasn't been tarnished by personal experience yet.
  2. Plus, Apple already had a big operation in Austin. As someone who currently works in the tech "bubble" and previously worked in Seattle's tech bubble, I've never understood the attraction of either Seattle of Austin. San Francisco makes sense because of air transportation links, climate, and a good number of big city amenities for a city its size. But in my experience, both Seattle and Austin are more hype than reality. Austin, at least, has a big university churning out people who can think. Seattle has banana slugs and guys commuting to work at video game companies on unicycles wearing kilts.
  3. Vacant lot south of Robbins Bros.

    I wonder if they'll reuse the Joe's Golf Hole sign somehow.
  4. thehaif.com giving 404 error

  5. Old messages

    Help is on the way. PM me with any issues you have and I'll add them to the list of things to fix. Also, I tried to search the word "texaco" and it seemed to work. Can you be more specific about the problems you have with the search function? Thanks!
  6. Very infrequently. And almost exclusively with foreigners. American architects and architecture firms are usually flattered when people take an interest in their work. Most mid-sized and large firms have PR companies who send us photos and renderings to publish all the time. And in America, once you file your paperwork and renderings with the local government, they become public record. Perhaps things are different in Australia. I can only remember it happening once before, and that was with a Belgian company.
  7. The renderings have been removed. The Australians don't want you see them here.
  8. Future Of The Astrodome

    COMMISSIONERS COURT PRESERVES ASTRODOME;AUTHORIZES MAJOR REVITALIZATION PROJECTCourt Members Unanimously Approve $105 Million PlanTo Raise Floor, Add Parking and Save Iconic StructureHarris County Commissioners Court voted unanimously today to preserve and revitalize one of the most famous buildings in the United States, agreeing on a $105 million plan to raise the Astrodome floor, provide two levels of underground parking and convert the building's 550,000 square feet into useable public space.Court members unanimously authorized the Office of the County Engineer to spend $10.5 million on the plan's initial engineering and architectural phase.The vote was a landmark step in preserving the Astrodome, the first ever indoor baseball stadium and home to some of the nation's most memorable sports and entertainment events. The next step will be to present the plan to the Texas Historical Commission, which must approve any substantive alterations to the 51-year-old county-owned structure.Under the plan approved today, the county will spend $105 million to raise the Astrodome floor 30 feet to ground level and install 1,400 underground parking spaces. Numerous studies and recommendations have shown that elevating the floor to ground level vastly improves accessibility and the ability to redevelop and use the Dome's interior, and the increased parking will generate more revenue for that redevelopment.The county will spend a maximum of $35 million from the general fund on the development. The remaining $70 million will come from hotel occupancy tax and parking revenue. The taxpayers' share may be lowered even further through tax increment reinvestment zone (TIRZ) and lease revenue, as well as historical tax credits - meaning their cost to save the Astrodome would be even less than the $35 million estimated demolition cost."The Astrodome's days of sitting idle and abandoned are over," said County Judge Ed Emmett. "Instead, Harris County's most recognized building will again be proud and useful - as host to thousands of area residents attending a variety of business and community events. Hundreds of people worked very hard to see that happen, and I'm proud that this day has finally arrived."
  9. I've already deleted another comment that was posted after I told everyone to keep it on topic. Seriously, if you want to discuss crime and politics, there's a place for that on HAIF. This thread isn't it. If people insist on going off-topic, then the thread will be closed.
  10. Let's keep it on topic. If you want to talk politics, head over to the Way Off Topic section.
  11. Software Upgrade

    Well, that certainly is curious. I'm not seeing it on my iPhone 5. What are you using?
  12. Software Upgrade

    Thanks, BigFootSocks. That screenshot actually helps a lot. It's a beacon from Federated Media, one of the web site's advertising partners. What a beacon does is double-check to make sure that the ads that we say are being served are actually being served and not intercepted by ad blockers or something else. In this case, the beacon is malfunctioning or poorly written. I'll see what i can do about it.
  13. For those of you able to view mp4 videos in your browsers, here's a little time-lapse view I made from the same vantage point as that panorama photo I posted earlier tonight. tl2.m4v
  14. Here's a little panorama I shot from room 8079 at the Hilton Americas.
  15. Software Upgrade

    Hi Everyone, I've installed another significant software upgrade. Let me know if you see anything not working properly. It's best to send me a PM so that I get an immediate notification. Hopefully this one will go much smoother than the one back in March.