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    Found a render that may be more palatable to the local community:
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    Updated website: https://ionhouston.com/south-main/
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    the developer is indeed in talks with target at this location. just FYI.
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    See page 28, I spy Target signage https://www.graniteprop.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/granite-flourish.pdf
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    Update as of last night. I had said I was going to get some aerials of uptown a while back and finally made the trip.
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    Found this from an architect at CRKTL, posted January 3rd, 2020. Potential development could be planned for this site. Renderings show a mixed-use development with retail, multifamily, condos, and office space. The site: Renderings: https://www.behance.net/gallery/90156931/Montrose-MUD-Houston-USA
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    https://lanewaysmidtown.com/dreweryplace/ EDIT: Renderings removed at the demand of Large arts in Collingwood, Australia. —Editor
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    Notes from North Montrose Civic Association meeting. The Hanover rep who presented lives near the development so has a personal stake Improvements to Autry Park are planned, want to make it more connected to BBP Improvements to dangerous pedestrian crossing at Shepherd and Allen Parkway Pavers at intersections Closing on final land purchases this Month Demo will start within months First phase will be mid rise apartments and high rise apartments Ground floor retail everywhere Office building will start when sufficient square feet are leased Retail expected to be 50% restaurants, local chef driven Hotel will be boutique Working with GID on synergies, GID says starting on apartments later this year, he chuckled on that one! Burying power lines Bike lane will be built on w Dallas in front of their property, they hope GID will add to it Building 5.5 ft above Harvey levels They see this as the gateway to Buffalo Bayou Park, want to make access to the park very easy 6-8’ tree lined sidewalks all around $25 million in infrastructure improvements partially funded by tirz
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    $550 million med center expansion w 18.19 and 30 story buildings.
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    Downtown Houston by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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    the sidewalk is closed but not the skywalk....you have to climb up that orange and white ladder and then proceed on the top... it was a real b*tch getting my bike up there but down was worse...
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    Screen grabs from the Houston Chronicle. Notice the south side of the renovated building only has railings on the second floor.
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    Bumping this thread because I finished up another video with some new views. Hoping to keep these a little more regular going forward.
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    I’ve been wondering because a January ground breaking did not happen. However there hasn’t been a day when there wasn’t at least one vehicle at the trailer. And there have been people walking the site several days this past month. Plus a another fence has gone up separating the trailer section. Nothing earth shattering, but it’s something. Attached is a shot of what will be the main first two parcels taken on January 30th.
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    TMC's 2020 parking fee schedule indicates the South Extension lot is closing on 2/29/20.
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    And its now open for customers. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2020/02/20/photos-houstons-largest-health-system-opens-17.html?ana=e_me_set1&j=90481551&t=Morning A&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWlRnM1pHUmpNalF3TTJSaiIsInQiOiJ6c1NDQVZwMnJhXC9HMHZ0M1F5S3lkWFhiMkZNNlY0RUpSYVlJWUxhXC9zN3RMTzhleFdvWlQwcUpJalI5dWR3NURjQWtrU2s4akNYQkJMNFFxT1wvVVg1b3I5ank1ZEZpbUtvZ2xoazlhSEVBdTdUOUxvdHFQR2hsUjRPVjY1RWw2VCJ9 Some screen grabs.....
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    I'm a Rockets fan with half season tickets and have both these t-shirts that I wear at the games created from this.
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    @ekdrm2d1 inspired "Where's Waldo" image for HRO.
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    To help visualize this better for everyone, I've now plotted this on the Development Map, per the recent site plan.
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