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    Height: 468’ Work begins 4/20, light one up for this one 😆 https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=430526526&row=2
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    https://www.highstreetresidential.com/en/portfolio/block-98 42-stories, 2Q 2022 completion
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    New rendering on Transwestern's website. https://transwestern.com/property/the-ro-00
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    Early 2020 construction start http://www.spearstreetcapital.com/portfolio/owned/
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    Found a render that may be more palatable to the local community:
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    Now on Medistar's website: https://www.medistarcorp.com/in-development/
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    Groundbreaking set for next month, 324-unit apartment tower as phase I: @CREguy13 @swtsig https://www.costar.com/article/858316108/developers-prepare-to-break-ground-on-houston-project-with-multiple-skyscrapers
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    The glass on the garage is starting to be installed.
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    Had a chance to view these renderings. This building will have even more terraces than Texas Tower. I think this forum will be very impressed by the redesign. High quality project - hopefully it gets capitalized!
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    Midtown is going wild. 30-story residnetial high-rise with ~10,000 sq feet of retail (former SEARCH Homeless Services site).
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    This isn't a huge update, but thought it was worth posting. I recently heard from a source that TC fully intends to break ground on Block 98 and is getting close. I also heard that, while in the early stages, TC is working on another highrise MF in downtown Houston. The location is unknown. Does anyone else have any comment on this?
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    Took this over Labor Day weekend. I haven't seen many shots from this angle.
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    The project will consist of a 34-story residential condominium high-rise development. It will be a podium design in which a parking garage makes up the base of the building and the residential tower sits on top. Level 5 will be the amenity level of the tower and will include a club room, fitness center, dining room with catering, kitchen and bars. The East, North and South sides of this level will open onto a landscaped plaza deck that will have a swimming pool, covered lounge, children’s play area, grilling areas and a dog park. The 34-story residential tower will be approximately 442’ in height and include 107 units. Exterior cladding design shall provide the use of architectural precast concrete panels and glazed window wall on the tower. Levels 1 through 5 of the podium on the west elevation (main entry) will be clad with mechanically fastened limestone panels with granite wainscot. The remainder of the podium will be clad with architectural precast concrete panels similar to the tower. The Project site is approximately 1.86 acres off of North Wynden Drive to the west of Montebello Condos, Uptown Park and the 610 Loop in the Galleria-Memorial area.
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    The project is underway. They are currently working on underground utilities.
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    Found the permits!!!!!! 🥳 First 4 are exactly like this one except different Permit Type. This one details the penthouse on floor 42. The majority of the permits were created in April but the latest one was 14th of May. Looks like this one is going up real soon.
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    Updated website: https://ionhouston.com/south-main/
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    The Chronicle's link to the agenda is broken, because the username and password were dropped from the URL, but the full link is ftp://PlatViewer:Viewer4DRC@edrc.houstontx.gov//2019/2019-23_DraftAgenda.pdf Note that the username is PlatViewer and the password is Viewer4DRC, in case HAIF breaks the URL too. The information about the Ion is on pages 140 through 160, and there are a bunch of images not in the article. Here is the full set of images:
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    New renderings have been posted. https://www.tmc.edu/tmc3/
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    The residential high-rise can be seen in the background. Design looks the same. https://www.faithgraphicdesigns.com/img/PDFS/Museo_Medical_Brochure.pdf Financing was obtained in Jan. 2019 for the office building. Link below mentions the residential tower as 58-stories. https://www.greenwichgrp.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Austin-and-Houston-Deals-January-2019.pdf
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    21-Story high-rise with a little over ~12,000 sq feet of retail. Right across from the new Whole Foods.
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    Under contract https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/801-St-Joseph-Pky-Houston-TX/12352462/
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    Houston Skyline Over Sesquicentennial Park by Mabry Campbell, on Flickr
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    Architect: Kirksey Architecture Developer: Medistar
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    Hanover Square Block E is a 8 story mixed-use residential/retail mid-rise project located at Tirrell St. and Allen Parkway. The project consists of 421 luxury apartment units, approximately 10,500 SF of private amenity space, including a resort-style pool. The project wraps an 8 story precast parking garage and contains approximately 26,000 SF of street-level retail between the garage and lower levels of the tower.
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    This article says the next phase will break ground in Q2 2020. https://www.multihousingnews.com/post/laneways-midtown-a-growth-story-from-the-south/
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    Demolition update from above: And from the ground:
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    The campus walk through from the State of Texas Medical Center 2019. I'll save the residential/hotel for last. It's amazing. You may want to watch the video on YouTube to hear McKeon narrate the campus details
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    The renderings are up on the LMC Lennar website. They are calling it "Bowen River Oaks".
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