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  1. Quick search does wonders. :) http://test21.kalibratecms.com/
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  2. Height: 468’ Work begins 4/20, light one up for this one 😆 https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=430526526&row=2
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  3. Project: Tower A (Hotel and Condos) Address: 2701 Main Street Houston, TX 77002 Architect: Preston Partnership Information: A 32-story hotel/condo with exterior amenities at levels 9 and 32. Hotel restaurant/bar (3,200 SF), co-working area with conference room (1,200 SF), and 1,165 SF of retail at level 1 Parking at levels 2 - 6 Ballrooms at level 7 Fitness at level 8 Outdoor dining, dog run, and yoga at level 9 along with two swimming pools Outdoor garden area and pool at level 32 183 hotel units (lev
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  4. New rendering on Transwestern's website. https://transwestern.com/property/the-ro-00
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  5. Memorial Park expansion by Marc longoria, on Flickr Memorial Park expansion by Marc longoria, on Flickr Memorial Park expansion by Marc longoria, on Flickr Memorial Park expansion by Marc longoria, on Flickr Memorial Park expansion by Marc longoria, on Flickr Memorial Park expansion by Marc longoria, on Flickr Memorial Park expansion by Marc longoria, on Flickr Memorial Park expansion by Marc longoria, on Flickr Memorial Park expansion by Marc longoria
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  6. Eastern Glades was open to the public today. It was kind of empty of people because it was raining, but I would imagine this will attract quite a crowd when the weather starts getting cooler. Very nice addition to Memorial Park.
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  7. Found a render that may be more palatable to the local community:
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  9. Had a chance to view these renderings. This building will have even more terraces than Texas Tower. I think this forum will be very impressed by the redesign. High quality project - hopefully it gets capitalized!
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  10. The glass on the garage is starting to be installed.
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  11. Project Name: McNair Plaza Architect: House & Robertson Architects Groundbreaking: Beginning of April 2021 Completion of Construction: December of 2024 Tower Height: 750.5' Information: All Buildings connect at Below Grade Garage and at Ground Levels and certain levels above.
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  13. Snapped this the other day. Slightly wonky since I had to photomerge a multiple photos to get the entire building in the shot.
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  14. I biked through the park today and noticed that they have begun installing the pre-fabricated sections of the tunnel. I think this is the east tunnel (the one closer to downtown). It is much bigger than I had been envisioning! It looks like each section is pre-fabricated and installed individually. 3 sections installed so far - lots more to go.
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  15. Went yesterday and it was amazing. Very well done. The architecture, the exhibits, everything. Here are some photos:
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  16. New renderings have been posted. https://www.tmc.edu/tmc3/
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  17. Found some recent photos of inside with the floors cut out and skylight/tarp installed.
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  18. https://news.cision.com/skanska/r/skanska-signs-new-tenant-lease-for-office-tower-in-downtown-houston--texas--usa,c3267109
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  19. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/3120-Buffalo-Speedway-Houston-TX/17591132/
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  20. Costar Article: New 43-Story Apartment Tower to Rise in Downtown Houston Trammell Crow's High Street Residential Breaks Ground Near Discovery Green A street view of High Street Residential's planned new apartment skyscraper in downtown Houston. (High Street Residential/Trammell Crow Co.) By Marissa Luck CoStar News July 20, 2020 | 06:33 P.M. A Trammell Crow subsidiary is transforming a former parking lot into a 43-story luxury apartment tower in downtown Houston. High Street R
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  21. The project will consist of a 34-story residential condominium high-rise development. It will be a podium design in which a parking garage makes up the base of the building and the residential tower sits on top. Level 5 will be the amenity level of the tower and will include a club room, fitness center, dining room with catering, kitchen and bars. The East, North and South sides of this level will open onto a landscaped plaza deck that will have a swimming pool, covered lounge, children’s play area, grilling areas and a dog park. The 34-story residential tower will be approximatel
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  22. The project is underway. They are currently working on underground utilities.
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  24. Found the permits!!!!!! 🥳 First 4 are exactly like this one except different Permit Type. This one details the penthouse on floor 42. The majority of the permits were created in April but the latest one was 14th of May. Looks like this one is going up real soon.
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  25. Looks like this is finally kicking off... They've closed 2 lanes on Crawford, are in the process of fencing off the entire parking lot and have construction trailers set up in the vacant lot catty-corner from the site. Cheers to another 40+ floor multi-family development in downtown!
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  26. Houston’s New Waterfront Destination Takes Shape — An Inside Look at East River, Midway’s City Changing Mega Project A 150 Acre, 65 City Block New District is Coming — Here's Everything You Need to Know The model dominates the center of the long table, giving a 3D glimpse in miniature at just how vast this world will be. No were not talking about the latest superhero multiverse or some other Hollywood creation. In some ways, this is even more ambitious than that. For this is real. And coming to Houston. “It truly is a remarkable opportunity,” Midway CEO Jonathan Brinsden says
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  27. Tons of renderings and new information here: https://www.rue-re.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Autry-Park_Catalogue_Digital_20200916.pdf
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  30. SFP-View to Galleria-2020 by Mabry Campbell, on Flickr
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