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    324' feet 379 units 481 parking spaces 216 bicycle spaces 13,888 square feet of retail EDIT: Renderings removed at the demand of Large arts in Collingwood, Australia. —Editor
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    Found a render that may be more palatable to the local community:
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    Groundbreaking set for next month, 324-unit apartment tower as phase I: @CREguy13 @swtsig https://www.costar.com/article/858316108/developers-prepare-to-break-ground-on-houston-project-with-multiple-skyscrapers
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    Here's the next phase!! http://www.largearts.com.au/houston-midtown/ EDIT: Renderings removed at the demand of Large arts in Collingwood, Australia. —Editor
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    Texas Tower https://www.hines.com/news/hines-and-ivanhoé-cambridge-name-revolutionary-office-development-in-downtown-houston
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    Updated website: https://ionhouston.com/south-main/
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    the developer is indeed in talks with target at this location. just FYI.
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    See page 28, I spy Target signage https://www.graniteprop.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/granite-flourish.pdf
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    Phase I is underway, here's our first look: More renderings can be found in the brochure below: https://images1.loopnet.com/d2/2hO8ds_6cesMWwAvCHKLz8FODP1y6ddN4DLZMm4OgzQ/document.pdf
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    http://www.wylieassociates.com/project/caydon-midtown-apartment-building/ 26-floors EDIT: Renderings removed at the demand of Large arts in Collingwood, Australia. —Editor
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    Link says condominium...which means this could be one of three things. This will be Hines first condo project for Houston Someone else has picked up the site Or this is not the current proposal https://miradorgroup.com/projects/waugh-allen-parkway-condominium
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    http://zieglercooper.com/the-midtown-2/ Edit: This is the piazza which was mentioned in the first post. They'll need the city to abandon a stretch of Drew St.
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    Via Flickr, on the left: IMG_1447 by Gabriel Spiegel, on Flickr
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    I originally posted these renders in the "Houston Potential" thread, but it turns out to be the actual design for the new Museum. Hoping to break ground by 2016. Site w/ video: http://www.buildhmm.com/
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    Nice! There's actually some good new info there - Opened an office in Houston, Jan. 2017 start date, 380 units, ZC is the architect and a rendering! Midtown's second residential high-rise!
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    Update as of last night. I had said I was going to get some aerials of uptown a while back and finally made the trip.
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    https://product.costar.com/home/news/shared/776417961 Sounds like phase II will consists of three high-rises, with the last being built at a later date.
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    The clouds showed up the one time i managed to get downtown... Nevertheless, here are a few shots.
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    sup girl wanna check out that rooftop bar peep the planning commission agenda for deets
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    Found this from an architect at CRKTL, posted January 3rd, 2020. Potential development could be planned for this site. Renderings show a mixed-use development with retail, multifamily, condos, and office space. The site: Renderings: https://www.behance.net/gallery/90156931/Montrose-MUD-Houston-USA
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    https://lanewaysmidtown.com/dreweryplace/ EDIT: Renderings removed at the demand of Large arts in Collingwood, Australia. —Editor
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    Notes from North Montrose Civic Association meeting. The Hanover rep who presented lives near the development so has a personal stake Improvements to Autry Park are planned, want to make it more connected to BBP Improvements to dangerous pedestrian crossing at Shepherd and Allen Parkway Pavers at intersections Closing on final land purchases this Month Demo will start within months First phase will be mid rise apartments and high rise apartments Ground floor retail everywhere Office building will start when sufficient square feet are leased Retail expected to be 50% restaurants, local chef driven Hotel will be boutique Working with GID on synergies, GID says starting on apartments later this year, he chuckled on that one! Burying power lines Bike lane will be built on w Dallas in front of their property, they hope GID will add to it Building 5.5 ft above Harvey levels They see this as the gateway to Buffalo Bayou Park, want to make access to the park very easy 6-8’ tree lined sidewalks all around $25 million in infrastructure improvements partially funded by tirz
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    20190322-Houston-Campbell-_H6A5841-Pano by Mabry Campbell, on Flickr
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    Back on the table? https://mcmunnnicholas.wixsite.com/nicholasmcmunnarch/copy-of-confidential-casino-and-res
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    Someone please tell me more about this project. This would be for the Texas Medical Center at the corner of Main & Holcombe, where the Bank of America building sits. http://www.slideshare.net/QingjingZuo/smilodon-rendering-collection-20154-47319504
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    LATEST DEVELOPMENT MAP, 2019 - thanks @Luminare! https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/1/viewer?hl=en&ll=29.74450800320124%2C-95.37503325305198&z=16&mid=1J_89cR1sxP4muIAHRJlm6TajoQPyoswJ Things to keep an eye on include (but not limited to):-updated renders (will be adding pics to all projects later) -project name changes-changes in use or additions of uses-changes in number of stories-changes to Developer or additional Developers-changes to Architect or additional Architects/Designers-announcements or changes to construction dates / finish datesIf any of the above is missing in the project info already then please assist clarifying any missing info to @Luminare. Well I dunno how to edit that wiki list so here's a list I created for *almost* everything above 12 floors. Maybe this list can be placed into the first post of this thread? It won't be as detailed, but I can keep it up to date. Even added a rumored section. Please let me know which projects I'm missing or help me fill in some of the blanks! Under Construction 609 Main at Texas Devloper: Hines Architect: Pickard Chilton Type: Office Location: 609 Main at Texas #of floors: 49 Completion Date: March 2017 2929 Weslayan Developer: PM Realty Group Architect: RTKL Associates Type: Residential Location: 2929 Weslayan # of Floors: 40 Completion: August 2014 1500 Post Oak Blvd. Developer: Transwestern Architect: Pickard Chilton Type: Office Location: 1500 Post Oak Blvd #of floors: 30 Completion: October 2016 Hanover Post Oak Developer: Hanover Architect: Solomon Cordwell Buenz Type: Residential Location: Post Oak at San Felipe Road # of Floors: 29 Completion: October 2014 Astoria Developer: Randall Davis Architect: Page Southerland Page Type: Residential Location: Post Oak Blvd at Gatterson Lane # of Floors: 28 Completion: 2015 Belfiore Developer: Inter-Pier LLC Architect: Kirksey Type: Residential #of floors: 26 Location: S. Post Oak Lane at South Wynden Drive Completion Date: Spring 2016 SkyHouse River Oaks Developer: Novare Group Architect: Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart & Associates Type: Residential Location: 2013 Westcreek Lane # of Floors: 25 Completion:Early 2015 SkyHouse Houston Developer: Novare Group Architect: Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart & Associates Type: Residential Location: 1625 Main Street # of Floors: 24 Completion: Spring 2014 Hilcorp Energy Tower Developer: Hines Architect: Ziegler Cooper Type: Office Location: Block 256 (Macy's site) #of floors: 23 Completion Date: Dec. 2015 JW Marriott Hotel Developer: Pearl Hospitality Architect: Type: Hotel (Renovation) Location: 806 Main # of floors: 23 Completion: August 2014 Mickey Leland Federal Building Renovation Developer: U.S General Services Administration Public Building Service Architect: Gensler Type: Office (Renovation) Location: 1919 Smith Street # of floors: 22 Competion: May 2014 Energy Center Three & Four Developer: Tramell Crow Architect: Kirksey Type: Office Location: 935 & 933 N Eldrige Parkway # of Floors: 20 & 22 Completion: 2Q 2015 and 2Q 2016 The Sovereign Developer: GID Development Group Architect: Ziegler Cooper Type: Residential Location: 3233 West Dallas St # of Floors: 21 Completion: March 2014 Noble Energy Center Two Developer: Tramell Crow Architect: Kirksey Type: Office #of floors: 20 Location: 2055 Tomball Parkway Completion: mid-2015 Air Liquide Center Developer: Metronational Architect: Gensler Type: Office Location: 9807 & 9811 Katy FWy # of floors: 20 & 13 Completion Date: Late 2015 3737 Buffalo Speedway Developer: PM Realty Group Architect: RTKL Associates Type: Office Location: 3737 Buffalo Speedway #of floors: 18 Start Date: September 2013 Old Texaco Building Developer: Provident Realty Advisors Architect: Hnedak Bobo Group Type: Residential (Renovation) Location: 1111 Rusk Street #of floors: 18 Start Date: 4Q 2015 Energy Tower IV Developer: Mac Haik Realty Architect: Morris Architects Type: Office Location: 11750 Katy Freeway # of Floors: 17 Completion: August 2014 2229 San Felipe Devloper: Hines Architect: Ziegler Cooper Type: Office Location: 2229 San Felipe #of floors: 17 Completion Date: Flagship Holiday Inn Developer: Architect: Type: Hotel (Renovation) Location: 1616 Main # of Floors: 17 Completion: ? Kirby Grove at Levy Park Developer: Midway Companies Architect: Munoz Albin Type: Office Location: Levy Park on Richmond Between Eastside & Wakeforest #of floors: 16 Completion: 2015/2016 Phillips 66 HQ Developer: ? Architect: HOK Type: Office Location: Within I-10 and Beltway 8 # of floors: ? Completion Date: 2016 Hyatt Regency Hotel Developer: Songy Highroads Architect: Gensler Type: Hotel Location: Near Galleria Plaza # of floors: 14 Completion Date: Late 2015 Central Square Plaza Developer: Claremont Property Architect: eStudio Type: Office (Renovation) Location: 2100 Travis # of Floors: 14 Completion: ? Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor Developer: Brazos Presbyterian Homes Architect: ? Type: Residential Location: 4141 S. Braeswood #of floors: 14 Completion Date: 2015 Jennie Sealy Hospital (Galveston) Developer: ? Architect: HDR Architecture Type: Medical Location: Texas Ave at University Blvd # of Floors: 13 Completion: 2016 Hanover South Hampton Developer: Hanover Architect: Ziegler Cooper Type: Residential Location: A block bound by Dunstan, Kelvin, Morningside and Tangley # of floors: 12 Completion: 2015 West Memorial Place Developer: Skanska Architect: HOK Type: Office Location: 15375 Memorial Drive # of floors: 12 x 2 Completion: 1Q 2015 Approved/Proposed: 1600 Louisiana Developer: ? Architect: HOK Type: Office Location: 1600 Louisiana #of floors: 50 Start Date: 2015 800 Bell Redevlopment Developer: Shorestein Properties Artchitect: Ziegler Cooper Type: Office #of floors: 44 Location: 800 Bell Start Date: 2015 Hermann Place Developer: TEMA Development Architect: Corgan Type: Residential Location: Hermann Drive. NW of Parklane #of floors: 42 Start Date: ? International Tower Developer: Stream Realty & Essex Commercial Properties Architect: Gensler Type: Office Location: Block bound by Prairie, Milam, Preston & Travis #of floors: 42 Start Date: 2014 Block 35 Developer: BMS Architect: ? Type: Residential Location: Louisiana, Preston, Milam, Congress #of floors: 40 Start Date: 4Q 2014 Block 98 Developer: Trammell Crow Architect: Ziegler Cooper Type: Residential Location: Behind Hess Tower #of floors: 38 Start Date: 1Q 2015 West Houston Master Plan Developer: Hines Architect: HKS Type: Mixed-Use Location: Between Wynden & Post Oak Timber, East of S. Post Oak # of floors: 38 & ?? (2 Towers) Start Date: ? Texaco Residential Tower Developer: Provident Realty Advisors Architect: Hnedak Bobo Group Type: Residential Location: Behind old Texaco Building #of floors: 38 Start Date: ? Landmark Tower Developer: Hanover Architect: Solomen Cordwell Buenz Type: Residential Location: BLVD Place # of floors: 37 Start Date: ? Gables Post Oak Tower Developer: Gables Residential Architect: HKS Type: Mixed-Use Location: Space next to 2200 S. Post Oak #of floors: 36 Start Date: Early 2014 Five Allen Center Devloper: Brookfield Properties Architect: Odell Type: Office Locaton: 400 West Dallas (Block 902) #of floors: 35 Start Date: ? Capitol Tower Developer: Skanska Architect: Gensler Type: Office Location: Block bound by Capitol, Travis, Rusk and Milam #of floors: 35 Start Date: 2014 Apache HQ Tower Developer: Hines Architect: Pickard Chilton Type: Office Location: BLVD Place #of floors: 34 Start Date: ? Hines Market Square High-Rise Developer: Hines Architect: Ziegler Cooper Type: Residential Location: 900 Preston #of floors: 33 Start Date: 2Q 2014 6 Houston Center Developer: Crescent Real Estate Holdings Architect: Rickard Keating Architecture or HKS Type: Office #of floors: 30 Location: 800 Caroline Street Start Date: 2Q 2014 Uptown Park Redevelopment (7 Towers) Developers: Patrinely Group Architects: Kirksey Type: Mixed-Use #of floors: First Tower - ~30 Location: Right Off the West Loop in Uptown Start Date: Late 2014 3400 Montrose Developer: Hanover Architect: Solomon Cordwell Buenz Type: Residential Location: 3400 Montrose #of floors: 30 Start Date: Summer 2014 Marriott Convention Center Hotel Developer: RIDA Development Architect: Morris Architects Type: Hotel Location: Block bound by Crawford, Rusk, Walker and Avenida De Las Americas #of floors: 29 Start Date: April 11th, 2014 Block 52/1400 Texas Developer: Marquette Companies Architect: ? Type: Residential Location: 1400 Texas #of floors: 29 Start Date: 2Q 2014 Regent Square West Tower Developer: GID Urban Development Architect: Handel Architects Type: Residential Location: ? #of floors: 28 Start Date: ? The Southmore Developer: Hines Architect: Wallace Grace Wilson & Munoz Albin Type: Residential Location: Block of Caroline, Southmore, Oakdale and San Jacinto #of floors: 25 Start Date: September 2014 Greenstreet Hotel Developer: Midway Companies. Architect: ? Type: Hotel Location: Along Dallas St., near Main St. #of floors: 25 Start Date: ? Methodist Hospital North Campus Expansion Developer: ? Architect: KPF Type: Medical Location: Bellows Lane #of floors: 24 Start Date: ? 22 Waugh Developer: Stream Realty Partners Architect: Page Southerland Page Type:Office Location: 22 Waugh #of floors: 23 Start Date: 1Q 2014 1717 Bissonnet (Site cleared but now on-hold) Developer: Buckhead Investment Partners Architect: EDI Architecture Type: Residential Location: 1717 Bissonnet # of Floors: 23 Start Date: ? Westcreek Centre Developer: Moody Rambin Architect: BOKA Powell Type: Office Location: #of floors: 21 Start Date: 4Q 2014 Chelsea Montrose Developer: Streetlights Residential Architect: ? Type: Residential Location: 4 Chelsea, Montrose #of floors: 20 Start Date: 2014 1 Waterway Square Place (The Woodlands) Developer: The Woodlands Development Company Architect: Elkus Manfredi Type: Residential Location: 1 Waterway Square Place # of floors: 20 Start Date: ? 10 Waterway Avenue (The Woodlands) Developer: ? Architect: Kirksey Type: Office Location: 10 Waterway Avenue # of floors: 20 Start Date: ? Energy Center Five Developer: Tramell Crow Architect: Kirksey Type: Office Location: Behind EC4 #of floors: 18 Start Date: April 2014 Memorial Point Developer: Hines Architect: Kirksey Type: Office Location: Along I-10 near N. Post Oak #of floors: 16 Start Date: September 2014 Streetlights at Midlane Developer: Stonelake Capital Partners & Streetlights Residential Architect: Gensler Type: Mixed-Use Location: 4200 Westheimer, west of Highland Village #of floors: ? Start Date: ? State National Bank Reno Developer: ? Architect: ? Type: Office Location: 412 Main St. # of floors: 14 Start Date: ? Clay Beltway Office Complex Developer: Transwestern Architect: Odell Type: Office Location: NW Corner of W. Sam Houston Parkway and Clay Road # of floors: 14 and 12 Start Date: ? Eldrige Oaks II Developer: Transwestern Architect: Kirksey Type: Office Location: 1080 Eldridge Parkway at Enclave Parkway # of floors: 14 Start Date: ? Hampton Inn/Homewood Suites Developer: American Liberty Hospitality Architect: ? Type: Hotel Location: Crawford Between Rusk and Captiol # of floors: 14 Start Date: Jan. 2014 2 Waterway Square Place Developer: The Woodlands Development Company Architect: Elkus Manfredi Type: Hotel Location: 2 Waterway Square Place #of floors: 13 Start Date: 2014 Bunker Hill Developer: MetroNational Architect: Humphreys & Partners Type: Mixed-Use Location: Bunker Hill at Katy FWY #of floors: 12 Start Date: ? Block 10 West Developer: Hicks Ventures Architect: ? Type: Office Location: North of I-10, East of Beltway 8 #of floors: 12 Start Date: ? 3737 Buffalo Speedway Phase 2 Brief Description: Once phase one is complete, the exisiting 97,000 square foot office building will be demolished to make way for a hotel/residential high-rise. Mixed-Use Tower Designed by Ziegler Cooper Brief Description: This tower will include multifamily, hotel, office and retail space, exact location is unknown. Generation Park Brief Description: A 4,000 acre master-planned development that will include several buildings, the first will be for FMC. CORE Central Park Brief Description: A campus-like development. Four buildings, each 500,000 sq ft. Shell Oil 5 & 6 Brief Description: Shell may expand its Woodbranch Campus with two more buildings. 3 & 4 are currently under construction. Five Westlake Park Brief Description: A somewhat stale proposal, Five Westlake Park totals 675,000 sq ft. Needs a tenant to move forward. Block 317 Brief Description: The block bound by bell. clay, fannin and main. Office tower by Skanska projected for the site. West Alabama & Sage Brief Description: Currently in the planning phase, Simon Property Group plans to build a 300-unit hi-rise. 1500 Smith Brief Description: Owned by Brookfield Office Properties. An office, residential or hotel project is possible. Don't expect news for this one anytime soon, the developer is currently focused on Five Allen Center. Cameron HQ Brief Description: 24-acres along W. Sam Houston Parkway. Likely to be mid-rises. Gensler assigned as the architect. Allen Center Clay Street Brief Description: Also owned by Brookfield -- this site will be developed..eventually. As stated in the description for 1500 Smith, their current focus is on Five Allen Center. Midtown Office Tower Brief Description: The property at Holman and Main between Trinity Church and Ensemble Theatre. Transwestern is the developer. Superblock East Brief Description: 27-story office tower proposed for the Woodlands Ritz Carlton Brief Description: Ritz Carlton is actively looking for a location in Houston. It's rumored that they may build in downtown, near Discovery Green. One Allen Center (Reno) Brief Description: To remain competitive in downtown, this tower will gain an all-new, sleek facade. First Citizens Bank Building Brief Description: Another historic building downtown scheduled for renovations. Construction date not yet available. St.Luke's New Hospital Brief Description: CHI is investing $1 Billion for future investment, this includes replacing the flagship hospital in the Med Center. New building for U.T Health Brief Description: U.T Health plans to build a new tower on the former Prudential site. Memorial Hermann Trauma Center Brief Description: Memorial Hermman is planning to build a 12-story trauma center, construction expected to begin sometime before 2016. 10-Story Resi Building Brief Description: Allied Orion Group will build a ten-story residential building across the street from the Co-Cathedral. Camden Residential Brief Description: Two-phased residential project in the SE quadrant of downtown. Phase one consist of a 12-Story High-rise. Westcreek Center Brief Description: 368,000 square foot office building to go up on a soon-to-be demolished parcel of Westcreek apartments. Anadarko Tower III Brief Description: This project is a done deal, will be announced in the near future. Anadarko Tower IV Brief Description: On the boards. Rumored 102-Story Tower for DT 40-Story Residential Tower for the Woodlands 35-40 Story Tower in The Woodlands for Shell Mixed-Use Development at I-10 & Gessner Residential High-Rise for rear portion of Chelsea Market Residential High-Rise to replace Gramercy Place Apartments 30-Story tower in the EC Another tower in DT for Chevron Possible Highrise at Cambridge and Holcombe
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    $550 million med center expansion w 18.19 and 30 story buildings.
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    This is the Caydon design planned for San Diego. Their properties have a great aesthetic! Hopefully they’re still planning for The District I and II to push the design envelope in Houston. EDIT: Renderings removed at the demand of Large arts in Collingwood, Australia. —Editor
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    I was recently commissioned to do a lot of photography for Main Street from downtown through the Med Center. The city is aggressively trying to promote this corridor and I'm looking forward to how it will continue to grow.
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    Can anyone make out the location? Edit: Based on the surrounding buildings, this would take out the small strip center at 1801 Post Oak in Uptown. https://www.google.com/maps/place/1801+post+oak+blvd/@29.7474982,-95.4611141,3a,75y,87.71h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sXd5WoOxdOvHSXYP4vzM0OQ!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xff016152317bbfc1?sa=X&hl=en-us https://vinetower.com/project/luxury-hotel-residences-houston-tx/
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    This will be the biggest Hanover Houston project by a wide margin. Multiple towers of different asset classes, This would redefine the area and seeing these Variance requests is probably a good sign...
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    Soil sampling this morning on the block just north of Caydon’s high rise construction site. Preparing for The District Tower I, possibly? For reference, this is the art supply store parking lot on the south side of Dennis between Main and Fannin. You can see Caydon’s tower crane and the nearly-complete Camden Midtown in the background.
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    Looking forward to see which proposal (this or 3300 Main) claims the title as Midtown's fist high-rise. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2017/01/25/more-details-revealed-about-proposed-luxury.html EDIT: Renderings removed at the demand of Large arts in Collingwood, Australia. —Editor
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