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    Height: 468’ Work begins 4/20, light one up for this one đŸ˜† https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=430526526&row=2
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    Did some quick photoshop during my break of both Hanover and GID put together. Existing Conditions: Full Build Out of both Develepments: Now that is pretty incredible when you see the whole picture like this.
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    https://www.highstreetresidential.com/en/portfolio/block-98 42-stories, 2Q 2022 completion
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    Sorry for the delay! Was this what you had in mind, @bobruss?
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    New rendering on Transwestern's website. https://transwestern.com/property/the-ro-00
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    324' feet 379 units 481 parking spaces 216 bicycle spaces 13,888 square feet of retail EDIT: Renderings removed at the demand of Large arts in Collingwood, Australia. —Editor
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    The RO, Phase I http://www.spearstreetcapital.com/portfolio/owned/
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    Early 2020 construction start http://www.spearstreetcapital.com/portfolio/owned/
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    Found a render that may be more palatable to the local community:
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    Now on Medistar's website: https://www.medistarcorp.com/in-development/
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    Groundbreaking set for next month, 324-unit apartment tower as phase I: @CREguy13 @swtsig https://www.costar.com/article/858316108/developers-prepare-to-break-ground-on-houston-project-with-multiple-skyscrapers
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    Enrique's pictures made me want to go get some shots so I decided to drive into town tonight...terrible idea but here's one that came out after I played with the colors some.
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    The glass on the garage is starting to be installed.
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    Had a chance to view these renderings. This building will have even more terraces than Texas Tower. I think this forum will be very impressed by the redesign. High quality project - hopefully it gets capitalized!
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    Midtown is going wild. 30-story residnetial high-rise with ~10,000 sq feet of retail (former SEARCH Homeless Services site).
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    Minute Maid Park from the East End by Arie, on Flickr
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    Got to take a hardhat tour of the site yesterday. Still a lot of work to be done. They're shooting for an October 26th grand opening, with about the first 15 or 16 floors complete at that time. The 39th floor penthouse suites will be the last floor completed. They're sparing no expense on the project. Market Square Tower - Hard Hat Tour
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    it's not posted on his website anymore but this morning Ralph Bivins announced that Hines was on the verge of kicking off block 58. V&E has long been rumored as the lead tenant and Ralph confirmed as much. Here was his write up:
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    Here's the next phase!! http://www.largearts.com.au/houston-midtown/ EDIT: Renderings removed at the demand of Large arts in Collingwood, Australia. —Editor
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    Got to come into Houston for the New Years and spend it in downtown, mostly on Main St. and along the rail. What a difference from when I left almost 3 years ago, glad I will be calling Houston home once more beginning in February! Enjoy the pics
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    This isn't a huge update, but thought it was worth posting. I recently heard from a source that TC fully intends to break ground on Block 98 and is getting close. I also heard that, while in the early stages, TC is working on another highrise MF in downtown Houston. The location is unknown. Does anyone else have any comment on this?
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    Brochure reveals retail component and more of The RO Phase I: https://s3.amazonaws.com/transwestern-property/Flyers/91c990da-f48d-e911-80f5-caa232701e1a.pdf - 644 residential units - 310,000 office building - 200 hotel keys - 65,000 sq ft of retail
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    That's a great shot. And to give an idea of how much things have changed from this angle recently, below I have attempted to highlight everything that's new in the last 15 years:
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    Via Flickr: Good Morning Houston by Mark Griffith, on Flickr
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