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  1. I bring you all news of a beautiful building with tons of GRF. Happy Friday, everyone! Project: Farb Hyde Park Architect: Ziegler Cooper Information: 20-story residential tower comprised of 256 units for a total of 541,657 S.F. Level 1 is Leasing and a whopping 12,185 S.F. of GFR. Parking is at Levels 2-6 while Levels 7-20 are residential. A 19,000 S.F. outdoor terrace deck and 4,500 S.F. indoor amenity area are located at Level 7.
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  2. "An ambitious plan to expand Buffalo Bayou Park eastward to East End and Fifth Ward neighborhoods gets its official launch Monday with the announcement of a $100 million catalyst gift from the Kinder Foundation. Both the Houston City Council and Harris County Commissioners are expected to sign off on final documents this week." https://www.houstonchronicle.com/food-culture/article/Kinder-Foundation-100-million-gift-fast-tracks-17457977.php#photo-22967751
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  3. https://www.showcase.com/3712-autry-park-dr-houston-tx-77019/22777270/
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  4. Looks like they have reached the first step in the building (on the right side) Gives some perspective on how tall this will be!! We're only ~1/3 of the total height so far.
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  5. The TMC now has a commercial website! It focuses on showing off their 4 campuses. The new website features a 4-minute video of a TMC3 animation that we've never seen before. I'll post a bunch of new renderings from the video. The aggressive facades are just beautiful. A dream!! Really amazing stuff here. https://texasmedicalcenter.com/
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  6. wow! Some more renderings from that Loopnet listing. Amazing!!
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  7. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/1891-Old-Spanish-Trl-Houston-TX/25513375/
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  9. The lighter shade of trees are existing, while the darker noted (with green dot in middle) are going to be new.
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  10. East side streetfront de-scaffolded on Main.
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  11. This is only for perspective. Also, I experienced each of these cities and my perspective is similar to these images San Antonio Philadelphia (recently named top 10 river walks in the country) NYC London Amsterdam The point of my post isn't to bash any of these beautiful cities. My point is that, the color of the bayou literally does not matter. People don't avoid boardwalks/ river walks just because of the water color, its all about the atmosphere. We have such a negative attitude towards our bayous with things we legit cannot change. Instead we should be focusing on making it more interactive instead of focusing on something that does not matter and will not change. I believe developments like this have done a great job being denser and closer to the bayou. Other excuses that legit don't matter "but flooding," Amsterdam has had a history with flooding for hundreds of years, but they practically fixed this issue with proper flood control. "but mosquitoes," the San Antonio river walk has bad mosquitos... Also, there is an area in Milan called Navigli, which is basically a canal with hundreds of restaurants and cafes, its extremely crowded with people....and guess what, the mosquito problem there is soo bad. Its actually so bad that there are vendors that sell mosquito spray throughout the strip, some restaurants even had it for their costumers, but that didn't stop anyone :) We can only blame poor city planning
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  12. That's ridiculous. It's hundreds of homes in a perfectly fine building. Is it less than it should have been? Absolutely. But it's a whole hell of a lot better than a vacant block.
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  13. In the most recent Ion District retail brochure (updated in July), there are building models for future phases. The Ion District is a 16-acre, multi-phase district. It will consist of 3-5 million square feet of retail, commercial office, multi-family residential and hospitality to be built in partnership with best in class developers over the next 10 years. Phase 1 (2021/2022) Phase 2 (2023/2024) Phase 3 (2027) Phase 4 (2030) Phase 3 (2027) Phase 4 (2030)
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  15. John M. O'Quinn Law building at the University of Houston.
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  16. Concept rendering was tweeted by the TMC account. This definitely looks like the road configuration of Willowbend Blvd near Buffalo Speedway. wow!!
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  17. As @sapo2367 said on another topic there is a company doing work on the parking lot where Marquette had plans to build a high rise. I took a few pics and saw the company's logo on the trailer. Looking them up shows a company that does concrete and asphalt work but I don't see anything beyond that. My guess is they might be adding light poles to brighten up the lot at night. I see several square areas they dug up throughout the parking lot. https://a1sp.com
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  18. https://www.southeastern.company/portfolio/montrose-houston/
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  20. We used to call that a “farm.”
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  22. One Discovery Way: Parcel B: Two Discovery Way: Parcel J: Mixed-Use Garage: Helix Gardens: Collaborative Building:
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  23. Newest render on the Arch-Con website.
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  24. Collaborative Building: Mixed-Use Garage: One Discovery Way:
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  25. There are several companies that make rubber sidewalk material that deal with tree roots. https://www.google.com/search?q=rubber+sidewalks+for+tree+roots&source=lmns&bih=884&biw=1603&client=safari&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwids-Sep_75AhWzj2oFHWi0AloQ_AUoAHoECAEQAA
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