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    Approved, 16-1 in favor. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Houston-council-OKs-43M-in-tax-breaks-for-15122769.php
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    2 lakes edge looks complete!
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    I ate at Finn Hall with my cousin from Wharton last nite. He loved downtown. I can only imagine our city center in about 5 to 10 years.
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    Only thing worse than hyping up a killer virus is hyping it up as a non-threat.
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    ^^^ dream big... believe big... hope big... celebrate big. my W HOTEL HOUSTON is finally arriving...
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    The idea is that people will park at either of the transit centers bookending the BRT line.
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    This meeting was all con - what I said about who I assumed was in favor was, admittedly, hearsay. It was nice of the community relations person from the city to endure the fury the whole time. But would have been nicer to have public forums instead of just meeting with one neighborhood group at a time. Just to clarify , when I say 'con' I mean against the "green space" proposals, and in favor of the original plan to finish the bridge.
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    Hi 😀, I used to work at a luxury store in the Galleria. While the galleria does have a lot of foot traffic and obviously good for business, a lot of stores have trackers that count the amount of people in the store and corporate uses these numbers to see if their product is selling relative to the amount of people in the store. It was always BAD in terms of some of the other stores in the nation (yes those stores were in big cities too) with hundreds of people coming into the store just to take pictures and mess up merchandise. Also, from personal contact with the store managers of Carolina Herrera, Fendi, and Valentino, I can tell you that they considered moving to the ROD. The idea that some of these stores have is "most of their clientele specifically come to shop at their store, why not personalize the experience by taking the mall aspect out of the equation." A lot of clientele avoided coming to our store because of parking issue, how busy it is, and the safety of walking back to your car with your stuff. A trip can easily take half an hour just to get into the store vs literally minutes at ROD. These specific reasons are the reason why the store I used to work at and stores like Versace, Prada, etc used to do "showcasing" where we'd take all our new products and go to some of the clients homes. This and many more reasons is why some stores looked to ROD. I know Tom Ford moved to the galleria from ROD, but that could be because it doesn't have frequent clienteles to buy suits.
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    I don't think the walk from east to west under 610 is difficult at all. I walk to Target, ROD, Central Market and Highland Village from my base in Four Leaf Towers. It would be nice if the space under the freeway was occupied by flower stalls , but this isn't Paris or Amsterdam or Mexico City and people in their cars in Houston are in inert bubbles and rarely acknowledge that there is a world outside the interior of their SUVs.
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    Okay nvm lol I went to high school with a couple of Cuevas from Wharton that’s all.
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    People always have places they have to go and places they want to go. Making it easier to get someplace encourages them to go. Private automobiles have been hugely successful in that regard. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that if it's easier to go someplace, more people will go. Do we want to encourage people to stay home more?
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    We all realize how important coronavirus protection is to a building's structure, but some may not realize the secondary purpose is for supporting the stone(?) cladding:
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    The trail on the south side of the bayou is fine...
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    terrible. That old building was a beauty underneath the grit.
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    Are you referring to the hike/bike trail along the bayou? No. That is still partially washed out. Shame too, it was one of my favorites.
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    awesome. I need to start making that part of my route. have the paths been fixed since Harvey? last time I rode there there were some quite unsafe paths, the ground was washed out from under them.
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    Always loved this building! It would make for a great whiskey bar.
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    🙄 I was hoping for a wide sidewalk
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    a right turn only lane...
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    They also added 2 lights on Studemont to slow traffic which is great. What I'm trying to figure out is what exactly they're doing at the corner of Studemont and the I-10 feeder.
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    Again, no one is forcing them to stay in The Galleria, and.. they want to leave the Galleria and move to ROD . . . "if they could increase conversion rate of foot traffic"?? Are you saying they would like to move from the Galleria to ROD but don't because they won't do as good of business in ROD? If that is the case, in what sense do they "want" to relocate?
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    Reality suggests otherwise. No one is being forced to be in the Galleria, and yet, there remains the largest concentration of luxury retail in Texas. Contrary to Trae's theory that the luxury retail customer doesn't go to the Galleria. They clearly do. Thank you.
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    Yep, it's all kinds of different. This is looking the other direction from my picture earlier, but you can tell that the whole area is getting reconfigured. It looks like the sidewalks will be wider and the curb will be farther out from the wall, so all of the drainage and whatnot has to move.
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    ^^^ jesus christ! all of this talk concerning ROD and the such, is making me want to quickly head over to AMORINO GELATO. i simply cannot venture forth to ROD without stopping in and indulging myself completely. additionally, @DevelopmentX much obliged, per all of the invaluable insight concerning our top retail establishments. it would be utterly MAGNIFICENT if RH could bring their totally cool and trendy "GUESTHOUSE" concept to H-TOWN. PLEASE POST MORE!
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    Apologize in advance for misspelling as I was typing quickly in between conference calls lol. Additionally: I am interested to see the new Zadok Jewelers flagship boutique (2 stories, 20,000 sq. ft.) off Post Oak. They hired Michael Hsu to design a beautiful small luxury mixed used development and their boutique will be designed to feature watch and jewelry boutiques for individual luxury brands- similar to what you might see in Zurich or the Middle East. This will put pressure on the fine jewelry departments at Neiman Marcus (which is seriously struggling financially), Saks, Deutsch, Lewis and others. One final point: I believe the addition of luxury and/or boutique hotels near mixed used developments is important. ROD has forthcoming Equinox Hotel as well as at least one additional hotel nearby. Highland Village might be working on a new RH flagship with a hotel component similar to what they've done in NY and Dallas. The twin Westin Hotels were a big part of the appeal for international visitors over the years. People and to stay at certain hotels over and over and explore that neighborhood. I wish ROD had gotten the Ritz Carlton deal done prior to opening because it would have added another 250 people a day of a certain demographic to its restaurant and retail landscape.
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    Another food hall is moving into the subterranean space vacated by Conservatory, 1010 Prairie St. I heard about this prior to Company of Nomads' big announcement, but didn't believe it. However, social media pages created this week cements the rumors. The food hall replacing Conservatory in the McCrory Building is Underground Hall. https://undergroundhall.com https://instagram.com/undergroundhalldowntown https://facebook.com/undergroundhall
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    The old sales office has a mural on it and the building is for lease. I wonder what would work here? A coffee shop since Ben's Beans went out of business?
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    Lighten up, Francis. This is a good thing.
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    I like the stadium. How bout building a new stadium in midtown and bringing back the Comets.
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    The NCAA Final Four is coming back to Houston in 2023. (Phoenix, San Antonio and Indianapolis were also selected for succeeding Final Fours (2024-2026). Competing cities that were not selected: LA, Detroit and DFW (apparently now going by the pseudonym "North Texas"). https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2018/07/16/houston-to-host-the-final-four-again.html?ana=e_hstn_bn_breakingnews&u=uBqE1YCQOITc04lRpC0%2FyvVIkzz&t=1531841407&j=82743071
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    Bump for 2016! http://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2014-12-17/2016-mens-final-four-logo-revealed
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    There is no reason to think we could not handle the Rodeo and All Star game at the same time.
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    http://linwords.com/generator.php this will be an important website for Rockets fans. The linsurgence of the Houston Rockets will begin soon, now that Jeremy is dribblin for the Rockets! It's time to get linergized for this team again, as Jeremy can do linpossible things and will bring this team to lintergalactic heights!
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    http://houston.cbslocal.com/2012/02/07/nba-names-houston-host-of-2013-all-star-game/ We just hosted in 2006. Good news though.
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    i saw that I was a little surprised, I was even more surprised to see so manyu people pick the nets.
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    Not bad at all...
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    Eastern Conference Pistons over Magic Cavs over Wizards Raptors over Nets Bulls over Heat Western Conference Mavs over Warriors Suns over Lakers Spurs over Nuggets Rockets over Jazz i agree with the first round completely proHouston.
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    Eastern Conference Pistons over Magic Cavs over Wizards Raptors over Nets Bulls over Heat Pistons over Bulls Raptors over Cavs Pistons over Raptors Western Conference Mavs over Warriors Suns over Lakers Spurs over Nuggets Rockets over Jazz Mavs over Rockets Suns over Spurs Suns over Mavs Finals Suns over Pistons
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