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    Render from the article (since we only see the render thats on the billboard previously)
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    it looks fine imo and they have plans for future high rises here so it will probably have some neighbors in the not too distant future.
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    My family from Dallas don't travel to Houston often and to be fair they moved to Texas from California. They came in once and we went to a restaurant in the River Oaks area and they were telling us how they liked downtown Houston (we passed by Uptown not DT). I told them yeah that's not even downtown, I took them to downtown and they just said why do you need so many buildings! Dallas has nothing like this.
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    I know this building has been in the works for a while but anyone else still find it surreal that this is going up along side the Texas Tower
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    Looks a little Fertitta Post Oak Hotel copy-cat... but I’ll take it!
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    Address is on LBJ Freeway in Dallas. 5420 LBJ FREEWAY STE 1310 Appears to be MetLife. Appears to be owned by MetLife. But whoever owns it, they would almost certainly it in a "special purpose entity".
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    uptown is a TIRZ. it was created in 1999. the Galleria area is what it was called before the TIRZ existed, and I call it the Galleria area, but I know where someone is talking about when they say Uptown. there's really no reason you should be peeved by the colloquial names used for an area. if anything you should be peeved that someone's taxes went to some marketing department so they could spend it on a renaming convention. when someone calls it the Galleria area all it shows is that someone has lived in Houston for more than 20 years. As another example, I grew up in Alief, it will always be Alief, it will never be the International District, but I'll still know what you mean if you call it the International District.
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    Does anyone know who owns the building site identified for a future residential tower on San Felipe? If it ever gets designed it would be great to have a multi-use building with more retail/service businesses on the ground level of Post Oak Lane, especially if IW and 3 get built out in the manner of the Whole Foods complex, and a floor or two of office space.
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    Indeed. I was driving inbound on the Southwest Freeway with a visitor last week when he spotted the Medical Center skyline. He commented, "oh there's downtown". I said, "do you mean over there to the right?... no, that's the Medical Center." He was dumbfounded and it took a bit to convince him we were talking about the same skyline.
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    Interesting, do tell more. Do you know the location of where these would be?
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    Hogg Palace looks good with it's new paint job.
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    Apologies if this has already been posted. The architect firm (Powers Brown) behind many of Randall Davis' projects has had the following renderings on its website since 2015 for a mixed-use project at 800 Post Oak. http://powersbrown.com/urban-design-mixed-use/mixed-use/rd-uptown/#/
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    Looks like they pushed the opening date to fall 2020, hey better late than never I suppose. Gonna be great for the area when it does open though.
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    We are developing more like an Asian city than an American one. We will have visible skyscraper nodes in many parts of the city.
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    I think alot of visitors to Houston are confused about which skyline is downtown. As the developments continue, it will get even more confusing for them.
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    The north and south sides were not symmetrical. And the architectural integrity of this shopping center was pretty much gone with their prior "updates".
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    There will be no hotel rooms without windows.
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    Houston. You're getting fancy on me! I love this one. Houston's skyline is going to be in the shape of an "I" soon. Keep building Houston.
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    Fluff Bakery relocating to Shady Acres and adding breakfast. http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/01-13-20-fluff-bake-bar-new-location-the-heights-shady-acres-rebecca-masson/
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    I think the answer to the OP's question is increasingly clear. Yes, Randall's is actively dying and no, no one cares, not even Albertson's (the owner of Randalls). They apparently decided some years ago that they could not compete in Houston, so why even try? Randalls to Close Five (more) Grocery Stores in Houston This will leave them with 17 stores, down from 51 in 2005 (and 28 just a year ago).
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    I hate it: the scale, the destruction of symmetry between the north and south sections, the failure to sustain the distinctive elements of the shopping center, etc. I don't begrudge them diversifying their portfolio, especially with retail becoming more precarious. But, I also think they could have preserved the front facade and still built the tower in the back. Any architectural integrity remaining in that historic shopping center is pretty much gone now.
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    ok thank you This is so much work and it will be a great resource
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    Never imagined apartments would go here...although I was hoping I could figure what the office building used to be than what it is now. Street View and other stuff says it was an AT&T call center (for collections), so I guess it might date back to the Cingular/Houston Cellular days as far as the call center went?
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    That top image is very telling. When blown up, you realize how many high-rises are spread over this area already. It is really starting to fill in. Galleria /Uptown form the backdrop and the foreground has so much in store with all of the new projects that are about to start coming out of the ground. I'm beginning to think the Uptown to downtown skyline might be the first to connect. Id like to see a drone view looking south from I-10 or closer to get a more detailed look. It would be nice to have an update from that direction.
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    Looks like the detention at 610 & Braeswood started.
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    This was originally posted November 16, 2018 in the previous thread for 1207 W 20th St | Shady Acres. It's being reposted / reupped since the original thread and other content from me were removed. An archive link to the original thread is here. Rendering of Drift. It's a bar coming to 1207 W 20th St in Shady Acres The Heights in Houston. From Drift's Facebook
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