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    Render from the article (since we only see the render thats on the billboard previously)
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    it looks fine imo and they have plans for future high rises here so it will probably have some neighbors in the not too distant future.
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    My family from Dallas don't travel to Houston often and to be fair they moved to Texas from California. They came in once and we went to a restaurant in the River Oaks area and they were telling us how they liked downtown Houston (we passed by Uptown not DT). I told them yeah that's not even downtown, I took them to downtown and they just said why do you need so many buildings! Dallas has nothing like this.
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    I know this building has been in the works for a while but anyone else still find it surreal that this is going up along side the Texas Tower
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    ---Sunday Update--- Reminder, I do name things different than names of topics on this forum. This is so I can manage both the map and spreadsheet more effectively, and keep things rather standardized. If a name doesn't sound familiar to you then please refer to my new spread sheet! Which can then help you locate the forum discussion and the address which you can then find on the map. Link below: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12R-HUQA61iHwOnsu3ejahd4vDlz3UuWjOSaE_na2xp4/edit?usp=sharing _________________________ --Added to Map-- (Potential Development) - BLVD PLACE (PHASE 3) | UNNAMED 50 STORY SKYSCRAPER - BLVD PLACE (FUTURE PHASES) - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (FUTURE PHASE) PROPERTY 'A' - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (FUTURE PHASE) PROPERTY 'C' - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (FUTURE PHASE) PROPERTY 'D' - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (FUTURE PHASE) PROPERTY 'G1' - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (FUTURE PHASE) PROPERTY 'G2' - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (FUTURE PHASE) PROPERTY 'H' - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (FUTURE PHASE) PROPERTY 'I' - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (FUTURE PHASE) PROPERTY 'J' - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (FUTURE PHASE) PROPERTY 'K' ***yes technically I already had innovation district on the map, but now I have the entire master plan on there*** - MUSEO PLAZA (FUTURE PHASE) POTENTIAL RESIDENTIAL - MUSEO PLAZA (FUTURE PHASE) POTENTIAL HOTEL (Proposed) - 900 WINSTON - ELGIN SMITH - MUSEO PLAZA (PHASE 1) | MEDICAL OFFICE BLDG - MCKEE CITY LIVING - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (PHASE 1) ION GARAGE - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (PHASE 1) PROPERTY 'E' - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (PHASE 1) PROPERTY 'F1' - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (PHASE 1) PROPERTY 'F2' (Proposed (Parks & Rec)) - SPOTTS PARK RECONSTRUCTION - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (PHASE 1) INNOVATION DISTRICT PLAZA (Proposed (Infrastructure)) - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (PHASE 1) EAGLE ST RECONSTRUCTION - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (PHASE 1) PEDESTRIAN PLAZA (Under Construction) - THE DACOMA ___________________________________ --Change in Category-- (Potential Development to Under Construction) - MODERA WASHINGTON (Proposed to Demolition) - LANEWAYS (PHASE 2) | KIMPTON HOTEL (Proposed to Under Construction) - REGENT SQUARE (PHASE 2) | 'BLOCK B' APARTMENTS - REGENT SQUARE (PHASE 2) | 'BLOCK B' RETAIL 'A' - REGENT SQUARE (PHASE 2) | 'BLOCK B' RETAIL 'B' - REGENT SQUARE (PHASE 2) | 'BLOCK B' RETAIL 'C' (Proposed to Under Construction (Parks & Rec)) - REGENT SQUARE (PHASE 2) | PARK/PLAZA (Proposed to Under Construction (Infrastructure)) - REGENT SQUARE (PHASE 2) | INFRASTRUCTURE/STREETSCAPES (Proposed to Potential Development) - REGENT SQUARE (FUTURE PHASES) ***since GID hasn't really establish that they will back up their master plans I've shifted the rest of their stuff from proposed to potential development.*** (Proposed to On Hold) - RESIDENTIAL MIDRISE BLDG (400 Jensen) (Under Construction to Near Completion / Completion) - STAGES AT THE GORDY (STAGES REPERTORY THEATHER) __________________________________________ --Updated Info and/or Images-- (Under Construction) - THE SOPHIE AT BAYOU BEND - ALEXAN MEMORIAL - ALTA RIVER OAKS - ALTA WEST ALABAMA - HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS - STAYBRIDGE SUITES UPTOWN - BOWEN RIVER OAKS - RIVER OAKS SURGICAL CENTER - THE TRAVIS - MARQUETTEE APARTMENTS (PHASE 1) | 2404 NAVIGATION - THE MCKINLEY - ALTA MED MAIN - WOMANS HOSPITAL OF TEXAS | MOB + GARAGE - UTHEALTH | CONTINUUM OF CARE CAMPUS FOR BEHAVIORAL HEALTH - THE BLOSSOM HOTEL - THE VILLAGE OF SOUTHAMPTON - THE STANDARD IN THE HEIGHTS | MKT (PHASE 2) - GABLES WESTCREEK - MID LANE (PHASE 3) | PARK PLACE RIVER OAKS - NOVEL RIVER OAKS (Proposed) - BUNKER HILL OFFICE BLDG - THE HAWTHORNE - HOUSTON ENDOWMENT HQ - THE INTERPOSE - DISCOVERY TOWER - 6 HOUSTON CENTER - TMC|3 (Under Construction (Renovation/Reuse) - SOUTH MAIN INNOVATION DISTRICT (PHASE 1) THE ION ------------------------------------------------- As a reminder, please feel free to let me know if you have any ideas to help improve the spreadsheet or the map. Further reminder that this is something that I do on my free time, so not everything is either on the map or spreadsheet, so if it isn't on there it doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but that I simply haven't gotten to it yet, etc... As always, thanks to everyone who keeps up with each project thread with valuable info and photography. Without it all, this spreadsheet and map would not be possible.
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    About eight or nine years ago, my mom came here from VA with her friend, who to my understanding had never left the Richmond, VA area his whole life (I think he's around 75 years old). My mom used to live here, so she knew about our multiple skylines, but I just remember that they stayed at the LaQuinta Inn on 610 near what is now the Amegy Bank building, and we were about to go to Ninfa's on Navigation. I remember her friend asking where it was, and when I told him it was near downtown, he looked around at all the buildings in the Galleria area and said "this isn't downtown??"
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    Coming into the city from the Bryan-College Station area (29 to the west loop), it never fails, someone in my family or a friend that I'm riding with will always say "Wow look at downtown (referring to Uptown). It never fails. I would prefer them call it the Galleria instead of Downtown. I always point over to the East (direction of downtown) while its still visible from the freeway and tell them "That is downtown."
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    Edited to include a different picture that has the whole skyline.
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    Looks a little Fertitta Post Oak Hotel copy-cat... but I’ll take it!
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    Address is on LBJ Freeway in Dallas. 5420 LBJ FREEWAY STE 1310 Appears to be MetLife. Appears to be owned by MetLife. But whoever owns it, they would almost certainly put it in a "special purpose entity".
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    uptown is a TIRZ. it was created in 1999. the Galleria area is what it was called before the TIRZ existed, and I call it the Galleria area, but I know where someone is talking about when they say Uptown. there's really no reason you should be peeved by the colloquial names used for an area. if anything you should be peeved that someone's taxes went to some marketing department so they could spend it on a renaming convention. when someone calls it the Galleria area all it shows is that someone has lived in Houston for more than 20 years. As another example, I grew up in Alief, it will always be Alief, it will never be the International District, but I'll still know what you mean if you call it the International District.
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    Does anyone know who owns the building site identified for a future residential tower on San Felipe? If it ever gets designed it would be great to have a multi-use building with more retail/service businesses on the ground level of Post Oak Lane, especially if IW and 3 get built out in the manner of the Whole Foods complex, and a floor or two of office space.
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    Indeed. I was driving inbound on the Southwest Freeway with a visitor last week when he spotted the Medical Center skyline. He commented, "oh there's downtown". I said, "do you mean over there to the right?... no, that's the Medical Center." He was dumbfounded and it took a bit to convince him we were talking about the same skyline.
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    Interesting, do tell more. Do you know the location of where these would be?
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    5 levels of office 9 levels of residential (top floor amenity space) 6 parking levels 1 level of retail (~12,000 sq ft.)
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    Apologies if this has already been posted. The architect firm (Powers Brown) behind many of Randall Davis' projects has had the following renderings on its website since 2015 for a mixed-use project at 800 Post Oak. http://powersbrown.com/urban-design-mixed-use/mixed-use/rd-uptown/#/
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    that's awesome that there will be a rooftop park visible from my office. green the place up a bit.
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    Heading to College Station and noticed both tower cranes have gone up in the past week.
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    They finished building the median on Alabama to block through traffic on Hutchins a few days ago. The number of cars using Hutchins has gone way down...so much better now.
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    Here's a shot of some workers on site. I would have taken something closer, but the dog seemed to have business elsewhere. On another note, there's ~10 trucks all along Texas St. from Caroline St. to Jones Hall servicing/upgrading the street lights.
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    Renovations are coming along, but I guess they're not going to hit that November 2019 opening date. ;)
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    Concrete pour for the second floor is happening.
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    There will be no hotel rooms without windows.
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