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    Jumping the north tower crane. Cranes everywhere.
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    That top image is very telling. When blown up, you realize how many high-rises are spread over this area already. It is really starting to fill in. Galleria /Uptown form the backdrop and the foreground has so much in store with all of the new projects that are about to start coming out of the ground. I'm beginning to think the Uptown to downtown skyline might be the first to connect. Id like to see a drone view looking south from I-10 or closer to get a more detailed look. It would be nice to have an update from that direction.
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    Saw a huge crane boom from a distance. Turns out they are doing chiller replacements. Huge crane with 578' of boom. Largest lift is the chiller itself at 13,000 lbs.
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    all we need now is our overly wide streets lined with trees so the Germans can march in the shade
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    Grew up in Houston. College in upstate NY. Returned to Houston for work and grad school. Job took me to Boston for 13 years. Back in Houston for 7 years. New job has me in Los Angeles.
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    Thanks. I thought it might be but this article threw me for a loop. "The park even taps into the mantra of the Washington Avenue Arts District with a sensitivity to historic preservation by way of including a 100-year-old restored cupola from a neighborhood Victorian house that has been re-purposed into a gazebo." That didn't sound right. Just goes to show that just because it's on the internet doesn't make it true.
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    I just thought I lost fair and square to @Avossos who remembered the name of the park, not just the general location
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    Hines was under contract to purchase the site but backed out. Subdivision plat filed: SubdivisionPlatPDF_Plat_Modera at Waugh.pdf
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    I don't know how I missed your entry but here is your belated trophy.😴🥴🙏
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    Oh my you have hit on one of my hot button issues............what was a fully funded improvement project from Bagby to Montrose made into a partially funded improvement project from Bagby to Shepherd?? I wonder if the Harvey recovery effort made better by the use of it.
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    Does anyone know the source of the "witch's hat" roof? It resembles the one that was removed from the Witch's Hat house at the corner of Fannin and Webster Streets when that structure was demolished.
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    A great spot for retail in the area is the abandoned Museum Florist shop at 5007 Montrose Blvd. I really love the retro look of that brick building. Anyone know when it closed?
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    With all the Gerald Hines buildings in Downtown Houston perhaps it should be named Hineston. Hineston in Houston.
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    I took a 3rd pic just in case you guys found the others too quickly.
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    Can't believe this hasn't been posted yet. I assume this is the Zadok mixed use in Galleria area by Michael Hsu. https://hsuoffice.com/project/zadok-mixed-use/
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    Lots of progress since my last visit on the 17th.
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    A73A902B-CD63-4B4E-B1A2-4719795A384B by David, on Flickr
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    haha i needed that laugh this morning Texasota! thankfully Snooze will be opening just up the road early next year...so I am good...for now!
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    People actually live in the Cosmo? I assumed it only houses the erasers and pencil sharpeners of charter school students--oh and their Superintendent's fine china.
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