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    it's not posted on his website anymore but this morning Ralph Bivins announced that Hines was on the verge of kicking off block 58. V&E has long been rumored as the lead tenant and Ralph confirmed as much. Here was his write up:
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    Texas Tower https://www.hines.com/news/hines-and-ivanhoé-cambridge-name-revolutionary-office-development-in-downtown-houston
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    See page 28, I spy Target signage https://www.graniteprop.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/granite-flourish.pdf
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    Phase I is underway, here's our first look: More renderings can be found in the brochure below: https://images1.loopnet.com/d2/2hO8ds_6cesMWwAvCHKLz8FODP1y6ddN4DLZMm4OgzQ/document.pdf
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    the developer is indeed in talks with target at this location. just FYI.
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    Link says condominium...which means this could be one of three things. This will be Hines first condo project for Houston Someone else has picked up the site Or this is not the current proposal https://miradorgroup.com/projects/waugh-allen-parkway-condominium
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    https://product.costar.com/home/news/shared/776417961 Sounds like phase II will consists of three high-rises, with the last being built at a later date.
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    The clouds showed up the one time i managed to get downtown... Nevertheless, here are a few shots.
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    sup girl wanna check out that rooftop bar peep the planning commission agenda for deets
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    https://lanewaysmidtown.com/dreweryplace/ EDIT: Renderings removed at the demand of Large arts in Collingwood, Australia. —Editor
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    Here's photos of the mat pour this morning These guys carrying the boards for their pathway was neat to watch Looks like progress as I was leaving
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    Garage is closed and barricades are going up! The Texas Tower project next door will be interesting, but I’m most intrigued by The Preston. I think it truly raises the bar for residential high rises in Houston. 😁
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    Back on the table? https://mcmunnnicholas.wixsite.com/nicholasmcmunnarch/copy-of-confidential-casino-and-res
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    This is the Caydon design planned for San Diego. Their properties have a great aesthetic! Hopefully they’re still planning for The District I and II to push the design envelope in Houston. EDIT: Renderings removed at the demand of Large arts in Collingwood, Australia. —Editor
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    Notes from North Montrose Civic Association meeting. The Hanover rep who presented lives near the development so has a personal stake Improvements to Autry Park are planned, want to make it more connected to BBP Improvements to dangerous pedestrian crossing at Shepherd and Allen Parkway Pavers at intersections Closing on final land purchases this Month Demo will start within months First phase will be mid rise apartments and high rise apartments Ground floor retail everywhere Office building will start when sufficient square feet are leased Retail expected to be 50% restaurants, local chef driven Hotel will be boutique Working with GID on synergies, GID says starting on apartments later this year, he chuckled on that one! Burying power lines Bike lane will be built on w Dallas in front of their property, they hope GID will add to it Building 5.5 ft above Harvey levels They see this as the gateway to Buffalo Bayou Park, want to make access to the park very easy 6-8’ tree lined sidewalks all around $25 million in infrastructure improvements partially funded by tirz
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    Now on Dinerstein Companies website: https://www.dinersteincos.com/properties/
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    From Steven Holl’s webpage for the building:
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    Views from the top: Untitled by o texano, on Flickr Untitled by o texano, on Flickr Untitled by o texano, on Flickr
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    N27958-United-787-9-IAH-2018-04-14b by GFB Aviation Photography, on Flickr
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    Soil sampling this morning on the block just north of Caydon’s high rise construction site. Preparing for The District Tower I, possibly? For reference, this is the art supply store parking lot on the south side of Dennis between Main and Fannin. You can see Caydon’s tower crane and the nearly-complete Camden Midtown in the background.
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    I was recently commissioned to do a lot of photography for Main Street from downtown through the Med Center. The city is aggressively trying to promote this corridor and I'm looking forward to how it will continue to grow.
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    This will be the biggest Hanover Houston project by a wide margin. Multiple towers of different asset classes, This would redefine the area and seeing these Variance requests is probably a good sign...
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    I meant to post this sooner, but you know how things are. I was in town and driving by the property in early March. Guys were working inside so my SO and I thought we might try to take a peek and just have a chat. We spoke to the lead construction guy, whose name is eluding me right now. The sales gallery is basically a model unit so prospective buyers can see what condos in the tower will look like. They will have a huge tv that is able to show the view out the windows of any given unit which I thought was pretty neat. The metal design on the outside of the gallery I think is there to stay, it is going to be the actual design/finish for most of what is being built there. The guy said it was his first time working with that material and he was really interested to see how it went because it was going to be incorporated everywhere. It is all pre-fabbed and shipped in from Australia. He confirmed a start date on the pavillion of April. (Speaking to him in early March, he said they would break ground "next month."). I think he said construction on the pavilion would take about a year and then they would get the retail in, etc. The details here are a bit fuzzy but I'm pretty sure he said they would break ground on the tower (the next building they would start) in about 9 months, so December, and that once they broke ground construction would take about 3 years. After getting the tower underway, they would begin work on the other two buildings, but did not have a definite timeline. Overall, he said timeline to complete would be about 5 years.
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    Hate to bump it but the garage is getting a burger place on the Travis side.
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    Untitled by Houston Midtown, on Flickr Untitled by Houston Midtown, on Flickr
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    CrockpotandGravel, we truly appreciate your contribution to this site and your early info on a lot of these developments, but can you be a little nicer when people present these things? In a different manner, I think people would ok if you corrected them that you had posted that info before. I don't know, just my 2 cents.
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    From the past few days... w/ Caydon's tower in the back
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    The Glassell School of Art & The Brown Foundation, Inc. Plaza by Marc longoria, on Flickr Montrose Area by Marc longoria, on Flickr The Glassell School of Art & The Brown Foundation, Inc. Plaza by Marc longoria, on Flickr Downtown Houston from The Glassell School of Art by Marc longoria, on Flickr The Glassell School of Art & The Brown Foundation, Inc. Plaza by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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    Façade removal on the south side is coming along nicely, with some long-obscured windows appearing; photo from last night:
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    Timeline given is for the crane (when it will be erected and when it'll be dismantled). Site work for The Preston begins next month.
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    Just heard a rumor that Mendocino Farm may be moving into 609 main. Will keep my ear to the ground for you guys.
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    Hanover not messing around... One of the towers (the office or hotel? did this really quickly) Streetscape example Residential example There will be a park/square in the middle of the development These aren't all of the images, but thought that these were a few highlights. Almost all of the buildings seem to have ground floor retail. This seems to be a direct competition to Regent Square. If GID doesn't get started...they are retarded. I have no sympathy for them at this point. Whats interesting here is that it doesn't feel like a "city centre" type development, but a genuine urban extension to the city. Could this be the next evolution we are seeing in the free market iterations of urbanism? Will see.
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