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    Some new paint on The Great Jones Building. Vast improvement and added color to Main.
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    They finished the tower crane yesterday. The south side road Tuam St. is now completely closed.
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    rumor is they are going to find some 100 year old buildings to tear down for valet parking.
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    Adams family owned a lot of the property in that area and I believe his family owned the southampton day school and were in the process of building a new building on this site where the pool was. He had the Bar Blieu on the south side of the block and the vacant parking lot. I believe that is this site. As reported this was proposed by the developer who purchased this property to be a senior high rise development. This will go up on the east side of the Robinhood. Adam was good friends with the owners of the Bier Haus who had a major feud with the Robinhood over noise and even had a pitched battle with peopled being hosed by Robinhood tenants from above. This is something that has always aggravated the hell out of me. An established business carries on for a as long as they've been in business and then some developer comes along and buys the adjoining property and then the eventual tenants sue the original business for noise or other issues when they were just doing what they had always done. It usually never works out for the original business. This happened with the Wabash feed store on Washington, which had been there forever, after some townhouses were built adjacent and then someone moved in and didn't like waking up to the animals. They should have thought about this before they moved in.
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    https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2018/01/09/state-approves-initial-funding-for-uthealth.html Site is just outside the TMC: https://www.google.com/maps/place/2800+S+MacGregor+Way,+Houston,+TX+77021/@29.7115275,-95.3746963,3a,75y,279.77h,93.05t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sU2JfaN4iiyYPnKes4n3MAQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x8640bf97b4082a43:0xd01096f0aebe7d01!8m2!3d29.7122117!4d-95.3743252
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    I'd tell them I'm sorry you have to deal with terrible weather year round or ask them if they know what the sun looks like. The perception of Houston is so terrible outside of living here. When I take joy rides thru town I always wonder what's so bad about us. Houston is actually a pretty nice city.
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    Hilton Americas-Houston Standard Suite 2 by Daniel Gillaspia, on Flickr
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    Rein it in. If you want to talk politics that's fine, just do it in the appropriate forum. Keep it on topic here please.
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    Hotel tower and parking garage, 148 rooms....I'm guessing 7 total floors including ground level lobby given the small foot print of 8,250 SF. It's on the April 3 PC agenda for a driveway Variance, see Item V: ftp://edrc.houstontx.gov//2014/2014-07_DraftAgenda.pdf
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    By a lot, presuming you are talking about legal parking requirements. Downtown has none.
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    Those are the WeWork offices. Looks awesome!
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    My thought was based on the above rendering of the Southhampton Senior Living Center, which I copied from that thread. The rendering suggests the center is to take up the whole block including the portion presently occupied by Bar Bleu.
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    I'm not sure it is... the Southhampton Senior Living was for the Northwest corner of this block and the site had already been cleared - this is the Southwest corner. Perhaps they were needing the Senior Living Center needed the whole half block, but this could be a completely different developer.
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    CQ are designed for basic business travel. I've stayed at three: Financial District SF - modern clean decor, compact rooms DT Boston - clean, comfortable, small rooms, fairly modern, clean decor Center City Philly - larger rooms, but not very well-maintained *all of them were in older/historic buildings...the one here is in an older building (I think). I'm not sure about the quality of the Houston CQ.
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    The end of this article on the Robinhood Bar-Bleu article mentions that the owner of the bar sold the land to a developer who plans to put up a 20 story residential highrise: “I recently sold the land that the club sat on to a real estate developer who will build a 20-story high rise,” Klienbart wrote on Facebook, “which will ultimately block of the views (of the Houston skyline).” https://www.click2houston.com/news/houston-bar-owner-paints-karma-on-parking-lot-ground-after-feud-with-neighbors
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    This got delayed a week on the Houston PBS station and is airing this Saturday, Jan. 13.
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    We just went for lunch. $2 margaritas on Tuesdays. Food was great!
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    Do we know of this? Noticed it on the tower website captioned coming soon in 2018
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    They appeared to be working into the night. Is that typical for crane construction?
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    ...and yet the market will provide. Which just goes to show how absurd the City's parking requirements outside the CBD are.
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    Driving home and I see an AT luffing boom in the air so of course I went to take a pic.
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    The other half of the embassy hotel site would work as well. Although, I still have dreams of something really tall going there and blocking that waste of a building.
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    I don't understand the concerns. It was a vacant lot that will now attract more people downtown. I won't be going but Houston is full of rednecks and country western fans. I hear the one in Dallas does well so let them fill an empty space for a while, draw more people downtown , generate more foot traffic and revenue while the convention center makes plans for the future. It sure cant hurt anything. Im sure restaurants, hotels and parking lots will be happy to have the extra business. It might surprise you how well they will do.
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    Just to refresh what this project will look like. Not sure where the 3 comes in, it looks like only one building to me, will there be more in the future? EDIT: Renderings removed at the demand of Large arts in Collingwood, Australia. —Editor http://zieglercooper.com/the-midtown-3/
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