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    Sorry tried to attach something and did not work. Will try to find better attachment, but groundbreaking for Office is also scheduled for this fall and delivery is in winter of 2019. The Allen -- Digital Preview -- Summer 2017.pdf
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    Finally an update after two yrs, the last complex of Westcreek Apartments on the demo report http://swamplot.com/daily-demolition-report-maryland-value/2017-07-28/
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    This will be the more daunting, yet exciting phase of the Buffalo Bayou master plan. It will likely involve the transition of numerous abandoned industrial sites into parks and new ecosystems/habitats. Hopefully they haven't wasted any time acquiring properties along the Bayous East end. Still, this is probably a 20+ year endeavor.
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    Revitalizing the waterway east of downtown from US 59 to the Port of Houston Turning Basin HOUSTON - July 27, 2017 - Houston’s Buffalo Bayou Partnership (BBP) is launching a major planning effort along Buffalo Bayou’s East Sector that will continue the non-profit organization’s legacy of transformative parks, trails and open space. In revitalizing the waterway east of downtown (from US 59 to the Port of Houston Turning Basin), BBP seeks to establish a pioneering precedent where green space can be a catalyst for inclusive growth and community development. “At its heart, Buffalo Bayou Partnership is about creating parks, trails and bridges to bring Houstonians outdoors,” says Tom Fish, BBP Board Chair. “Here in the East Sector, we have an opportunity to bring together communities north and south of Buffalo Bayou that have long been disconnected from the waterfront and each other.” Buffalo Bayou Partnership has assembled a high caliber group of consultants to develop this very important master plan for Houston and its East Sector neighborhoods. Working with BBP on this important planning initiative will be a multi-disciplinary consultant team led by Michael Van Valkenburg Associates (MVVA), an internationally recognized landscape architecture firm, and HR&A Advisors, an industry-leading real estate, economic development and public policy firm. Other consultants include: Huitt-Zollars/formerly Houston’s Morris Architects (Architecture & Civil Engineering), Utile(Urban Planning & Design), Greenberg Consultants (Urban Design), Nelson/Nygaard (Transportation), and LimnoTech (Hydrology). MVVA brings to Houston wide-ranging experience and a proven track record of success in creating acclaimed and economically viable parks and waterfronts such as Brooklyn Bridge Park and Hudson River Park in New York City, and Maggie Daly Park and the 606 in Chicago. The consultants also are very familiar with Houston as they have recently completed plans for Hermann Park, The Menil and the “Beyond the Bayous” plan for the Houston Parks Board. For more than 35 years, HR&A has been working with parks throughout the US and abroad to develop open space real estate strategies, financing plans, programming activation, and sustainable operations and maintenance programs. The High Line and Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York City, Tulsa Riverfront and Dallas Trinity River are among more than 100 parks that have benefited from HR&A’s talent. “While we want to build off our past projects such as Buffalo Bayou Park, Sabine Promenade and Allen’s Landing, we realize that we are dealing with an entirely different context,” says Anne Olson, BBP President. “We not only want to reinvigorate the waterfront but bring equitable revitalization opportunities to the East Sector neighborhoods.” Olson points out that the Second Ward has been designated one of Mayor Sylvester Turner’s “Complete Communities.”
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    Slow but steady progress. It looks like they have an Airstream camper inside, perhaps to serve as the bar (I adjusted the lighting levels in the middle of the photo to make it more apparent, because it was awfully dark in the original photo).
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    Another old rendering of a possible W Hotel in Houston that was first shared in the group in 2013 (wasn't searchable because the post didn't say it was a rendering for a W Hotel in River Oaks District, an Equinox Hotel is going in instead ). The original hot linked images in the quote above were no longer available, but I replaced them with a fresh link. The renderings do not mean this will be the design. Where W Hotel will be built in Houston hasn't been publicized. Merging this previous post with a rendering of it so it's easier for others to find and refer to.
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    Yea I sent that info to several real estate news outlets a couple of months back but no one ever picked up on it. They are building a new boulevard, bridge, and the park over there right now. Edit: Pictures added. Btw... that's taken from the building I work in....... do I know you? lol
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    I'm excited about all the transformations that's happening around downtown, with The Rustic breaking ground in a few wks, it's really going to livin up that part near the Convention Center. http://m.chron.com/neighborhood/bellaire/business/article/Avenida-Houston-to-add-new-restaurant-art-11297609.php
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    The project received the OK to build closer to the street. It's 15 feet shorter and a few less units than the previous proposal.
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    My children and I stayed at the Marriot Marquis last night. One obvious observation. This area has become an outdoor promenade of sorts. It may not be the Paseo del Prado or the Riverwalk, but I do not recollect another place outdoors in Houston where people stroll casually like they do here. It's pleasant
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    No, had a doctors appointment and her office is in the tower on the 21st floor.
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    The hotel just a couple of blocks from WOMH is starting construction now:
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    I'm petitioning @HAIF to please consider creating a stand alone forum for Third Ward (which would includes nearby areas too). At present, new construction and architecture news for the area that include University of Houston, Texas Southern, the old Fingers site (which is part of Third Ward), and more are lumped under the other neighborhoods forum. The area is growing and rebuilding and as such, needs its own forum in the Houston Neighborhoods forum. http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/forum/4-houston-neighborhoods/
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    No, this is great news and I hope that some of my letters and emails to all city office holders and Bob Eury helped stir the city into a more aggressive approach. I saw images of it in swamplot today. Its going to improve the skyline view from the Pierce elevated going north. It won't be quite the eyesore thats its been for far too long.
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    Color me a bit cynical about this project being successful in Houston. I love all of Texas' cities, but each is so unique...like very different members of the same family...fwiw my daughter just landed her first job in Dallas and lives in Uptown, and the vibe couldn't be more "opposite" Houston. While The Rustic has done well in Uptown Dallas, I'm not so sure it's larger than life, everything's bigger in Texas, honkey tonk vibe will do well in Houston's more laid back, cosmopolitan atmosphere. Not wanting it to fail by any means, but just not sure.
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    the windows have been removed from the bottom few floors. it's either a work in progress or crackheads.
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    From Swamplot today: Here’s the scene from Heights Blvd. this morning, where the former Heights Finance Station — that was the fancy name for the neighborhood’s main post office — lies in trucked-off ruins. The construction fence along the right side of the image lines 11th St. The view from Brie Kelman’s camera faces west, toward Yale St.; the former Citgo gas station now known as whiskey bar Eight Row Flint, on the opposite side of Yale, is visible just to the left of center in the distance (if you look closely). Here’s a different view of the site from just a few days ago: http://swamplot.com/the-heights-post-office-has-been-disappeared/2017-07-28/
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    The property on 110 S Heights Blvd will return to a barbecue restaurant: Truth Barbeque, the Brenham restaurant ranked 10th in the state by Texas Monthly, has picked where it will open its eagerly anticipated Houston location. Only a month after announcing plans to open in the Bayou City, pitmaster-owner Leonard Botello IV tells CultureMap that the rumors are true; he and business partner Johnny Carrabba have signed a lease to open Truth Houston in the former J. Black’s space on Washington Avenue. “We’ve actually been sitting on it for about six months or so now,” Botello says. “From a business standpoint, with the development going up across the street, I just think it would be a great place to make a footprint in Houston.” Botello refers to the Buffalo Heights development, a mixed-used complex from CityCentre developer Midway that will include a new H-E-B. Although it will be located along one of Houston's busiest streets, Botello says he plans to preserve as much of the original’s atmosphere as possible. “We’re going to try to hit it home doing the same thing we did there,” Botello says. “I want people to have the same experience, same music, same vibe. I love the area. I think we’ll be able to knock it out of the park with that place.” In addition to the building's brief history as a barbecue joint called Phil's BBQ in 2010 and 2011, the space’s size also helped make it the right place to be Truth’s second location. Botello says he’s looking forward to working in a full-size kitchen that will allow him to make the restaurant’s signature sides more efficiently, and he’s working with kitchen architects to create a flow that will help the line move as quickly as possible. More on CultureMap http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/07-28-17-truth-barbeque-houston-location-washington-avenue-j-blacks-leonard-botello/
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    oops posted it on another thread and then i saw that you posted it here... but yeah this is going to be a great addition to downtown!!! cant wait!
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    I was wondering about that, it looks really tight to the top of the garage structure.
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    Marketing material for the office building.
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    The tower crane for the garage is coming down this weekend. "Friday, July 28 (7 pm) – Sunday, July 30 (5 pm) Complete continuous closure of the 700 block of Travis (between Rusk and Capitol) for crane dismantlement."
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    Hopefully they reference the earlier plan at some point in their press statements so we get a sense that there is continuity and adherence to the earlier vision. I was a big fan of that plan when it came out.
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    Another hi-res rendering of W Hotel for Houston Uptown (click on the images and press the magnifying glass to zoom in). This one is from Prism. The upload date from the image file shows April 2016.
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    Posted previously in another thread. There are renderings of a W Hotel on Tipp Architecture's Instagram posted last summer (and it's on their website): https://www.instagram.com/p/BJIh_G9gAGM/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BJIh5Iog8hT/
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    Posted previously in this thread. Posted this in the Galleria thread but I forgot about this one (it's been limited updates on this). But maybe W Hotel is being built here. It looks to match up more with the proposed site plan posted above last year than The Galleria. On Tipps Architecture's website, it's listed as W Hotel Uptown Houston concept. http://www.tippsarchitecture.com/#mi=2&pt=1&pi=10000&s=0&p=1&a=0&at=0
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    More on the 26-story tower planned for Midtown from Australian developer Caydon Development Group: Plans filed with the Houston's Development Department further illuminate the change that a large residential tower will bring to Main Street in Midtown, one of city's most quickly evolving walkable urban corridors. Australian developer Caydon Development Group is asking the city for a variance to put canopies above the sidewalks along Main and Drew streets, where the 26-story Main Midtown town is under construction. Plans call for a ground level of shops and restaurants with bike racks on the sidewalk. Building plans filed with the application show a densely developed urban block. "A holistic approach has been taken to plan this project as an urban walkable development on all four sides of the site," the application says. The tower sits across Main Street from the new Midtown Park, in an area filled with new projects that are sure to bring a density uncharacteristic of Houston. The planned tower will have 357 units, 464 parking spaces for residents, 18 spaces for shoppers and 206 bike parking spots. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/bizfeed/article/26-story-tower-will-transform-Main-Street-11366616.php
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    Construction is starting this fall and will include: - 30,000 SF Lifestyle Pavilion with high-end fitness center - Thompson Hotel & Condo Tower - Interior Park & Café with outdoor seating - Ground level retail throughout the project - 80,000 SF medical office building https://view.staging.hangar.com/CRE/DC-Partners/Allen-Parkway/index.html
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    It's gonna be awesome during the World Series later this year.
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    Not Social Junkie! Love that place.
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