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    What a way to finish this week! Round skyscraper by famed architect would remake Dallas' skyline Project Location
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    Tillman Tower has a better ring to it.................
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    observation tower in Buffalo Bayou Park. Nice idea and renderings. Can't copy and past images. http://paulbaut.com/?/prof-projects/observation-tower-houston/
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    Some photos from the opening celebration...
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    Sky pools are starting to become a popular thing in Houston. Also you guys beat out Austin in terms of the having the highest swimming pool in Texas.
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    They re-paved and re-striped the parking lot that was under the MM's construction office trailers. I'd guess that nothing is imminent, but that repair may have been a condition of them setting up shop on the lot in the first place.
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    Anyone have pics/info for the twisty tower over near Herman Park?
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    I had never seen the Arquitectonia proposal before. It is a shame that was never built.
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    Yet another concept for the new Baylor/St.Luke's campus http://timcousino.com/2015baylor-st-lukes-proposal/
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    So thankful this was shot down. Way too 80's.
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    This is precisely how I see it as well. We should embrace our satellite cities and begin to stitch them together into greater whole rather than trying to start from scratch or abandoning them and start from Downtown. Whats been nice is that the growth is happening in all parts of the city. These merging points where the different districts come together is what will really make Houston interesting in the future. I make frequent trips to Berlin while here in Germany, and Berlin began in this way. It started with a core, but had a lot of surrounding satellite towns and villages. Over time these towns began to grow into each other creating the greater whole that is Berlin today. After the wall fell it had to do this again, but now its between the east and west. Its these places where east and west combine and the edges of different districts where unique and interesting things take place. The reroute of I-45 will be Houston's version of this as it slowly reintegrates midtown, eado, and the former 3rd ward, and of course many others around it. Those moments where these parts of the city connect will become our greatest assets. Yeah the main districts of the city will be great as well, but its the clash of different districts when they collide into one another that cool things will happen.
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    As we catch our breath and see how far we have come, I was looking around for where Houston ranks as a tall city. I found this site. https://skyscrapercenter.com/city/houston I thought these rankings were interesting: Global Ranking #23 in the world by no. of 150m+ completed buildings Regional Ranking #4 in North America by no. of 150m+ completed buildings Country Ranking #3 in USA by no. of 150m+ completed buildings
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    Baylor/St.Luke's McNair Campus Expansion
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    Any chance this building is for Houston? This article is about HOK moving spaces from the Williams tower to the Phoenix tower. http://www.hok.com/about/news/2016/05/09/hoks-leed-platinum-houston-office-supports-integrated-design-in-high-performance-space/
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    I guess this would encompass the Sawyer Yards development:
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    Independent Art Council Performing Arts Center TSU Barbara Jordan Library https://issuu.com/dog-blue/docs/dallas_felder__cv_selected_work16
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    So I emailed the architecture firm (http://www.keatingarchitecture.com) to see if this was an actual proposal, or a vision, and they said this is an actual proposal!!!
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    http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/morning_call/2015/12/exclusive-condominium-tower-planned-for-greater.html Article says NE corner of I-10 and N. Shepherd, but there really isn't any land south of the bayou. Could they be looking at the Nundini building?
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