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    No but you're killing me with this update.
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    i've never understood these types of bumps... since when has any major news gone unannounced here??? if it was dead or moving forward someone would've said something. honestly can't remember the last time someone bumped a thread like this and received some groundbreaking news in response. carry on.
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    I'm sure the name he'd like to put on it is "Golden Nugget"
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    Placeholder for Trinity Groves hotel: DBJ Project Location
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    Snapped this from Katy Freeway today.
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    I disagree. Anyone in Dallas who knows about skyscrapers knows Houston has the tallest and (will always have) the most number of tall bldgs. I am 101% certain Perot knows this too. I doubt Dallas will ever reach the same number of tall blgs around the city and if it did Houston would have doubled by that time but I wouldnt doubt if we put up some more 30 story+s in unexpected places outside the core. Id keep an eye on the southside in the next decade too. Ive never heard any Dallas people talk like that. Truthfully all cities have pompous citizens. Ive actually found Austin to be the most smug.
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    With the freeway revamp a go the Astros will loose some serious parking. Half of their season ticket holder parking? Also some parking lots below 59 that are used for games. What is the solution? 1. Nothing, let people figure it out 2. Surface lots on all of the lots north of the stadium 3. Another parking garage I have no insight here. Just asking about what will be an issue. Does anyone have an insight into what the ball club is thinking?
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    In regards to the Foster tower: DMag
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    Well, that's a condo tower. A little different. But it looks like the Perots are wanting to make this one the tallest in Dallas at least, if possible: https://www.dmagazine.com/business-economy/2017/03/in-tallest-skyscraper-wars-perot-eyes-topping-bofa-plaza/?ref=mpw No mention of the tallest in Texas. This is where Dallas' pomposity could come in handy. They are probably unaware that the tallest buildings in the state are in Houston, and just naturally assume that Dallas' tallest is Texas' tallest. Kind of like how you are always hearing Dallasites say that whatever is biggest or best in their city is "the best in Texas," as in, "We have this little Italian restaurant that's so good - why, it's the best in Texas!" and couldn't even name a restaurant in Houston or Austin. Go ahead Perots, reach for the skies. Build that 73 stories.
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    Yea that BOA in ATL is all fluff at the top. Take away the spire and it's almost the same rooftop height as the Dallas BOA. Yep 69+ stories with tall ceilings is possible for this Foster tower if built even with small floor plates. Just a reminder: 432 Park Ave is only 412,000sqft and stands well over 1,300 feet.
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    Yes, they do. And, the tax would include the assessed value of the structure. I have been told that the reason why many buildings are flattened is because the empty lot has revenue possibilities (parking) and taxes that are lowers. The owners here may see different economics.
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    It's a good looking render. I just hope it doesn't look like a giant grain silo. J/k I think he will do a great job. 1 million sq ft can reach 300m easily. If it's at least 788ft that would be cool. At least 922ft would great. 300m(984ft) would rock. 1003ft would be better.
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    I know this isn't where this goes but I wanted everyone to see it. This starts at 12:00 on KUHF 88.7 Sounds like an interesting topic that I thought everyone would like to hear. Houston Matters gets underway today at noon on 88.7FM or listen online. Join the discussion at 713-440-8870, talk@houstonmatters.org or @HoustonMatters If the future of Houston design was left up to the next generation of architects and designers, what would our city look like? It’s a concept Houston design firm Gensler is exploring with their “next-gen” group called ByDesign.
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    Tillman Tower has a better ring to it.................
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    observation tower in Buffalo Bayou Park. Nice idea and renderings. Can't copy and past images. http://paulbaut.com/?/prof-projects/observation-tower-houston/
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    Some photos from the opening celebration...
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    Sky pools are starting to become a popular thing in Houston. Also you guys beat out Austin in terms of the having the highest swimming pool in Texas.
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    They re-paved and re-striped the parking lot that was under the MM's construction office trailers. I'd guess that nothing is imminent, but that repair may have been a condition of them setting up shop on the lot in the first place.
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    Anyone have pics/info for the twisty tower over near Herman Park?
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    I had never seen the Arquitectonia proposal before. It is a shame that was never built.
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    Yet another concept for the new Baylor/St.Luke's campus http://timcousino.com/2015baylor-st-lukes-proposal/
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    So thankful this was shot down. Way too 80's.
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    The double helix is not Baylor St Lukes. That is a Texas Medical Center project.
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    Baylor/St.Luke's McNair Campus Expansion
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    Does it look like a golf course with buildings in it to anyone else? Just me?
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    I guess this would encompass the Sawyer Yards development:
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    Independent Art Council Performing Arts Center TSU Barbara Jordan Library https://issuu.com/dog-blue/docs/dallas_felder__cv_selected_work16
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    So I emailed the architecture firm (http://www.keatingarchitecture.com) to see if this was an actual proposal, or a vision, and they said this is an actual proposal!!!
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    Wow. Very interesting. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/morning_call/2015/12/exclusive-condominium-tower-planned-for-greater.html The 35-story condo tower would have between 120 to 150 units, ranging in size from 1,200 square feet to 3,200 square feet and in price from $230,000 to $1.2 million. The units would feature naturally heated and cooled floors and high-end finishes. “We see an opportunity for condos in Houston,” Trujillo said. “The younger generation isn’t looking for the white picket fence in the suburbs anymore.”
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    http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/morning_call/2015/12/exclusive-condominium-tower-planned-for-greater.html Article says NE corner of I-10 and N. Shepherd, but there really isn't any land south of the bayou. Could they be looking at the Nundini building?
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