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    Brief encounter with Falcons fans from Atlanta: unprompted, without having been asked what they thought of Houston... "your city is awesome. Having an amazing time."
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    ^^^ a little SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE action at DISCOVERY GREEN for SUPERBOWL LI. beautiful.....
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    That will look fantastic once the ivy has filled in that trellis.
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    I spoke with tons of visitors during my 4 volunteer shifts - everyone was in awe of Houston and the party we threw....many people who had been to the previous Houston Super Bowl said they couldn't believe it was the same city. The most asked question was "how much does it cost to...." People couldn't believe everything (except the NFL experience) was free. Well done Houston !!
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    Ordered the St. Arnold's Divine Reserve and the guy spent about five minutes pouring it to get it perfect. Gave us samples of other beers while we waited. Enjoyed the place. Thought it could use a bit more Biggio/Astros memorabilia but not criticizing. Inside of the hotel looked beautiful, what I saw of it.
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    Ummm, a park can get full when it has as many people in it as can safely be accommodated. Pretty simple concept. Yes, I've been to Boston on 4th of July. Have you? They probably don't shut down the Boston Common because the celebration is in the Esplanade. And when the secured areas of the Esplanade reach capacity (imagine that, a park reaching capacity), they don't let in any more people. When the secured areas are full on July 3rd and July 4th, NO additional wristbands will be distributed.
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    All I can say is the next time Houston hosts the Super Bowl, I sincerely hope the Patriots are not in it. Go Falcons!
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    Just saw on their FB page that residents have started moving in. https://www.facebook.com/MidMainLofts/ Day and Night picture of their sign
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    Oh yeah!! New shelving!! (Was put in place a few weeks ago. Just now sharing photos.)
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    I can understand the frustration for people from out of town. If you're local, the news kept telling us Houstonians to experience the events the opening weekend. I listened and went before the out of towners arrived and had a great time. Obviously it was going to get really crowded THE DAY BEFORE THE SUPER BOWL!
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    Sneak peak update on their new in-house chocolate factory. Copper line. Sushi department? Other side of the copper line.. temperature controlled shelving. Might be the same design as the others in the "prepared foods" area? 2nd floor by the kitchen school had this blue tarp last month. That area is now filled with seating! They expanded the upstairs "cafe seating". Such a massive place.
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    The lighting doesn't seem nearly as bright as I had hoped, but other then that it's not terrible. It could of been cool if they had LEDs along the angles/edges though.
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    Because it didn't look bad enough...(apologies if this needed to be censored)
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    Yeah they shut down the entrances to the Kendrick Lamar concert for the final four so my buddy and I hopped the fence. Way less security than the Superbowl so when it was at capacity last night I just went to rice village.
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    Youre hilarious. Dallas has plenty 30+ story buidlings under construction now and possibly two 39 to 45 stories on the way. Even though this bldg is only 20 it looks great and must be appreciated.
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    DG and GRB may have had limited access, but downtown as a whole remained open. While it was busier than a typical Saturday night it still had room for more.
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    Yeah. It was full. That happens. Nothing prudish about if.
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    What on earth was with the decision to close all the gates around 8 PM? We walked out to go walk around Main Street some before returning to see ZZ Top at 9, and when we got back at 8:30, all the gates were closed! No more entry until tomorrow, we were told. Way to throw a prudish party, Houston!
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    Site is for sale: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/2225-Austin-St-Houston-TX-77002/97671871_zpid/
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    I agree that a project like this adds a nice finishing touch to the area. I just hope they maintain it so that it stays looking nice...
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    I like neartown, but how about this: Allen Parkway. I feel like Allen Parkway winds so much it covers enough ground to call the area that. Also, I went out to Buffalo Bayou Park today. And I took some pictures (panos) to give the site some more visual context. These are from the Police Memorial.
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    I live in East Downtown which many like to call EaDo but I never call it that. I fell too yuppie or something.
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    i live in that neighborhood. Depending on who I am talking to i say Montrose or Midtown. I never say neartown, if I did no one would have any idea what I'm talking about and I would just have to explain using Montrose and Midtown as references anyways.
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    A friend of mine that work for United at 1600 Smith said they are moving into 609 main last part of April.
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    Houston - Continental Center Ihttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continental_Center_I This post-modern gas chamber inspires suicide and nothingness at every section. Everything looks sterile and as if designed to trap people inside. Sort of ironic considering the only thing this building was known for was being vacant. Sorry I'll get back to the subject.
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    And certainly skyscraper.whomever is the authority on all things ugly and beautiful.
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    Sorry about that on skyscraper.com is is noted a ugly building check out the list. I'm not mocking Dallas, I just wish we had our downtown lighted up that they have. It is not a insult. Meow!
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    It's January 2017 and the center is still standing. A bit of digging reveals that the center opened around 1991 and Office Depot has always been there. The Office Depot's building is older though, it was a Kroger and the rest of the center was built around it.
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    Oh so that's what we call that area. I always found myself struggling to find a name to describe that area. Me- "So it's like west of downtown sort of.." Friend- "Oh you mean Montrose?" Me- "No...its north of Montrose" Friend- "So you mean the Heights?" Me- "No to far north, it's below I-10" Friend- "Sooo..Washington?" Me- "That's a street" Friend- "East Downtown?" Me- "I hate you"
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    The biggest difference is Tilman can be self-deprecating. I was at the opening of the newly renovated tennis facility at UH. Tilman joked with the woman it is named after by saying something to the effect of "i don't normally do photos next to other people's names but I'll make an exception for you." It was really cute and he totally poked fun at himself for being an attention seeker. The Donald would never. He would have attacked that old lady on twitter.
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    Plus, so far, he is a regular guy and not a vile orange cheeto of a man !
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    Don't be such a homer. Dallas has a great thing going on right now. Embrace the beautiful architecture.
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    Ok, I'll admit it, the lighting on 609 is bad. For a new landmark building, it deserves better.
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    Superbowl ready by Marc longoria, on Flickr Superbowl related: Houston lit by Marc longoria, on Flickr Somehow I was able to upload this video here but it appears to make you download it. :S 2017-02-03_02_39_32.mp4
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    One of the buildings at KBR that faces downtown. Really visible from afar.
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    Even more so, let's hope it might be a turning point regarding Houstonians' self-image, starting with all the city's media and of course HAIFers.
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    A few more pics from last night - the water show held at 51 minutes past the hour is pretty cool - it's a holographic display against a big spray of water in the pond which then moves up to the wall of the Marriott Animal Planet was setting up for Puppy Bowl which will be broadcast Sunday
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    It looks like the grocery store itself will be one floor, with maybe a mezzanine above the entrance. That one floor will be that whole block though.
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