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    Not sure how tearing down an existed structure and replacing it with another is infill when downtown has dozens of entirely empty parcels. The Houston Club wasn't great, but it was an example of mid 1900s architecture which we lack in this town.
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    The negativity here is really quite confusing. This site started as an un-leasable old crappy building. The developer was confident in the market and started construction without ANY LEASING. When the market started to retract they pulled back and finished just the garage. Now the market is turning, they might have an anchor tenant and they are going to wrap that pig of a garage with shinny glass and a tall office building. This project was NEVER about being a signature tall office tower. It is an INFILL project with 5 tunnel connections, a huge lobby that opens up the mole people to the sun and makes a once shitty block into something good. Is it a Hines caliber building? No, but it sure as hell beats the alternative....
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    You're wrong. Clearly they will put a glass face on it, it's a class A LEED Platinum trophy tower.
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    This building is a total disappointment from the original renderings. Blah. Moving on...
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    self-funded definitely doesn't imply that they're forgoing debt, it likely means they are providing all the equity needed to line up construction loans, but that doesn't necessarily soothe over banks' worries on whether or not the loan can be repaid. investors are much easier to win over than banks as they don't have strict guidelines and regulatory hurdles to clear.
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    Fence up, trees coming down, and interior gutting under way...... should be an exciting couple of years for Midtown Development! I think I read that this is self-funded.
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    Even more disappointing is that it doesn't even live up to the revised renderings much less the original ones. I think 75% of my displeasure is with that tired ass beige color.
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    Lots of work going on around the area today.. The lake was having what seemed to be pretty major problems though. But what the heck is going on here..? Looks like a bunch of asphalt was forced up from the bottom of the lake? A flat bottom boat pulled up in the reeds.. Water eventually started gushing out from the pile.. Obligatory Marriott Marquis shot..
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    Enrique's pictures made me want to go get some shots so I decided to drive into town tonight...terrible idea but here's one that came out after I played with the colors some.
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    Does anyone else see a nice home for the Eye of Sauron here?
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    AIEEEEEEEE!!! The sun!!!! oh no, so shiny and bright...
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    Another shot from last night...not as windy as Friday thankfully
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    Article about David Mitzner The Survivor Who Built The Marriott Marquis Informative read.
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    Got to come into Houston for the New Years and spend it in downtown, mostly on Main St. and along the rail. What a difference from when I left almost 3 years ago, glad I will be calling Houston home once more beginning in February! Enjoy the pics
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    Drewery Place, Phase I: Phase II (now known as Laneways Midtown) : https://skyrisecities.com/database/projects/district
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    I just got back from vacation and I'm too lazy to edit the video I shot of this site. You can see a quick peek at the end of this video: or, here's a screenshot from the other video:
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    I drove down 59 earlier during lunch and they were testing the lights. They were changing different colors. Can't wait to see them at night.
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    The Green Line is officially open on Wednesday http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Long-awaited-and-long-delayed-Metro-s-Green-10845438.php
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    ^^^^^ nailed it. i've kept thinking that the "fins" reminded me of something but couldn't put my finger on it. good call.
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    HOV, HOT... since they're only separated by the letter U it gets very confusing.
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    good question. It's a shame this town doesn't have a journalist who can do more than reprint a press release. Do we have many HPE employees in Houston? Does anyone know? I would imagine the bulk of their Houston presence went to HP in the split, not HPE.
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    believe it when a leading tenant is signed.
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    Try to keep up indeed. Both the 290 HOV lane and the Katy managed lanes allow motorcycles free usage during all HOV hours. Your statements to the contrary are false. The 290 HOV lane is ALWAYS HOV. Every hour it is open it is HOV. It is impossible to use the 290 HOV lane in non-HOV hours. In fact, on the Katy managed lanes, motorcycles can ride free 12 hours each day, in both directions. The 290 HOV lane only offers free motorcycle rides 6 hours in one direction and 7 hours in the other direction each day. After examining the facts, your initial idea that HCTRA doesn't care about the lives of motorcycle riders because they don't let them ride free the way Metro does on 290 is even more insane than it first sounded.
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    I'll believe it when I see the completed building and not a minute sooner
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    I noticed trees are on site, so they'll be starting landscaping soon.
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    As of a few days ago, I haven't seen any lights on.
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    From the Chronicle: Bank of America reportedly is in talks to move out of its namesake building downtown and into a flashy new tower to be constructed a block away. The Charlotte, N.C.-based bank is negotiating to become the anchor tenant in Capitol Tower, a 35-story building slated for the former site of the Houston Club building, the Houston Business Journal reported late Friday, citing anonymous sources. The bank's longtime home, Bank of America Center, is one of downtown's most iconic buildings. The neo-Gothic tower soars 56 stories and its gabled roofline is a familiar feature on the city skyline. Bank of America, which declined to comment Friday, leases 423,614 square feet in the building, according to Houston-based Enriched Data, a research and data firm. Bank of America Center, 700 Louisiana, was developed by the Hines real estate firm and designed by Philip Johnson and John Burgee. It opened in 1983. Skanska USA Commercial Development is the developer of Capitol Tower. After Skanska bought the site and the Houston Club building was demolished, the company built a garage on the southern half of the block and poured the foundation for the tower. The property is bounded by Capitol, Rusk, Milam and Travis streets. Skanska has said it would not begin construction on the building until it found a tenant to prelease a significant portion of the space. Skanska could not be reached. CBRE, the real estate brokerage leasing the building, declined to comment late Friday. The Gensler architecture firm designed Capitol Tower, a soaring glass and stone building set to include 750,000 square feet and a tunnel-level lobby visible to pedestrians on the streets above it.
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    Wow. Whole Foods and HEB determined not to lose the edge in the hip urban grocery race. Bad for the overbuilt multi family market, good for armchair urbanists like us.
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    they still don't have their debt lined up as far as i know... they sound motivated to make it happen though so here's hoping.
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    Well Maple Leaf Pub is right across the street...
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    Snow-covered Park District (left) and 1900 Pearl (right):
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    I was never a fan of the capiotl tower design to begin with. Just kind of another glass box.
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    A tower of Syn. (As in Synthetic Stucco - EIFS).
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    The Tolluminati thing is awesome - keep it. Thanks for reminding to check my account to see if my monthly payment from HCTRA is there yet. (that's satire, for the less perceptive among us)
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    Apartment and retail project in the works next to Medical District rail station Project Location
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    Park District, via Facebook:
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    The variance and plat were approved yesterday. These are the 11 items H-E-B offered as conditions to the variance.
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    Via CandysDirt: New Oak Lawn residential tower proposed by Toll Brothers. 271 rental units 9 street-level town homes along Welborn underground parking :cheers: The tower's rental units will average 938 square feet, which is 63 larger than required. Project Location Original rendering:
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    Building line variance is on today's planning commission agenda. No additional or revised info in the variance request.
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    So if I have this right, you want the HOT lanes on 290 to remain single-lane so you don't have to worry about anyone cutting into your lane. Got it. A bit selfish, I suppose, but at least it kind of makes sense. Since now we've resorted to the "sheeple" argument, I'd like to show you this little thing that you inspired me with the other day. I'm thinking of making it my new avatar.
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    What the hell - I know chron.com is absoulte garbage - but what language is at the end of that article??? Ilis niamet, volore veriustrud te feum iusciduisi. Pit, si et aut ver sit venisl utpatin heniat dolobore dio odolor ad et eumsandigna commy num veratem quam, secte dolore corper accummy nullummod dolesto et prat, quat adignibh esectet praesequisi. Aliquamcon utpat atum zzrilit, con ut alit il iure conummo dolore magna facillum quiscil laoreet la consenis eu feuis ex ea feugait ilit loPeriuscilit lummy nostin volore ming eum ilit velenis modiam et ut niam irit nonsendio euismolore core do consequat augait ulput aci bla feuisl dio od tatin ut nos ex ercinisi. Con henit praessequis aut pratem in venim num in et laor sectet am vel dolorero od delit lor alis alis at, velis at, quat at. Lore te tinim iliquat, quatet dolutpat. Ut iriusti onsendit acil il dolore delessi te tem aut nos nis nostiscilla feuisl delisci duisim dunt volorer aesequa metuerosting euismodipis nim velit am velendiam irillan hendre er sim zzrilit accum dipit, quatue dolorperos augait iurem eros dolessi bla consectet, sim zzriuscip eugait, quat. Ut pratin utpate modiatumsan henit wisl ulla faccum num autpationum vel doloreetue minci tatet ute dipisci elis aut prat. Lan henit atummy nonseAt. Agniam del eugiam ipsuscilis esectet wis am,
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