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    This fight would have been way more fun to watch play out in the once proposed glass sky lobby.
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    Public meeting on the development tonight. Some very quick details: Tract 2 (NW corner of Nicholson & 20th) will be an 8-story, 275-unit apartment building (80% 1BR, rest 2BR) East half of Tract 1 (SE corner of Nicholson & 20th) will be a 63-unit "boutique" apartment bldg (90% 2BR, rest 3BR) Harres Exezidis (Cottonwood, Lagrange, Liberty Station) is a partner in the development for the restaurant spaces Each of the existing buildings (4000 sf reservoir, 1700 sf and 4000 sf pumping buidlings) will be restaurant spaces, with additional patio space, as well as space for food trucks. Up to 5000 s.f. will be community garden. They want to commission a sculpture made from the salvaged, excavated pipework. Planned construction start, late summer 2017, for 2019 completion. (Harres expressed a hope that the restaurant spaces would open earlier than that.) All of this is preliminary, of course. Deal is not closed, and permits have not been issued. Some photos of the posters at the event are below.
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    Timelapse of Houston from 1984 to now. Truly fascinating: https://earthengine.google.com/timelapse/#v=29.76043,-95.3698,10,latLng&t=2.53
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    Huge projector screen inside Biggio's. The place is covered with TVs. Lighting @monarch was referring to.
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    Isn't that what Shell calls their "woodcreek campus"? I don't think that has been abandoned. On the contrary, that is where they are moving the One Shell Plaza employees.
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    There was a fair amount of hand-wringing and pearl-clutching at the meeting, as one might imagine. Concerns expressed included: "How will this affect children coming to and going from Helms ES?" (across 21st from the 275-unit building) "It's already hard enough to cross 20th at the bike trail, now it will be impossible" "Where will all the poop go?" "That sure seems like a lot of apartments. Couldn't you build fewer?" "If people park on Nicholson (like they do around the apartments on 23rd & Nicholson) it will be impassible." The irony of wanting ever more walkability but opposing every apartment development is apparently lost on the Heights. Also, the renderings kind of make these building stick out, but they're adjacent to a hospital and across from a medical building of similar height. The value of Alliance's bid won't become public until city council votes to approve the sale, but I'm guessing it's in the low 8-figures. I wonder what will happen when Chase realizes that their drive-thru lanes are sitting on $5M worth of dirt?
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    Club Nomadic, a roaming 62,500-square-foot nightclub, broke ground Nov. 29 ahead of the Super Bowl. It will be located north of Washington Avenue at the Sawyers Yard art district. The three-level entertainment center will host events Feb. 2-4 at 2121 Edwards St., including a Bruno Mars concert Feb. 3, according to a release.
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    The ballot language for the Hardy and Sam Houston did not mention the roads becoming free after they were paid off. That was in a brochure. Again, the easy way to not pay tolls is to stay off the toll roads. There is always an alternate route.
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    Doing some research would be a good idea. As with most everything you've posted in this thread, you don't seem to have a clue. HCTRA does not have the right to manage the HOT lane on 290, either now or in the future. It is now operated by Metro and as far as I know, will continue to be operated by Metro, under agreement with TxDOT. (and by the way, I've looked at one of the links you've previously provided supposedly proving HCTRA's illegal/shady activities. What a joke.) Do some research and take off the tin-foil hat.
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    While I agree with the sentiment, I really have little simpathy for anyone who books here without at least doing a Google street view before booking. I think most folks know exactly what they are renting and trade the location for the price. A quick search of rates shows that it is about $25 cheaper per night than the new Hampton Inn and $60 per night cheaper than the Embassy Suites.
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    11/29 update from above.
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    No demo yet but barricades rest nearby, waiting to be set in place.
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    Developer Bill Cawley unveils new $30M office building in Allen's Watters Creek Project Location
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    Dallas from above (reunion tower) with a special view of the The Sixth Floor Museum (JFK Museum) by lackystrike
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    I cant believe I'm saying this, but........they've actually managed to make the GRB....not that ugly anymore.
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    Can anyone spot the Brinks truck courier headed to Coach Hermann?
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    Talked with some guys taking a smoke break from working on the Pappadeaux at the GRB. Asked them if they would finish by the Super Bowl and they said of course. They said they were working 7 days a week up to 15 hours per day in order to finish on time.
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    Jennbin must live at Market Square or she has a drone. I've noticed several porches with furniture on them.
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    That last photo is so good. Looks like an expansion of the State National Bank Building, the two connect very well.
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    Whoops! Forgot this photo. Aris at Market Square by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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    Liberty Mutual regional campus at Plano's Legacy West:
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    *Click for larger picture* Downtown Houston by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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    crane removal yesterday going up and over the hotel onto Dallas St <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/63312119@N05/31141282695/in/photostream/" title="20161119_170945"><img
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    Supermoon Over downtown Dallas (Wide) by Joseph Haubert
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    I wasn't sure where else to post this, so here it shall be. It's inspiring to see all of the development around GRB, but after seeing this aerial footage it dawned on me that there are almost enough contiguous vacant lots to build another equally sized convention center just to the south of the current one. Hopefully we'll soon get more adventurous pioneers like The Hamilton Apartments (but ideally with more ambition) to liven up this area of South Downtown.
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    Ideally, paying a toll to use a road means that road is a quicker alternative. You're paying for an easier commute. Since this basic reason for a toll road has long since been lost in the shuffle of money mismanagement, greed and political gain, I now don't like toll roads. Haven't for a long time.
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    back when the BW8 was it as far as toll roads, the ballot that was voted was that a road would be built, it would be tolled, once paid for, it would be free. This was how it was sold to the voters. the fine print said that they could move the money around however they wanted, so while the people driving on the first BW8 segment, between i10 and 59 have paid for that segment probably 5 time over, the money has been used to pay for other tollways. Anyway, we voted for it. We may have been dumb to not look at the fine print of what we were voting for, but as it turns out, HCTRA is better than the txdot version, as has been mentioned.
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    Absolutely agree. It's refreshing to know that someone else thinks of toll roads as I do. Those who pay for toll roads have got to be somewhat mislead.
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    Here's another drone video for your viewing pleasure. If you wait until the end of the video you'll get to see views of the Med Center, Superblock, and Downtown. Sorry for the shakiness. I was having a lot of interference, which I'm guessing was coming from the piles of steel. Let me know if there are any other sites that you would like to see from above.
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