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    HBJ has more details: http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2016/06/22/mixed-use-development-slated-for-site-near-buffalo.html
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    this was on march 25th i swear these photos look much better on my phone
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    Although it's not extremely dramatic, it's kind of cool to see a tower without right angles going up in Houston.
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    Katy Trail's Mockingbird bridge has begun construction. Completion is slated for April 2017. 2015 rendering 2008 rendering
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    Via CTroyMathis: 1920 McKinney Ave. McKinney & Olive Nighttime, via C. Troy Mathis's Twitter:
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    Is it just me or is this building turning out to be far more dominating than I thought it would be? This is like the Heritage Plaza of this building cycle....sort of the last big hooray before all the cranes come down on this cycle.
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    http://i.imgur.com/JlukWHu.jpg Pretty excited just got back from China and what do I see from my balcony in Montrose?? http://i.imgur.com/JlukWHu.jpg
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    Speaking of the Greensheet building: Read more at: https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/office/greensheet-building-in-midtown-across-from-superblock-sold-61730?rt=20122?utm_source=CopyShare&utm_medium=Browser
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    When people here in Michigan brag about how historic Detroit and all it's buildings are (which is the only thing worth bragging about), I will put this photo above and say hey we got historic buildings too!! They're just secluded in the greatness of our ever expanding city =P
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    I have no idea who any of these folks are. I don't watch local news. TV as a news source is simply dead for me except in times of a state of emergency (floods, hurricanes).
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    Mods please merge with existing thread:
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    Forty Five Ten Main Street flagship update:
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    New Lifestyle Center at Westpark Tollway and Hwy 99: www.district-west.com Anchored by Star Cinema Grill (under construction) and Kelsey Seybold (Open)
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    It does get a bit colder when you're on the ice, and you want padding for falling on your butt, but a light sweater probably would do
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    From Houston Chronicle: O Pioneers! Southern Goods owners to open new restaurant in the Heights
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    Previously posted in the Lack of Restaurant Diversity thread
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    I don't know the elevator traffic amount but perhaps a solution is to have one elevator dedicated to tourists and have it clearly marked. Perhaps they can block all elevators to tourists during peak hour usage... morning hours, noon, and afternoon hours. Even if you're trying to play devil's advocate for the lobby closing, you have to admit it is a big loss not to have this lobby open to the public. This is by far one of the top spots I take out of towners to awe them with the size and landscape of Houston. Brought a client from Boston here just 2 weeks ago and she just had to take photos of it all. Besides the tunnels and Discovery Green, that was one of her big moments in downtown. Even after I posted this news on my Facebook, a lot of people told me they were pissed off about this... I feel like they even redesigned this lobby to impress more people. Can't see why this place cannot function as both.
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    Is this the first time anyone can think of where tourism ruined something in Houston for the rest of us? We've arrived! Also, if it's the tour group company I am thinking of, this doesn't surprise me at all that they didn't follow instructions and were generally a hassle.
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    Sears Tower was designed and built specifically to handle tourists going to an observation level, with separate elevators and separate building entrances. And the Sears Tower observation level was designed as just that. It's not an elevator lobby doubling as an observation room.
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    I searched and couldn't find anything about this proposal on the site. 1,025,000 sq ft residential and commercial luxury highrise with townhouses. Looks to be around 35 stories Address: 7703 San Felipe Design by estudio architecture http://estudioarchitecture.com/projects/#!
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    So dumb of them to close. We need a proper observation tower.
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    The significant of the crown will allow this skyscraper to be one of the best. Just wait.
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    Second building has topped out.
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    Via maconahey: The Case Bleu Ciel
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    https://www.texastribune.org/2016/06/17/lawmaker-eminent-domain-question-high-speed-rail/comments/ Paxton being asked to rule on whether eminent domain can be used for the bullet train.
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    Well damn... I kept putting off going there thinking it would always be open.
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    Hard to believe, but this topic has been open since January 2007 - almost ten years. Has to be some sort of house record.
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    A lot of ignorant things get mentioned on this board. Reality: They had been having a lot of mechanical issues (in the words of the planners, " complex structural, waterproofing and fountain mechanical issues pose challenges below the surface.") Remember, below the park and fountains is the parking garage. The park is being redesigned. According to the Theater District Master Plan, implementation of the new design is targeted to begin in mid-2017.
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    The west side looks topped out and you can see the wings growing out of it there too.
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    The Carter is going to look a lot like Finger's Museum Tower.
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    New brochure: http://regentsquarehouston.com/wp-content/uploads/GID_RegentSq_Bro_US_A4.pdf
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    Not mine but thought I would share. http://nofilmschool.com/2016/06/amazing-time-lapse-singapore-took-3-years-shoot
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    To be honest, I'm a little surprised they did this, even if it did seem like the most obvious choice in retrospect.
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    Updated website with residential floor plans, office and retail brochures.
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    Northern tower crane is gone.
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    Southern building. Northern building.
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    This picture is really missing that extra something. Like a 750ft residential skyscraper right by River Oaks. Art-deco inspired, something with a spire and plungers. That's what it's missing.
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