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    Huge news. Groundbreaking was today... https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/mixed-use/-40611
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    Are you hoping for a drastic downturn so you can afford to move out of your parents house?
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    Just noticed that half the Binswanger glad building is gone. Didn't know that demo had already begun
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    it's pretty peculiar to see the hard-on you get spinning every bit of Houston news in a negative light.
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    If I recall correctly, Houston's CBD blocks are 330' x 330'. Which is about average for a lot of cities. I think the reason so many high rises take up the full block in houston is because they can. Plenty of space to build what you want when the existing structures that were there were leveled 30 years ago. That being said, I would opine that once space starts running out in downtown, you'll start seeing less "full block" construction. Thats my 2 cents at least.
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    "Gilmer didn't declare doom and gloom and he doesn't see the region losing a substantial number of jobs any time soon. But he does see a cooling off of a local economy that had grown white-hot as oil and gas production boomed amid higher prices and improved industry efficiencies". Well, DUH! What idiot told you that booms last forever? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the economy will cool eventually. WRONG THREAD, WRONG EVERYTHING!
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    From earlier today: Marriot Marquis by brijonmang, on Flickr
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    They will soon move on to the facade for the main part of the building
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    Look at all the sexy development again. I'm about to fog up my car windows when I start taking photos over there too.
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    This is great news !!!! https://www.bisnow.com/archives/newsletter/houston/3453-east-ends-renaissance-starts-today/
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    Ok I welcomed you on another thread. Dude don't be lazy copy/paste the same exact thing on every relevant train thread....might as well not even post at all.
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    24000 under construction and need for 19000 next year it says. The article doesn't state the 24000 will be complete next year. A good deal of them won't be ready for a few more years, no?
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    @Howard Huge Thanks for your detailed comments and analysis. We truly appreciate your input. In 2007, when one of Surge Homes’ partners acquired the land on Main, he had the same vision as you did for seeing that the mid-main area would be the “Next Big Thing in Urban Houston Development!” When you say “bang for the buck,” please consider that the cycle of investment is much longer when we build a large condominium project than it is for townhomes. So, it’s not necessarily how many square feet you build on the same site that determines the rate of return for our investors, but it’s also how long it takes to get the capital back to our investors—and how much capital is required. Condominiums need more equity and it takes a longer time to get the investors’ money back plus a rate of return, which is required for our investors to keep trusting us. Nonetheless, your vision is good, and it’s one that’s shared by many adored Houstonians. The Insiders’ Club is filled with future home/condo owners who wish to see more density on this site. We have not finished our Insiders’ Club program, but in January 2015, we will have a clear idea of whether it will be townhomes or condominiums. Please, Howard, keep sending us your input.
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    This is not the right section for this. This is not "going up"
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    Here is some info sent out a few months ago about the area next to the lot. "In an effort to improve drainage, mitigate flood damage and relieve traffic flow, MetroNational and TIRZ 17 are working together to redesign the Conrad Sauer Detention Basin, which will not only increase its capacity, but its efficiency. This project will remove an eyesore from the community, improve mobility and help stabilize the properties in the immediate area, while also providing much needed green space with walking and cycling pathways, landscaping, wet bottom and grassy park areas. MetroNational will give right-of-way for the construction of a new road to provide access from Gessner to the detention pond and will donate additional land to increase size of the detention facility. The land being given to the TIRZ is nearly 2 acres and is valued at $4 million. Soon, Spring Branch will have a central meeting space and “town square” in which to gather and do such things as take in a Forth-of-July fireworks celebration as a community." http://www.yourhoustonnews.com/memorial/news/agreement-would-let-metronational-extend-street-detention-basin/article_71af95a7-c173-504d-9238-83ca5e1ee464.html
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    So the first Port-a-Potty is, umm, a "catalyst" for a project to begin?
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    I thought Robert Eckles used to be a Harris County Judge. But it shouldn't really matter anyway, there's only two stations...
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    and today the high speed rail thread took it's obligatory Hou vs. Dal flame war tangent....
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    So it appears they are playing favoritism towards Dallas?? They acknowledged Houston would have a "terminal", but the (downtown) Dallas station would be "iconic". http://m.bizjournals.com/dallas/blog/2014/11/high-speed-rail-station-will-be-iconic-part-of.html
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    Again... never been able to find that Gulfgate blueprint. I'll probably will run across it when I'm not looking for something else. That's how it goes, a great deal of the time, in research. And the search continues.
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    fify. coincidentally you seem to make the brunt of those comments. i've made plenty of OBJECTIVELY negative comments towards Houston. here's a little exercise for you - name one positive thing about Houston.
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       I think of him more as the "Snookie" or perhaps the "Honey Boo Boo" of HAIF.
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    i do find it quite humorous that i get paid to take an objectively pessismistic outlook on the houston market yet somehow come off as the "matt bullard of haif".
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    Houston is at the bottom of the list at +8% vs fundamentals. Austin is at +19%. I think we can wait this one out. You mean like this one?
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    He does a phenomenal job of ignoring any logical counter to his severely biased opinions, which he states as "facts", though.
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    Lol Slick just got railed. Damn rekt Also using HBJ as a credible source isn't your best start.
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    @houstontexasjack The East-West "proposed public street" plan is to connect Kennedy St. from S. Jensen Dr. to N. Velasco St. The North-South "proposed public street" extends Middle St. across Buffalo Bayou via a new bridge and connects it to Bayou St.
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    http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/economy/article/Falling-oil-prices-cloud-the-forecast-for-Houston-5907720.php We'll be just fine...and with cheaper gas prices it's easier than it's been in years to live off the Grand Parkway. Look for a boom in suburban house building to meet the pent up demand. It's a win for us either way.
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    @Gator Purify Thank you for the encouragement! Yes, transparency and direct communication with the public is a core value within our company. We've been developing homes for 25 years, and the partners have surrounded themselves with a team that knows, from the first day they start working with Surge Homes, that they have to listen to future home buyers before they finalize a product, and that they must always keep an open channel of communication with the neighbors. Please keep sending us your comments through our website and various blogs. We received many more comments than we expected, and we don’t mind working evenings and weekends to make sure we can read everyone’s thoughts and opinions, and then integrate many of the suggestions into our final product.
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    Haha... well there was another thread somewhere on this forum a few months back where people thought the boom would last forever. That this was the new normal. Even without the fall in oil prices, this could have been seen a mile away. It's basic economics... . Based on the internal data I've seen, I think there will be a shift more towards buying rather than renting. As lending continues to improve, it just doesn't make sense to rent for $3600 a month when monthly payments for a mortgage will hover not too far from that number. Not worried about a crash but this market will not be as red hot going into 2016 (yes, 2016).
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    Notes from meeting today in order of importance to me: 1) 4,199 units under the Downtown Living Initiative have been publicly approved. Two more are proposed and would bring the total to 4,750 leaving only 250 units to go under the 5,000 unit cap 2) No plans or discussion to bring a major grocer to downtown. They expect this to come after residential base is built. Prior year discussions included an urban Target with a grocery component 3) Bob Eury, the Downtown District Executive Director, is flying to New York tonight and may bring back "big news" 4) 2015 downtown district budget is $15mm 5) There is $4.2bn of investment underway or proposed in downtown 6) New branding - Downtown: Something Big is Up 7) They have put in 3 (?) porta potties to aid sanitation efforts
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    Look up mysterious bank vault in Tomball. Also, the statue used to be a green pickle known as the pickle man. It was painted red, white and blue several years ago
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    From earlier today: Hampton Inn by brijonmang, on Flickr Hampton Inn by brijonmang, on Flickr
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    Sounds like I missed the fun places in DC. Are you sure it wasn't an After party for a Fringe show?
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    Maybe. The name of the first building is "One Corridor Park" according to this ad.
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    Doubtful, that building looked around 800' (plus there are no swirling rumors that it's anything more than a fantasy at this point), and to beat Dallas' tallest it would have to be 921'.
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    Yea just make sure you don't hire someone who's going to burn down the whole apartment!
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    The traffic signal pole stood out to me, too. When I was a little boy, I thought those old neon WAIT/WALK pedestrian signals were neat. The COH replaced them in the late 90s with the now ubiquitous hand/man pedestrian signals.
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    Nena, Regarding the Long Point fault, I have a copy of the fault study done by the engineering company and a 1970 USGS survey of it. Let me know if you're interested.
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    ^^ You were close, the Flying Saucer/St. Germain used to be the known as the Kress Building. It is directly across Capitol from where Woolworth's Darling's used to be. It still adds a layer of history to it for you because it was there when Woolworth's/Darling's were standing.
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    Quite hostile to the street/pedestrian.
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    Historically, the Third Ward used to include the sections near the Museum District, Hermann Park, and the eastern sections of Midtown. Many will forget that 288 ripped that neighborhood apart just as the Pierce Elevated did to the 4th Ward. Project Row Houses is truly one of the greatest things about Houston. If you want to see vision in action, GO CHECK IT OUT IN PERSON. It is amazing.
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