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    Quick pic from this morning...
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    Even though I can walk, I drove there this morning to do some shopping (unsure of how much I'd be lugging back home). The underground garage is pretty cool. There's a light above every space that is green when the space is empty and red when it's occupied. Really easy to visually locate a spot an go for it. Definitely something that should catch on elsewhere.
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    This site says the developers have already found a tenant for the office portion: http://www.penberaparis.com/ghic.cfm
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    Grand opening was today! The place is huge. Whole Foods BLVD Place by marclongoria, on Flickr Whole Foods BLVD Place by marclongoria, on Flickr
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    Crane is going up today! My windows were fogged up but they already have the building columns on site as well. Pearl at the Mix by marclongoria, on Flickr
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    Rumor has it that Dallas based Sewell Motors is going to open up a new Mercedes-Benz dealership near Katy. It would be the seventh Mercedes-Benz dealership in the area (eighth if you count the Beaumont dealer). I was told that it would be on the site of an abandoned Walmart, but there's no abandoned Walmart on I-10 in Katy. However, there IS an abandoned Sam's Club at I-10 and Highway 6. HCAD shows that it's owned by LWA Properties LLC in Dallas as of January 2014. I checked the ownership of Sewell Cadillac a few miles down the highway and it's owned by Sewell 10 LLC, which has the same address as LWA Properties LLC. I just don't know when they plan to open or if they've started construction since it's been months since I've been on that side of town. Anyone know anything?
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    Meanwhile, a differing opinion: Houston may benefit from lower oil prices. The sweet spot is between $55 and $90 a barrel. Chevron Phillips is planning a second major expansion at Bayport, and they need cheap oil... http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/11/why-lower-oil-prices-are-good-for-houston/
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    Somebody doesn't know how redistricting works...
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    SO what style is this apartment complex/ high-rise? Mediterranean, Prairie Influences, Italian? The roof-line looks Spanish. I'm confused. I'll save my comments on it's desirability for after my drive-by, visual experience.
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    I sat in the bar area this afternoon. it was crowded and lively; prices were quite reasonable also. talked to some nice people, it was fun, I think it's a very nice addition to the neighborhood.
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    With Hermes confirmed for ROD, it's operation at BLVD Place can only be temporary.
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    The Mexican border issue is just a red herring. The real problem is protecting our borders from the onslaught of refugees from California and New York.
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    Someone with a truck (or a mobile crane?) should carry it over to Preston and Travis and a group of us could break ground on the Residences at Market Square. Maybe even take some photos and put together a press release to send to the Chronicle, since they typically run press releases as news stories anyway, right?
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    4 story 100,000 sqft office building proposed. 3 story 400 space parking garage. 2015 construction date. http://ahprdcdn1.costar.com/attachments/get.ishx?x=5AEE0E521C6FAFEAF08618B96E6046FE885F1F5A5795FD5CE75D5253F9388898E6DDE04C222459CC5B031B8B7CEFC240B8373D0E8E58636B7450D55509AE092F109BB88CA56166EC13A7D03B0555B833F2091C8FA82AF588D70F3A699F18244F83D52CE8C56A76DBC40865E5E93FC01314CF736882064DADB0CFBE725EBA1D0C1B209C15D2A6A6A6E5AF7C3D8E2C64C8042720154DBA9638892F05E458AC6F7C824265F4852632B062379F54E38C0207
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    All this sexy development has Triton fogging up the windshield!
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    Going back to eateries, I am hopeful residential development Spurs Treebeards at Market Square to be open on weekends.
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    Just wanted to bring this one back a bit. Back in the summer I got a tour of this house courtesy of a friend at Murphy Mears Architects. They've done an awesome restoration/renovation. It seems much more complete than it did prior to when it sold last. Ben
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    Finally got around to searching for information about this house, which I've driven by hundreds of times. Hopefully I can contribute some good photographs in the coming days. Count me in for lottery contributions to save her!
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    If this is what the exterior ends up looking like, I'd be ok with it.
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    Driving down the road, these two buildings really compliment each other: 2014-10-04 14.15.2Mickey Leland Federal Building8 by marclongoria, on Flickr
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    2014-09-09 19.20.16 by marclongoria, on Flickr 2014-09-09 19.20.04 by marclongoria, on Flickr
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    Luminare you obviously have a strong grasp on architecture from the knowledge you display on the forums and it's obvious that you have some sort of job or hobby in architecture. However, that doesn't mean you can throw around your opinions as fact based purely on your own grasp of architecture. This guy brings up some great points and instead if acting offended by these difficult but still important questions, you could've addressed them in a more civilized tone. You say it wasn't personal but you had the tone of an adult scolding a child and kinda come off as a prick. You're better than that dude.
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    Spare me the lecture. My feathers aren't ruffled by a new HEB or a 7 story stucco apartment midrise. My feathers are ruffled because people claim these changes are a march towards "urbanity." Of course West Alabama @ Dunlavy was "suburban" in 2005. News flash, it's still suburban in built form in 2014. Houston isn't a traditionally "urban" city by nature. Never has been and wont be for a very long time if we continue to judge ourself against cities that were built out before the automobile. As for the infrastructure you mentioned, what changes occurred here? Were the streets widened? Were bike lanes added back? Were bus routes added? Were sidewalks expanded? Was light rail built nearby on Richmond? None of these things happened. The only changes these two developments will give us is more traffic. I really don't even want to complain about this one when Kirby is right down the way. Just imagine Kirby when West Ave is built out, Hanover River Oaks is completed, Kirby Grove opens, the strip center at Richmond is replaced by wraparound apartments, and the Collection comes out of the ground. Welcome to the Westside of LA...
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    So, urban is all about how something looks? To me, urban isn't about a street scape. It's about diversity of people, places, and things. Urban is about shared experiences. It's about funky and unique spaces. The HEB is certainly prettier than the old Fiesta strip mall and the new apartments will certainly appeal to Rhonda Rolex more than the old ones, but that doesn't make them more urban by any stretch. I also don't see how one parking lot being replaced by another represents progress. At the end of the day, all that happened here was one grocery store/strip mall became a wraparound apartment complex with a massive garage and one apartment complex with gorgeous trees and affordable rents became a massive grocery store with surface parking.
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    and demolish fewer historic buildings
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    The lady who lives next door to the warehouse on Yale was told that the developer that built those 3&4 story townhomes on the same block also bought all that land from Pappas and has plans to build more vertical eyesores with no yards. It's unfortunate that this is going on in the Heights.
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    Some of the responses on here are a little nasty. Not sure why disagreement on urban issues causes people to be spiteful. As to the arguments concerning options and convenience, that's how we got where we are. An unwalkable city. At some point you have to force people to ground level and ruffle a few feathers. If you make everything convenient and protect from the elements, you end up like Houston Center.
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    If people discussing and sometimes disagreeing about the fine points of urban planning makes you mad, then maybe an architecture forum isn't a good place for you. I actually like everything else about the building. Sorry to hurt anyone's feelings.
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    Part of good urbanism is to protect people from the elements (ex. the Rice Hotel sidewalk overhang on Texas). How is providing shade robbing the park of a sense of place? Shade is a good thing! How about the fact taht this provides another perspective of the park that was only available to folks with apartments facing the park; now everyone who lives there has this view. Also it's a waste of energy to have wheelchair bound residents take the elevator down and then back up again, ADA compliance is a huge factor in determining egress and I'm sure if people wanted to go down the stairs and walk across at ground level that option will be available to them as well in addition. Imagine how people will be able to get out of the bldg in the case of a major fire, more options is always better than fewer options.
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    It appears I'm in the minority, but this is one fugly apartment building. It's nice to see someone try something different, but the different should be better. Hopefully the finished product is nicer than these renderings.
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    I'm still cringing at the name.
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    Jim, The overhangs on the Menil are great, and the Ones on the Finger property look good. But, the building doesn't really do anything for (or to compliment) either Menil or HEB. Do you think otherwise? For some world class modern architecture in the immediate neighborhood. I'd like to see developers, with the resources, work toward harmonizing and respecting. Specially with a structure significantly larger. Instead, Fingers, chooses to spend the money to re-create a past era rather than create something special to the area and the present era. Don't get me wrong. It's not a bad looking building and it has some merit...and it's better than what (I think) most of us all expected. It just won't creat a unified environment. It will simply stand alone.
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