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    The more I think about it, the more I realize that the idea of a Top Golf on the roof of the george r brown would be PHENOMENAL. But sadly, as Houston fights everything that makes a city "cool", it is probably jist another pipe dream of mine, like jumbotrons at greenstreet.
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    Per the 609 main construction cam, the parking lot is currently being excavated.
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    Can Greenspoint get Miss Congeniality or Best State Costume?
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    Can't believe it's over 40 years. I'm getting old.
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    The gryphon has been installed: "The renovation includes two ballrooms — the Picasso and the Monet — nods to the hotel’s eclectic art collection, which will eventually include a 13-foot sculpture of a gryphon, the mythical winged creature that makes up JW Marriott’s logo." http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/breaking-ground/2014/06/first-look-the-new-jw-marriott-houston-downtown.html?page=all
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    Ate lunch at Treebeards today and I parked by this project. Was funny to watch two construction workers fight... one worker got a little too close to another one with a street sweeper and the other one took it really personally. Pushed him off the sweeper too!
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    The Houston Citizens building is offices. Lots of lawyers. Pretty sure the building is about to undergo a rehab. It's got one of the coolest (big) retail spaces in Houston on the ground floor, mezzanine, and basement. Was several nightclubs in the late 90's/early 2000's, but could be a fantastic high-end restaurant.
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    That drill looks like it is for geotech tiebacks for retaining walls. Hard to tell from that distance though. Youtube video explaining typical procedures
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    So it will be like a combo Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell restaurant, sweet!
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    I don't know how old these markers are but I don't believe I've seen them before. My photo is making it look faded but it's definitely not. 2014-09-09 19.33.51 by marclongoria, on Flickr
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    The old apartment complex was called Wilshire Village. It was there when Fiesta was still a vacant lot, and it was there till it was torn down for the erecting of HEB. In the early sixties its manager was a Mrs. Davis. I went to school (Montrose Elementary) with her daughter, and I played with her there a time or two. In recent years it declined greatly.
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    I don't have any history to add but out of all the grocery stores in Houston that little Fiesta was by far my favorite. I only started shopping there in 2005 but I loved its small size and selection. I suppose the eclectic items reflected the clientele along with stocking the regular everyday staples we all need. The only grocery store like it that I know of is Fresh Market in terms of small footprint but they're catering to a more high end consumer. Along with the history of the shopping center, does anyone remember much about the old apartment complex across the street that is now the HEB? It looked so old before it was torn down. Does anyone have any history on it?
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    They should not focus so hard on Big Box just yet..Downtown is a weak shopping market...I still believe their best bet right now is to focus on small scale shops and try and line the street with those..example: The shoe store Tipping Point (that use to be on main, Those mobile clothing stores that park outside green street...places like that can build a niche customer base Downtown first...people like urban izzy that sells hard to find vintage clothing( although she partner with the other two mobile clothing owner and now rents a space in city centre.
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    I sure hope this is not demonstrative of the talent available in the labor pool. It's bad enough that I once went up in a tower under construction with a worker who was just arriving at the jobsite fresh from a DUI hearing.
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    it's on the market... not sure what the status is. my understanding is the windhall apartments are under contract/sold to a multifamily developer as well.
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    Sigh, if only Transco stock had peaked @ $104 instead of $64. Hell, even $84 wouldve been awesome :eek:
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    I rarely look at the speedometer when driving the freeways here. The conditions on the road at any given time dictate how fast or slow i'll go. I've found it's better to go about the same speed as everyone else or just a little faster so I've got the initiative in case I need to change lanes.
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    Doubt Hines would've been interested since they couldn't knock it down. They hate reusing old buildings.
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    Interesting move... Spirit has applied for route authority between Houston IAH and Cancun, Cabo, and Toluca. If it is awarded the service, it could block Southwest from entering the Cabo and Toluca markets from Houston and potentially Cancun if United throws an Express plane on the route due the bilateral agreement between the two countries limiting the number of carriers on different city pairs. United must be ecstatic. It might be able to avoid competing with Southwest on two huge routes (Cabo and Cancun).
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    Try these. I have no idea if they cover everything you are looking for. http://books.tax.hctx.net/v077/AE1997_77-1_0067.jpg http://books.tax.hctx.net/v077/AE1997_77-1_0066.jpg http://books.tax.hctx.net/v077/AE1997_77-1_0065.jpg
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    In the opinion of this Dallasite... The Williams Tower is the most beautiful tower in Houston.
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    Been looking for it for years now. I read it one summer along with Songs of Distant Earth when I spent a spring break in Galveston, circa 1987. Don't even remember specific details, but it was set in HTown in the future, had a cyborg, super intelligent monkey, and NASA was the end all be all in TX. Would love to find it and read it again.
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    Yeah, he was the villian in Aladdin!
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    I just stumbled upon this forum and figured I'd contribute. I work for Hess (building adjacent) to this site so here are some pictures from the 7th floor. I can provided updated photos throughout the build from different elevations inside Hess Tower. Sorry for the glare & reflection on the photos.
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    It has started. I have started to send material to the job.
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    Well, let's see... Not to come off as snarky, but the building under renovation on the Fannin/Rusk/San Jacinto/Capitol block was built for and occupied by The Texas Company (Texaco), and remained vacant ever since they decamped for Heritage a couple decades ago. What is now the Courtyard Marriott was originally the Humble Building, before 800 Bell was built. As best as I can tell, Texaco and Humble were the only major single occupant, non department store, non government buildings until relatively recently. 712 Main was built by Jesse Jones for and known as the Gulf Building, even though he also put his National Bank of Commerce in there, along with five floors of Sakowitz. Buildings like Bank of the Southwest (now 919 Milam), Tenneco (now Kinder Morgan), etc. all had other tenants - IIRC, even One and Two Shell did originally.
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    It does appear that is what he said. Understanding that he is in the business of marketing office space (so it's in his interest to exaggerate the scarcity) but still that seems like a wild exaggeration. Even if you consider that he may have meant only three good office sites besides those already spoken for (so excluding the sites for 6 Houston Center, 5 Allen Center, 1500 Smith, Allen Center Clay Street, the 50-story Chevron tower, the adjacent block(s) owned by Chevron, Capitol Tower, One Market Square)... So excluding those 9 or so good office sites, are there really only 3 good office sites left in downtown Houston? What about... Block 142 (Milam, Louisiana, Walker, McKinney) Block 97 (Rusk, Walker, LaBranch, Austin) Block 251 (Lamar, Dallas, LaBranch, Austin), which would in turn open up 275 and 276, which would in turn open up 291 and 292 Block 319 (Clay, Bell, Milam, Travis) Block 318 (Clay, Bell, Travis, Main) Block 317 (Clay, Bell, Fannin, Main) Block 335 (Bell, Leeland, Travis, Main) Block 352 (Leeland, Pease, Travis, Milam)? And that's without getting into blocks that are/will be candidates for tear-downs (e.g. Block 257).
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    I talked to the security guard posted on the property last night. She told me they would be breaking ground next week.
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    Four-ish floors to goin the removal section, then another big pile o' rubble.
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    IMG_1122 by Not.Larry.Dierker, on Flickr IMG_1124 by Not.Larry.Dierker, on Flickr IMG_1123 by Not.Larry.Dierker, on Flickr
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    That makes sense. And I didn't mean to call you Shirley.
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    ponies and boats!
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    I would like to change my #1. Google directed me west on the beltway from 45 south, and then up 59 to Hilcroft, with turns into voss leading to San Felipe. I have never for some reason driven this way my whole life. There were rad 80's buildings on both sides of the black top freeway, and heading north on 59 the Williams Tower looked so majestic I felt like I had seen it for the first time. Uptown was gleaming. I cannot describe it other than absolutely incredible. So, #1 hands down is Uptown as viewed from 59 heading north from the beltway. Not on the on-ramp but on the actual freeway.
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