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    They're still working 7 days a week on this, starting at 7:30am or so. When I walked by this afternoon (a Sunday!) I counted 36 people on the site. It's astonishing how thick the rebar is -- if you look closely, you can see workers walking around underneath/inside the rebar. Looks like they are getting close to finishing the rebar placement, so I'd think the mat pour can't be far away. It's going to be an insanely long pour, I am sure. (click for higher resolution)
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    That stone/square tile southern facade was the best thing about this building. I really hate to have lost that.
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    Man, I thought this would be something involving the late sci-fi series starring Nathan Fillion. Bummer.
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    I wasn't familiar with this particular bank so went to google maps to take a look. Really hate to hear that they took this one down. It will be interesting to see what they put up in its place because this was a very nice building in my opinion.
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    Oddly enough, the people who are suing to stop the highrises because of the traffic they cause don't want the bus lanes to the rail line.
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    It wasn't this one on the corner of 71st and Sherman? http://goo.gl/maps/YRghb It also used to be Stokleys, Schades, and also Simmons Food Mart over the years (nothing I see lists Wu's, but that doesn't mean much).
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    ^Yep, the taqueria at 902 Telephone was a Rettig's. The jewelry store (at 704 Telephone) was McNeel's in the 1950s and 1960s and later Hart's in the 1970s. And of course the famous Felix Mexican Restaurant arches can still be seen at 719 Telephone. Oh, and John's Broiler Burger used to be Brittain's.
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    We lived in Eastwood in the mid-1950's and I believe that taqueria was originally Rettig's Ice Cream Parlor. A neighbor's son worked there as a soda jerk.
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    Rode my bicycle by there on Sunday morning and talked to a supervisor, he said the pour will happen Saturday morning and it will have 3 tower cranes.
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    Best part about the article is that they are adding so much restaurant space. The patio views looking across discovery green towards the growing skyline is gonna be sweet.
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    To me the exterior looks craptastic. I like the interior renderings though.
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    I'm not against tollways. I think its a better way to speed up road development in places that would probably have to wait 20 years to secure funding. I am against it being used a way to get around a ridiculous anti-tax ideology that ignores the fact that taxes are needed for public works. I'm against it's use when an a project that would normally be non-tolled is developed as a toll so TxDot can use can secure a revenue stream. i'm against an incoherent tolling strategy where for no rhyme or reason, one highway gets tolled expressways and others don't. I'm against building a tollway in the middle of nowhere so that 100 people that happen to live in Katy and work in the Woodlands can get to work in a straight shot. Beltway 8 isn't full b/c Katy drivers are trying to get to the woodlands, its full b/c of all the infill that happened after the Sam Houston's been around for 20+ years and the resulting sprawl. The same will happen to the Grand parkway and in 25 years, TXDOT will be building the Godzilla parkway that connects Rosenberg to Fulshear to Sealy to Prarie View to Magnolia to Conroe b/c company 'x' moved its headquarters there and people need to be able to commute from half way across Texas on a single road to get there.
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    They are very nearly done with the stone work on the Main side. I did not look down Rusk to see what was left. I'd guess that the scaffolding will come down soon and we'll get a look at this thing for real.
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    It's not a bad design in itself, but to me it does lean a little too close to the point where modern, unadorned design starts to come off as cheap. For some reason the exterior makes me think of college dorms.
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    If I recall correctly there was a Post Office in that little center. It seems like somewhere on this site there was a discussion about the jewelers but I don't remember where it is.
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    interesting thing happened over the weekend...i went to the kirby Whole Foods and when checking out i mentioned to the clerk, "wow is the whole foods post oak ever going to open? i have been waiting years for that place it seems like as live a block away!" and his comment was "yeah its supposed to now open in november which cant come soon enough since our manager is transferring to that location and he is so evil we all cant wait to have him gone!" DOH!
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    Don't have much knowledge about the Capitan in Pasadena, but I imagine at some point it indeed was referred to by its occupants as "El Capitan". I know for a fact that its sister on Old Humble/Jensen was called "La Granada" once it began showing peliculas, and would assume Capitan showed Mexican movies towards the end of its life as a theater as well. This may be why Sootycat referred to it with the "El". The Cat is likely younger than us graybeards, which would make him correct in calling it El Capitan, even though we more advanced age Houstonians know better. Or should I call you El Gato de Sooty? Lol.
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    Got to have a thick slab for a 102 storey tower
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    Notice how HInes chooses locations along the Main St. rail line for both its 811 & 609 Main buildings; surely they're an affirmation for rail as a transit option for the workforce. The recent momentum for both residential development and expansion of Metro's rail lines must help the chances for additional highrise construction downtown. Unlike NYC, Boston, Chicago, etc., for a city with few topographic obstacles to inhibit high-density office areas it's already remarkable for downtown Houston to have the skyline that it does. In lieu of earthly features, it's vehicle traffic and severely inadequate mass transit that's increasingly burdening the potential for companies to build/locate/expand downtown. The faster the metropolitan area implements a robust rail network (including commuter rail connecting the burbs), the more barriers might be eliminated for corporate and residential desire to be in the city center.
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    Just about all the Utotems looked alike. I can tell you for a fact the one pictured above is on San Felipe. I had a relative that owned the Shell station in the back ground.
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    Interesting to hear how the meeting turned out. I think it illustrates how people that (at least appear to) have a common interest can actually be quite diverse. The lesson I would take from that is that it is good to be careful about painting people with a broad brush. Even smart humans are still vulnerable to buying into the tribal impulse to punish those who don't appear to be sufficiently loyal to their own tribe. I am a lifelong atheist (well, since age 10-12 or so). the few times i went to formal "atheist" meetings when i was young, i didn't meet many people i could relate to. i would rather have been around smart, but open-minded, theists. But ... that doesn't mean that there aren't interesting people to talk to out there, despite how they choose to label themselves.
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    Thanks, JM. That makes me feel much better. I did see the Falcon Landing wording on the site plan and it just didn't register in my mind. Also, I sent you a PM on another topic.
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    I loved going to the "little store" for cokes and laffy taffy. Dibellos was located on the corner of Avenue K and 66th in the East End. It was a converted house. The building is still there.
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    Is this where the Ecclesia Church was located? I wonder if the potential buyers know what horrible condition the streets and sidewalks are in.
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    I think that's intended, as is the line to Intercontinental. How soon depends on John Culberson getting removed from office.
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    Texas has 6 or 7 different climate zones. Before you decide to plant anything, you should do some research on the Texas A&M website to see what trees, etc., are best for your purposes in the part of Texas where you live.
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    it is unlikely that kirby between rice village and upper kirby will remain craptastic. also, regarding kirby/allen parkway becoming like broadway: good luck getting towers or high density anything built from shepherd to san felipe; not gonna happen.
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    Really Marksu? How would they even know BBLLC's political leaning unless he was wearing an elephant lapel button. You are jesting, right?
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    Sorry this is a day late but this was from yesterday: 20140812_125525[1] by brijonmang, on Flickr
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    Italian cypress planted closely together is another possibility. We planted 5 close together to screen a side patio from the neighbors yard. It's not a 100% view block but it's pretty good. The do need full sun to grow the fastest, though.
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    Most of the articles I've seen state it as a "more than 30 story tower" so maybe the final count isn't solidified yet?
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    The biggest What IF in HTown History! I try so Hard to get over the fact that it wasn't to be in DT HTown. I think it is, undoubtedly the most remarkable supertall slated for Houston. I was moved away from Houston in 1980 to a small rural community. ( the why isn't important ) thank god my parents continued to watch channel 13 news. My view of Htown's boom was through their lens. I tracked this via Franklins library. So sad it wasn't to be. And yes, like earlier posters, I wonder if the ship has sailed OR if we could revamp the design and have it built when space will allow.
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    HAIF has eyes and ears everywhere....it's only a matter of time before exciting things come to light. Way to go Triton!
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    These boxes are entrances to the garage.
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    Can anyone identify the location of this Lewis & Coker? LInk to higher resolution image http://oscarmail.net/photos/lewis_coker.jpg The sign in the distance might say Tanglewood Pharmacy. That could place this on Woodway maybe?
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    Perfect location for highrise residential.
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    Agreed. Bamboo is a beautiful choice.
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    Sorry, but it's not a highrise. You'll have to be content with referring to it as The Mid-rise of Madness rather than the tower of terror. The good news is that the domain name "midriseofmadness.com" is still available. Better snap to it.
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