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    My prediction of the next several pages on this thread. 1. Unsubstantiated rumors that Occidental is building downtown 2. Irrational exuberance over the unsubstantiated rumors that Occidental is building a signature tower downtown. 3. Rumor that Occidental is building in The Woodlands/Energy Corridor. 4. Denial 5. Confirmation that Occidental is building a boring mid-rise in The Woodlands/Energy Corridor. 6. Crushing despair/extensive wringing of hands. 7. Immediate move to discussion of unsubstantiated rumors that Chevron is relocating corporate headquarters to downtown and is building a signature tower in addition to previously announced plans.
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    I think I'm going to have to start taking my 'puter to work every day so I can post updates... can't figure out how to post Flikr photos to a web page on the android phone
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    Interesting article on Biz Journals today: http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/blog/money-makers/2014/02/remember-aig-theyre-back-and-growing-in-houston.html Anyone know anything? At that price range, I'm thinking more of a renovation based on the usual cost of a new tower. Hopefully this is the financing for the One Allen Center renovations I keep getting told about but that's just a big guess.
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    I am a native Houstonian who moved back last year after a 20 year gig in LA. And I traveled back via I10. Yes, I was impressed and had seen the same stretch only 2 years before. I think it's great that thewest side is booming so much. Would it be even greater if the development was more evenly spread across the Greater Houston Area? Yes. BUT, I am amused that we are in a place where we can complain about the placement of said development, instead of the fact that there is any development at all!
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    The new Complete Streets policy of the City doesn't have any firm rules, actually. It is just a policy of considering all road users when building or renovating roads.
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    Great news! But, AAARRGGGHHH, why does this city have no competent business reporters? To clarify what is happening, Occidental Petroleum is indeed splitting itself into two companies. It is not an "overall headquarters" that is moving to Houston. There is no "overall headquarters" of two independent companies. Each independent company will have its own headquarters. The California operations are being separated into a new, independent, separately traded company, that will be headquartered in California. The rest of the operations will remain in Occidental Petroleum Corporation, whose headquarters will be relocated to Houston. More good news: This will be an additional Fortune 500 headquarters for Houston. The down-sized Occidental should still have revenues of about $20 Billion. That would rank it in the mid-100s on the Fortune 500. Who is next? Exxon or Chevron? ;-)
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    Me too. One thing I like about this development is the sidewalk is about 1000x better than before the building was there. There is now even a line of trees between the sidewalk and Richmond traffic!
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    Interesting information about the mat pour next weekend
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    Occidental Petroleum Company is moving their HQ from LA to Houston.. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2014/02/14/occidental-petroleum-splintering-and-moving-its.html
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    Wow, and another big high rise, too! It's about time The Woodlands Mall caught on to what other malls in Dallas and even locally at Memorial City already do and that's put parking garages in. The mall parking in The Woodlands is pitiful and that's being polite.
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    This, and it will continue to help move people into the area. A boost for local business, a boost for the appeal of the area. Sorry homeless people, but you may have to move soon...
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    That makes a hell of a lot more sense. I ride past this building regularly and always wondered what they are up to. Excited to see another crappy mid-town lot bite the dust!
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    Oxy only has 200 employees in LA. The move to Houston will only bring a few dozen jobs. So, it is unlikely any of this tower will be Oxy.
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    http://www.elkus-manfredi.com/project/the-woodlands/ i think this is old, but it is the first time i've seen a plan for expansion of the woodlands mall's outdoor space....it extends from i-45 to six pines in between the mall ring road and the existing mall.
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    Despite most people hating on this project, it looks like it turned out pretty good. Nice sidewalks, proximity to the street and street front entries.
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    I feel Hines got their lease at 609 Main since it is U/C and they want LEED Platinum certification. It has been very quiet, Los Angeles will reel form this. We have Exxon and Chevron next. The factors are low taxes. Affordable cost of living, and we will have 2 International Airports. United has more non-stops internationally than any city in the south. Delta could be equal but their hubs are in small cities. American has no presence in Asia but huge in Latin American. We will see who will lease 609 Main.
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    Agreed. Attached is the actual policy for reference.http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/docs_pdfs/Exec_Order_Complete_Streets.pdf
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    It's essentially a neighborhood with lots of touristy, mall-like attractions. And when they closed off part of Broadway, the progression is complete! Seriously, I can't see what you would want between Discovery Green and GREENSTREET, given that your examples are nothing alike.
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    I really hope this goes up preferably before Feb 2017(SB)....and then hopefully we can start getting some Res. high-rises and Office buildings in Midtown that way connecting the Med ctr to DT skyline....
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    ^Doubtful. This is Hines' town, would be tough for anyone to challenge them. I've wonderd (in this thread none the less) why Steam/Essex doesn't pursue a 20 floor commercial/20 floor residential split for this? Seems like high-rise residential would do well enough? I know mixed-use towers are a tough sell...particularly in Houston, but seems like if any one area would be ripe for one then Market Square would be. They could even market 24 floors of office, 10 residential floors and find some willing hotel for the top 10-17 floors? Would be a game changer if they could do that, but my guess is with all the available land no one (developer or potential tenant) would want to do that. Does anyone here with more connections with the finance industry want to explain why something like this (scaled up/down) wouldn't fly? Or rather is it just because developers in Houston are overly cautious when developing mixed-use?
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    Chevron. You dont buy multi - million dollar downtown real estate like you're playing monopoly unless you're planning something BIG.
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    could this be for Occidental, or is there space in Greenway 3 & 5 for them to expand? Occidental Petroleum Company is moving their HQ to Houston! http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2014/02/14/occidental-petroleum-splintering-and-moving-its.html
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    City of houston planning department
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    The crane is up. It seems really close to the edge of the street. Sorry I couldn't take a picture.
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    Heck, I won't drive in the right-hand lane on either side of Westheimer in the area around Lamar High School due to the agglomeration of 6-inch to foot-deep potholes that just keep multiplying over there.
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    I don't believe that's the case. Cite a source?
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    High Fashion Home is moving their last items out of the building right now. It is scheduled for demolition after everything is moved out.
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    @ rechlin: (Tim Allen grunting noises...)
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    They should make it illegal to ever do extensive repairs on Richmond so as not to disturb the endangered and fragile businesses and residents in the area that would not survive any kind of construction process.
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    Loving the palm trees on the hotel but most importantly the new design.
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    I think that the value of having everyone under one roof is greatly overstated anyway, especially when talked about in comparison to a campus setting. There are certain departments in any company that talk to each other on a daily basis, but there are also plenty of departments that only see each other weekly, monthly, or frankly, never interact at all. As long as you can have the people that interact frequently with each other under the same roof, there's really no disadvantage to having others 100 yards away. Besides, in most skyscrapers, the buildings are already partitioned by the elevator system anyway. You can't go from the 60th floor to the 20th floor. You have to take the elevator to the lobby, switch elevators and then take another one back up to 20. Is that really that much better than walking to the building next door?
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    Yes, Nate99, it appears that they are just pushing everything down the elevator shaft. They cut a hole in the side of the building by that excavator, and they have water jets spraying down on it (which increase in intensity when debris comes down) to minimize the dust cloud. They are using a wheeled Bobcat loader (built in the state where I grew up, North Dakota!) on the top of the building to carry the debris to the shaft, where it's dropped down and then moved to a dump truck by the excavator. Here's a photo of the loader that they are using, when they were using the crane to lift it:
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    I believe I read that the clear cut area on the south side of 290 between Huffmeister and FM 1960 is going to be for an industrial park of some sort.
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    Times Square isn't exactly a "town square", you know...
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    Isn't Market Square a "Square"...and an historic one at that? It used to be Capital Square back when Houston was the capital of the Republic of Texas.
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    second skyhouse planned for River oaks by Novare
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