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    Following a tip in the local newspaper, I found a site operated by UNT called "Portal to Texas History" with lots of newspaper archives, including many from small towns. It sadly did not have the Bryan Daily Eagle, but did have late 1800s/early 1900s http://texashistory.unt.edu/search/?q=houston+post&fq=dc_type%3Atext_newspaper&t=fulltext&start=0&fq=str_title_serial%3AThe+Houston+Daily+Post'>copies of Houston Daily Post. What do you think? I think it's pretty cool, though I'd prefer to see something from post-WWII (as that was when Houston took off)
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    2013 East Montrose *foodie* Home Tour and Art Walk will take place on Saturday, April 13, 10am-4pm. Organized by the East Montrose Civic Association, tour goers will get a glimpse of the unique and diverse architecture in this distinctive, eclectic neighborhood. For a special treat and a further taste of Montrose, local boutique restaurants (including Sorrel Urban Bistro, Bocados, CuChara, Gratifi, & ElevenXI) will provide savory, gourmet tastings in homes on the tour. On the Art Studio Walking Tour, local artists will open their studio doors for tour goers to enjoy some local art up close. With pedestrian-friendly streets, diverse architecture, open space (Peggy Shiffick Park), art studios, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops, it is an enjoyable place to spend an hour, the afternoon, or the day. Seven eclectic homes. Seven Artist studios. One day only. Tickets $15 in advance, $20 at the door. For details please visit: www.EastMontrose.org
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    Yea it's kinda like Exxon's campus, there were rumors about it long before Exxon finally confessed. And that was only after construction had been going on for a while.
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    I'm cool with the lack of hipsters....
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    The HAIF server is at Pair Networks (pair.com). Super reputable company. Not the cheapest, but it does have hobbiest plans as low as $5. It's also a big enough operation to host the Obama campaign web sites. Whether you like O or not, it's a pretty good indication of the company's capacity and abilities. Oops... just checked. Lowest rate plan is now $6.25/month, but you have to buy a year up front: http://www.pairlite.com/hosting/ For a few extra bucks ($10/month) you get full Pair services, including 24-hour phone support (actually answered by someone in Pittsburgh, not someone in Thirdworldistan.): http://www.pair.com/services/web_hosting/ The HAIF server is QS-4 level: http://www.pair.com/services/dedicated/
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    I was able to find these: Space City News Front Page A band called Josefus that has a few pics from performances at Milby Park "I also have fond memories of spending many Sundays at Milby Park where local groups would line up to play. It was like a mini Woodstock every performance. If you remember any more that I'm forgetting, please let me know." That's all I could find with some light Googling. I'm sure there's more online to be found though.
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    Isn't Houston where the hipsters come when they grow up?
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    Great news! This city is far too diverse to meet the criteria that they established. Keep Houston Houston!
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