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    haha that maggie rita's was open all of 6 months, if that.
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    Former inner loop TH owner here who now lives in single-family single story in loop. I avoided buying another TH because 1. TH's in the loop seem to peak in their popularity after 12 years of life. Afer that, buyers want it updated if it's an older one (mine was, so selling wasn't difficult... but it did not appreciate much). 2. TH's get old after awhile dealing with all the stairs. Your buddy might like it initially, but I grew to loathe having those stairs (and I'm in my 20's in good shape). 3. TH owner's associations. My place was spotless, but the orgs are pretty much powerless to do any real enforcement (other than write nasty letters). If your neighbor doesn't want to fix that whole in the roof, well you're screwed if your unit is attached to theirs. I bought my TH knowing I'd have to sell it eventually when we started a family. I came to my senses and ended up buying a single story from the 50's knowing I can live in it forever and upgrade it the way I want to. After moving to a single story house, I must say it's friggin awesome. It's so easy to maintain, do upgrades, move furniture, hang xmas lights, etc. If your buddy really wants a TH, just make sure he researches the TH org, see how the other TH's nearby are maintained, and realize that buyers eventually will look for the next new, shiny inner loop TH... so he'll have to keep it somewhat updated.
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    This seems somewhat relevant to the discussion... http://articles.washingtonpost.com/2012-09-15/world/35497119_1_nuclear-stockpile-nuclear-weapons-nuclear-facilities the important part of that quote is that there are over 5000 nuclear warheads in our current stockpile. here's an interesting pdf from the DoD: http://www.defense.gov/npr/docs/10-05-03_Fact_Sheet_US_Nuclear_Transparency__FINAL_w_Date.pdf very interesting data there! of course, according to Ploughshares, we've got about 8,000, Russia has 10,000. Everyone else has under 500 each. I don't really consider Ploughshares to be unbiased on their tracking methods though. http://www.ploughshares.org/world-nuclear-stockpile-report from looking at some other sources, that includes active and non-active warheads...
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    Well one thing's for sure... it's not likely to have any of the "accompanying retail" that we've seen to wall in the Heights Walmart. At 185,000 sq. ft. on a relatively small parcel, they can't build much more than the store itself, and parking. Last I heard, it was supposed to open "mid 2013" but I guess they're running behind schedule now.
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    When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. That's why we ended up in places like Afghanistan and Iraq in the first place. Very few conflicts America engages in have anything to do with national security. We spend more on defense than the next ten countries combined, and nine of them are allies, and the other is a major a trading partner.
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    We won't, but even Reagan understood the need to reduce nuclear weapon stockpiles multilaterally.
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    Purdue- Your typed words make me feel so old but your link makes me feel "Forever Young!" Sorry, had to be done. What a great time to be 16 in Houston. Cruising lower Westheimer..., sneaking in to clubs like Red Square, Power Tools, NRG, and Numbers... Shopping for cassettes at Sound Warehouse, Record Rack, and Cactus... and all while wigging on your friend's mother's E!
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    This song is so 80's that it becomes awesome by default. Also, I was born in 1986.
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    Was this a reputable economist, or just someone doom-mongering for fun and profit? Governmental debt is something that can be handled in a reasonable way over time. There's no call to panic over it. What the experience of Europe has shown is that trying to drastically reduce debt while the economy is still weak just leads to another recession.
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    Well, today was the day they demolished the Ben Milam Hotel. Fairly light turnout compared to some other demolitions, but it didn't seem to have as high a profile. Kind of a shame they couldn't make some use of it, it only takes up about an eighth of the site. Here is the video I took. Before. What is left of the sign on the north corner. Looking down Preston St. afterwards.
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    Well, I hate to be synical about it, but the people who come in from Katy to feed the homeless probably wouldn't want them around all the time.
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