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    With all of the sunshine / heat Houston gets I don't think people will mind a little shade.
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    The high rise location looks to be more North than East of the park. Aside from the fact that all of downtown's main high rises are due west (and thus casting shade over the entire park in late afternoon), I dont think this tower will cast much shade on it except for maybe the side facing La branch. Thoughts?
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    If anything, a shiny glass building in that location will probably reflect MORE light on to the park from that angle. I hope all the trees, the children playing in the fountain and the nice people walking their cute puppies aren't going to be x-rayed into oblivion when the sun comes out.
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    According to the directory at http://www.lacenterr...il-restaurants/ it will include: Bonefish Grill Emmanuel Salon Grimaldis Pizzeria World of Beer Zoe's Kitchen
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