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    Pete is a gentleman and a scholar. A true old fashion barber who loves what he does and does it well. Made an appointment at 9am for a 11am cut & shave, he arrived dressed to the T and oozing with… Click here to view the full review at Yelp.com
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    bring back Orbit!!!!!!!!!!!! I certainly prefer the nod to the original logo, it was a good simple team logo, and I was always disappointed by the 'open star' logo they changed to. If it's a choice of keeping the 'open star' or old school, I pick old school, if it's a choice of old school, or unknown, I pick old school, I'm a pessimist and do believe that they would have made something even worse.
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    Every 800+ footer in the state was built when Texas *was* the developing world, like China is today. When these buildings reach the end of their design lives, will their investors see fit to reconstruct them? Now to your question. There are investors who have paid so much for their land (901-999 Louisiana, 3200 Post Oak, and so on) that the only revenue-generating thing it can be used for, besides a parking lot, under current tax codes, is a trophy property. But a trophy property need not be a very tall one. If you build something to command $40 per square foot rents, in fact, it's unlikely you would want to risk building two million square feet of it all at once: you could make a profit on your land purchase with much less construction than that. Will there come a time when enough large tenants want into a submarket for long enough without smaller buildings being built to absorb them (that a supertall makes sense for years to set in motion)? Well, the one time it happened before, it was a bubble. You know what the conditions would have to be for it to happen again. Either a second speculative property bubble, a proud homegrown corporation, a giant relocation, a mixed-use investment with residences on top, HAIF starts a wildly successful lottery ticket pool, or editor repatriates his advertising profits.
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    Not a huge addition to the Uptown skyline (as seen from Montrose) but at least it's something...
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    This survey is awful. Whoever wrote it has only a rudimentary understanding of writing surveys, urban planning issues, or urban economics. I told them off in the 'Other' boxes.
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    There have been multiple studies done indicating that eyes on the sidewalk/public spaces decrease crime rates. Starting with Jane Jacobs' work, this is a concept that has been reinforced by subsequent researchers.
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