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    I was thinking something along the same lines. Mine was "Citycentre townhome residents fight off marauding bands of abandoned mall enthusiasts." I figure with another oil bust Citycentre could become another Westbury square. In 30 years someone on this board will be reminiscing about how there were apartments over shops there. Then someone will go out and take a bunch of photos of the ruins and post them here.
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    They've spent almost all of their money on just buses though. They spent a billion dollars on a HOV system that carries less commuters than light rail, which cost only $300 million. More money spent on the right projects will definitely get ridership back up. If METRO puts out a better quality transit system, then ridership will go up. If I were a betting man, I'd say that if all 5 proposed rail lines were built, then ridership would go up.
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    Well, since homeless are so often pedestrians, it actually makes perfect sense. As an almost daily user of the light rail for the past several years, I can tell you it absolutely isn't true. Vagrants not paying may exist, but they are not even close to the majority (much less the sole users of the system, as you allege). You might see one or two per ride, while the others are people going to work, the hospital, Rice University, or the park and ride. You're right about one thing, though: Homeless charities understand that their best place to locate to help the homeless is where all the transit systems that they might use meet: Rail, city buses (Downtown Transit Center), outbound buses to other cities, and international buses.
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    We are building in the Montrose area. Let's just hope they make up the deceptive sales by building a quality home.
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    Can you honestly say that mass transit in this city has been funded and given the support needed to make headway against single vehicle congestion, pollution, and other "quality of life issues". Texas and Houston (hell this country as whole) spends little on mass transit infrastructure and this is what we get.
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    It's a free market. Outbid the charities and buy the land and put up more cheesy townhomes. What's really funny is about 20 years ago, the only people in Midtown were the homeless and the charities who took care of them. It was an unwanted wasteland that everybody quickly drove through to get to downtown. But then it became cool and hip and now the people that were living there (the homeless) are a problem.
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    I think a big reason downtown Houston seems to be "dead" at all non-working hours is due to the fact that there are freeways surrounding it, cutting it off from surrounding neighborhoods. I think a good solution would be to bury some of those freeways, especially I-45. Now, that would cost billions of dollars and all, but I think it would be a good investment. It would really improve the city and make the area a better place to live. Much like what happened in Boston with the "Big Dig" project.
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    Midtown does not do this. First, they are required by law to provide cheap housing as part of being setup as the Midtown TIRZ. They HAVE to spend a certain % of their money on this as a requirement by law. They buy land on the other side of 288 for this purpose because it's cheaper and not in the district. The land they own in Midtown is to promote development in the district and increase tax revenues (i.e. the Superblock park coming soon). Trust me... they are not happy with losing tax revenue on properties to non profits. Problem is that they are powerless to do anything because Houston has no zoning. Any non profit is free to buy whatever expensive piece of property they want. Midtown is also upset with this because they hire extra police to patrol the neighborhood. The Constables are one of the biggest chunks of the budget. Problem is that the increased non-profit presence requires more Constable and HPD patrols, yet the non-profits are not paying taxes to support those extra patrols. That's why I said earlier in another thread that non-profits like the San Jose Clinic are fine when they maintain their property and have the place secure. The problem is when they allow loitering and do nothing to be a good neighbor by tolerating loitering, trash, drug dealing, etc.
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    If IHB is correct and cars are the most efficient for any individual, it seems to me that we should just eliminate our mass transit and issue every citizen a car, and pay the maintenance, insurance, and registration costs for them. The greater efficiency will allow us to save some money.
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    Hrmm... Artificially melded words, where the suffix is "garden". Jailing, torture. Undesirable connotations. Broader branding, perhaps seeking tourist draw. Let's put all of these concepts together...in German. "Der Himmelgarten"
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    Criticizing rail as a method of transport should be aligned with criticizing roads as well; neither are a money making venture, except for those who do the construction and those politicians who get kickbacks as a result.
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    Not downtown, but close. The Spur took out many old homes as well. The 1902 Westmoreland Addition extended eastward, nearly to Main St. The Waldo Mansion was moved from downtown and reconstructed in Westmoreland. I guess the only original home left downtown is the Kirby Mansion.
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    Pho is for wannabe hipsters. Us real hipsters eat chicken feet now.
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    Don't know why my picture link went bad... Here's the old picture again. http://i752.photobucket.com/albums/xx166/CWallingford/Jackson-1.jpg
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    I attended Jackson from 1969-72, then went on for a year to attend SFA High, finally moving on to Pasadena High, where I spent a year prior to moving on to an almost 25-year career with the U.S. Air Force. I finally retired from the AF back in 2000, opting then to relocate to Phoenix, AZ., where I remain to this day. When I Googled Jackson Junior High this morning I sort of stumbled across this site. My God! This is so nice! Looking at the various pics, especially the one of Susan standing in front and off to the side of the campus on the last day of school in 1972 almost brings me to tears of joy. Now I'm not a guy who's prone to a lot of sentiment, but I have to say--that REALLY tugged at the ol' heart strings. My name is Robert Sikes, and I played on the football team (Leopards!) for Coach Hermann all three years of my attendance. God, I feel like Al Bundy right about now--remembering all the fun times, hard times, competition, girlfriends, good guy friends, teachers, laughter and tears, the pain of trying to fit in with certain groups but frequently unable to do so...and on and on! A few years back I returned to Houston in order to make the arrangements necessary to bury my Mom. Despite all of the pain that was involved with making that horrible trip, I knew I had to include a trip to the old neighborhood. I was a bit shocked at just how the East End looks after so many years away, but there were a few aspects of the area around Jackson's campus that had remained intact just enough to make the ol' nostalgia juices flow like a river. I even saw an old friend who I barely recognized from back then. Sadly, he had turned into a street person, an alcoholic, and had little recognition of me. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this post. I hope to hear at least one reply from someone who might remember me. If not, oh well...it's still great reminiscing with everyone here. Thanks again. Rob
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    Further proof that culberson like all other politicos are mere walking apes.
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    Well, this is unfortunate. The University line is undoubtedly the most important proposed line, and will have the greatest positive impact on transportation in Houston. Culberson is not only uninformed, he is also an idiot.
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    If a picture is already online you don't need to upload it. Just right click on the image, click on 'Properties' and it will show the url. Just highlight, copy and paste.
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