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    http://blog.chron.co...shby-high-rise/ Don't know how important this is, but it sounds like it's a step toward this getting built.
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    And I haven't seen any pictures or posts of it yet, but in the area next to the Quads on the corner of Cullen and Wheeler (this area: http://g.co/maps/jxbac) is cleared and the foundation is laid for a new dining hall: The pictures are from this facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/nameUHdininghall
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    It's not the commuters, it's the daytime and weekend crowds that decide to take the train and walk around the museum district, Hermann Park, Midtown, Downtown, or elsewhere. Cold and gray might keep you in or take the car - nice and above 55 you start walking/exploring.
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    http://timescapes.org/ Has a great forum and lots of user submissions if you're interested in Timelapse photography. Lots of sticky threads for beginnners as well.
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    sweet jesus. hands down you are the most annoying poster on this entire board. sad part is you don't even live in the heights.
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    I was out and about experimenting with RAW photos, and I thought I'd snap a pic or two. Still trying to get the hang of editing them, so they might appear amateurish. actually, several, but here are my faves.
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    In the news today: http://www.click2houston.com/news/Florida-developer-builds-tiny-home-for-price-of-car/-/1735978/8814848/-/2ql9i6/-/index.html
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    I hear that Lucky Strike is lots of fun.
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