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    It's the old story - increasing the capacity for traffic ends up increasing traffic. It never fails.
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    Talk about retro! See what your lotto winnings can do toward pursuing a dream: http://www.teepeemotel.net/about.html
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    I remember visiting there before renovations - it looks great these days! more: http://www.arch-ive....teepeemotel.php
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    Phase 1 of their pipe dream is the West end, Shepherd to Sabine. Phase 2 is downtown, which is close to "riverwalkification" and addition of a canal through northeast downtown between UH Downtown and the Minute Maid Park area. http://www.buffalobayou.org/pdf/Downtown.pdf
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    This house on Curtin near Dumble sounds sort of like what you are talking about. Now this house is on a tough block, but only a few blocks away in Eastwood, there are random lots around that seem like they would work for you, and would be considered more desireable. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=curtin+at+dumble,+houston,+tx&ll=29.738371,-95.326824&spn=0.000037,0.026071&hnear=Dumble+St+%26+Curtin+St,+Houston,+Harris,+Texas+77023&gl=us&t=m&z=16&vpsrc=0&layer=c&cbll=29.73833,-95.326718&panoid=dnBIfGL2O1n08M6NFYu6VQ&cbp=12,219.78,,0,3.63 IMO, when you are building in a historical area, you either match the style of the area, or go completely in the other direction and choose very modern. No in-between or it looks like a suburban home landed in the middle of the city. I haven't been tracking the sale of empty lots in Eastwood in quite a while (there aren't many), but I would think you would be able to get one for probably 75k. I think the resale for a very modern home would be pretty decent because inside the loop there aren't many/any affordable ones in good or even decent areas (I would say affordable is 250k or less for the size you are talking about).
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    Say again!? According to the Buffalo Bayou Partnership's master plan for the Sabine to Shepherd project, they aren't reconfiguring the route of the bayou that was carved out in the 1950's. If this is about getting back to nature, then the bayou needs to look a lot more like the segment west of Shepherd, with numerous bends and draws. You might reference the 1915 topographic maps for a comparison with the "natural environment". There is no comparison (zero, zip, nada) with New York City's Central Park. Let us not delude ourselves.
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