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    IMO, the best way to answer such a question is by driving southbound on the 610 East Loop over the ship channel bridge and directing your view westward. Do so on a slightly hazy day so that the emphasis is on the form of the skyline rather than individually prominent buildings. From left to right, you'll see Reliant Park, the Medical Center, Greenway Plaza, Uptown, Upper Kirby, and then Downtown, and each of the skylines merge seemlessly with the others.
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    This photo doesn't give it much justice since I'm far away but I suppose it's better than nothing:
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    Here's another view. She pulled together some more buildings earlier this night. This includes some buildings from Greenway Plaza, the American General complex, and some residential towers - specifically, some more from Uptown and the two large ones on Kirby - as well as the Memorial Hermann Tower at I-10 and Gessner.
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    I waited tables for 10+ years. There are a lot of tables waiters tend to hate. If what waiters stereotypically hated kept people home, women not accompanied by men, old people and certain minorities would not be allowed to eat out, either. I worked at an old Tex-Mex joint in Dallas, as well as a nice seafood house and a white table cloth restaurant. Except for the latter, I always waited on families. Families who would take their kids to these places were exactly the kind of customers MarkSMU is talking about. They were upper middle class (or better) with disposable income. They would have a couple drinks and leave a 20% tip. It was no different than any other table who would be eating out for an early dinner. With my group of friends who dine out a lot, we have a joke that the hidden cost of children no one tells you about is all the extra gratuity you leave when eating out. If my kids (when they were small) made a mess under the table, I a) got my ass under there and picked up the worst of it, and 2) left an extra $5-10 depending, for the trouble (mostly for the busboy, who would clean it, not the waiter. I've even been known to slip the busboy a $5 on the side). Again, I see some valid points on both sides the of this issue. However, I think those of you without kids only see the obnoxious kids at restaurants because they're being... well... obnoxious. You may barely realize my kids are with me if I am 2 booths away from you at Liberty Kitchen. You know why- because we've been bringing them to restaurants since they were born. They eat at the table at home, too. They know what "meal time" means. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that MarkSMU is doing himself a disservice by avoiding restaurants while his daughter goes through a "spirited" phase because she'll have to be retrained when she is ready again. Instead, there are restaurants (Berryhill) where kids are always welcome and can be a good training ground for bigger, better eating out later on. In any case, most waiters would love to wait on me and my friends, kids included.
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    Update Re: Clodine General Store Drove by there today; they've got the place on stilts, so it looks like they're moving it somewhere.
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    I think being that astroworld is close. The astrodome should allow part of an attraction such as rides like those at universal studios with a houston flavor to be allowed inside, this would surely become a tourism attraction. Look at what Disney did in downtown Chicago.
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