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  1. Did not say republicans had nothing to do with the collapse....We could have done without the added debts of Iraq/Afghanistan. However,t with democrats in complete control of congress from 2007 on I can say that republicans did not have control after January of 2007. They were sidelined. Left only to filibuster and even then they eventually lost most issues. Bush could only veto. He signed more crappy legislation from the democrat congress than he did good; which is precisely why republicans in congress filibustered so often in that 2 year period. Part of the reason the economy crapped out was because of political instability. Democrats wanted to go FAR left - republicans did not. Congress showed its inability to compromise and business responded to it by becoming risk averse, and waiting to see what happened in 2008 with the presidency. After it was apparent that Obama was going to be elected things worsened...Business now had to worry about being over-regulated, and taxed so they continued to hoard cash. The housing crisis, which was caused by reckless Democrat policies to put every American in a home, regardless of income, helped deepen the crisis....Business contraction worsened the housing crisis as the housing bubble burst completly. There is plenty of blame to go around, Republicans over spent more than their fair share, but democrat policies are anti-business, and an anti-business government is not a good thing to have during a crisis. That is the way I see it. Important to note that Congress was just as polarized an ineffective at agreement long before the tea party came into existence.
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  2. I seriously don't see a future of AHL and NHL in Houston. Though it would be nice to get into the big leagues in terms of hockey, I don't think it would be appropriate for Houston. I mean...major hockey in Houston, come on.
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