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    I loved visiting but I hated living in SF. It was cramped, hard to get around and uncomfortable. It was beautiful, but it meant nothing to me and at the end of the day, it wasn't worth the money or the trouble. It just got stale after a while. Visiting is one thing, living there is a completely different experience. I preferred Houston, because Houston keeps changing and growing and things happen here. There is an energetic vibe in Houston that is missing in SF. Maybe it's all the growth and growing pains. Maybe it is the constant look to the future. It's cool to be apart of a city that grows and expands as opposed to one that is firmly established and seems to care more about the past than the future. The people in SF fight change more than any place I've ever lived. SF is nice, but it's done. Houston is far from perfect, but there is this wonderful sense of hope and optimism here that I love. Houston is like raw clay you can still do something cool with. SF is a beautiful ornamental vase that you can only look at and admire.
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    Well if you happen to see a beaver near the Yale street bridge swerve to avoid hitting him. He will reward you by sawing down a tree and blocking the road thus saving you from driving into the abyss of White Oak Bayou after the Walmart truck collapses the bridge.
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    When I started this thread, I thought an arborist might weigh in. Full disclosure, I don't live on the powerline side of the street and BTW, I had the trees trimmed on my property about a month ago. I just noticed the trees looked hacked. I'm in favor of tree trimming, especially to prevent power losses during severe weather events. I don't know what "proper" trimming entails but here's what A&M says: Topping Versus Thinning All too often trees are topped ("dehorned") to reduce size or to rejuvenate growth. In either case topping is not a recommended practice; in fact, some refer to it as the "Texas chain saw massacre". Topping is the process whereby a tree is cut back to a few large branches. After 2 to 3 months, regrowth on a topped tree is vigorous, bushy and upright. Topping seriously affects the tree's structure and appearance. The weakly attached regrowth can break off during severe wind or rain storms. Topping may also shorten the life of a tree by making it susceptible to attack by insect and disease. Thinning is a better means of reducing the size of a tree or rejuvenating growth. In contrast to topping, thinning removes unwanted branches by cutting them back to their point of origin. Thinning conforms to the tree's natural branching habit and results in a more open tree, emphasizing the branches' internal structure. Thinning also strengthens the tree by forcing diameter growth of the remaining branches. And the link for more info: http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/publications/landscape/pruning/pruning.html
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    The latest article suggest that they are looking to build the original $500 million version of the resort. They have only secured $385 million so far, they are holding off another 8 months in order to try to get the last $115 million needed to build the entire resort and not just parts of it or a cheaper version of it. Here is a direct quote from the latest release press article... "Estimated at a cost of $500 million, Earth Quest is to include a retail shopping experience, a water park, a hotel and a family entertainment center located on 1,600 acres along U.S. 59 between FM 1485 and Texas 242 on the west side, and FM 1485 and Roman Forest Boulevard on the east. We’re not going to put another carnival on the ground,” McCrady said after the EMCID meeting. “Nothing significant has changed.” Announcing a date for groundbreaking is nothing new for the Earth Quest project. Construction was to start sometime in 2010, but a need for investors and the economy affected the timetable. At least one of the investors involved is an independent investment banking group based in Texas, Brown said. “It’s better to shop for money and generate better returns,” McCrady said. “They (the developers) have been waiting for the economy to come around. The Texas market has started to stabilize.”
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    Extension of the loan There is an extension of the loan of a whopping 3 months signed by Roscoe /Trey White himself. As to what happens by the magic date of Septmember 14,2011 is anyone's guess. This is the fifth extension and unlike the others it is not for a full year. Guggenheim was thinking of committing between 200 - 300 millioin for the project and an unnamed group was talking about putting up 85 million. Supposedly the rephasing was going to make these investors happy earlier this year. So, why the 8 months more until ground breaking? Soapboxmom
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    Bugs like to have sex after rain, much like people after they get drunk. Same as with drunk humans, they get louder when they want to have sex.
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    That leaves you with two options - either require all the customers that arrive by car to walk around the building to access the store from the new wide sidewalk or require the stores to have two entrances, front and back. Where would a retailer's BoH, Back of House / storage, go? Where would delivery trucks and garbage trucks come? You want dumpsters and loading docks in the parking lot that the majority of their customers would use ? By suggesting a back entrance, you are suggesting a store with no back. This works in some places for some retailers, and there are places in Houston that do just this, but its certainly not a fit-all solution in a car-centric city. Think grocery stores wanna have 10 checkouts in front and in back? Think retailers want to double their public access points and needed security ? What you're gaining in aesthetics from the street, you'd be losing in practicability for most retailers and leasing flexibility for developers.
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    Groundbreaking is set for early 2012 http://www.yourhoustonnews.com/courier/news/article_a06074b3-10c7-5466-b1f4-83946d4baedd.html
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    What if EarthQuest is the greatest single project EVER built in Montgomery County? What if it creates hundred of jobs and brings a steady supply of tourist dollars for decades like Walt Disney World has? What if soapboxmom is just another internet lunatic looking to promote her own sad website? Here are some helpful links: http://www.mind.org.uk/help/diagnoses_and_conditions/early_signs_of_mental_distress http://www.suite101.com/content/detecting-psychological-disorders-a42722 http://www.heartless-*******.com/heartless/collected_quotes.shtml
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    I wonder how long ago Soapboxmom got fired from Marlin Atlantis. I can't wait for the EarthQuest to be built. Marlin Atlantis is going to make a fortune. Good for them. They are helping to bring jobs, construction, tourism and more family entertainment to the Houston area. This is a good thing. Mom, it's obvious that all your pointless dribble/rant is nothing more than a personal grudge you have against M/A. And just in case you haven't noticed - you are the only one interested about what goes on at M/A at this website. After 8 incredibly boring, repetitious, unproductive, negative post, no one is even participating in this discussion except to make fun of you. You're from Dallas. I think this is a jealousy thing. BTW, Disney did the same thing (using dummy corporations) in Orlando to acquire all the land it took to build Walt Disney World. America's #1 tourist destination. So what. Whatever it takes.
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    Here are the loan papers for the Whitestone residential neighborhood planned. Yet more dummy corporations are being used to finance that. https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B8Getu8o3OQjYTdhNDNiYWItOWZkNi00Zjg1LWI3ODYtZGUyMjg5YjdiMTk5&hl=en I think Marlin Atlantis has its fingers in way too many pies! Soapboxmom
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    Hey, Sherlock, let me throw you a bone. I never worked for Marlin Atlantis. Go to the Harvard Law Site linked below and read up. While you are at it type my name in the search --- Heather Dobrott. Happy Reading! http://www.citmedialaw.org/ Soapboxmom
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    http://www.disneylandreport.com/disneysecrets/hong_kong_disneyland_secrets/hong_kong_disneyland_secrets_facts_general.html http://gocalifornia.about.com/cs/disneyland/a/dcahow.htm http://www.oitc.com/Disney/Paris/English/LynEuroDisney.html There are some great links. What if the total cost to build has been grossly underestimated? Soapboxmom
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    http://www.yourhoustonnews.com/atascocita/news/article_5ef868fa-ae07-580d-9212-88b5b585e1f5.html?mode=story I think the Earthquest Institute is the only part of this fiasco that should go forward. Fake multi-billionaire Trey White and John Marlin should have been sent packing a long time ago. Where have the millions thrown at them gone??? Soapboxmom
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    Centerpoint's goal is to get the trees away from power lines, regardless of what you, the homeowner think. If you want some say in the mater, get your own trimmers out.
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    Have you been to northern california? I just returned from San Francisco and Palo Alto and I would be pretty pissed too if I had to leave that area for Houston, and this is coming from a native Houstonian and lifelong Houston homer.
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