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    I just called the Chamber of Commerce and they said the developers were at the last board meeting and said they plan on breaking ground in 9 months. The website issue is curious though.
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    http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/sarnoff/7616129.html which i take it means they've downsized the scope and will likely develop in phases. but good news nonetheless.
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    In June 23rds Planning Commission Agenda by Knudson Services and The Gables (not sure if that's the same Gables we're used to hearing about)
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    So, things have been quiet around HAIF lately. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but I have. The reason is our transition from .info to .com. As you can see on this graph, we officially took possession of the .com on June 14th. A few days later we moved the web site from .info to .com A couple of days after that, Google erased almost all of the 19,000+ links we had in its index. You can see the number of HAIF visitors trailing off over the next couple of days as the change was copied to Google servers across the country and around the world. Three days ago (not shown on the chart), Google finally started crawling the dot-com. I also filed a sitemap to help it with the chore. Today-- some positive movement. We're still virtually invisible compared to how we used to be, but at least things are improving. How did this happen? Well, it all goes back to one of the basic truths of HAIF -- 60% of our visitors are drive-bys who are searching for something on Google, Google points to us, they get the information they need and then move on. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it's a pretty good illustration of how dependent on the big G we are. So, if you haven't already done so -- talk to your neighbors, your friends, your family members, the homeless guy wheezing the free wifi at Panera Bread with the stolen laptop, and let them know that HAIF is a good place to blow a metric assload of their valuable time while unexpectedly learning new things about their city. I have no doubt that HAIF will recover in time, but it we can reach the goal faster if we all get out and push.
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    @mfastx - I agree with virtually everything you are writing, except that nobody cares in Houston. Obviously people care about this issue, enough to pass the referendum expanding our light rail service. And if you look at the data from Klineberg's city surveys, I think support for mass transit has gone up pretty consistently. I would be in favor of Houston doing something like LA, and doing a 30/10 plan where we increase sales taxes and build "30 years" worth of mass transit in 10. But I suspect it will take different leadership at the Mayor's office to make something like that happen. I think most of the cost effectiveness arguments are just a trap - and you shouldn't really pay them much mind - the key is in thinking of transit as a valuable service. What is the cost effectiveness of our public schools? What is the cost effectiveness of our military? Any data looking at cost per passenger mile, for instance, is inherently flawed because "per mile" measurements reward sprawl in the first place. I would rather focus on building the network than debating the right-wing, who are dying off and becoming less powerful with each passing year anyway. They can only stand in the way of better transit for so long.
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    Walked by there last week, it's still under construction....you can see inside, it's pretty much a wide open space right now...not sure if that's how it will be when finished...also couldn't tell where the outdoor portion will be, assumed it was directly above, but couldnt see anything going on up there...
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    This change is extremely LAME as is the change on Studemont at I-10. WTF were the transportation engineers thinking when they approved these two projects.... James
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    Hi all, As some of you may have noticed a (long) while back, nmainguy (one of our top posters) disappeared. After a little digging I was able to confidently identify that he did indeed pass away. I know we didn't know him in person, and I honestly have never encountered this kind of situation, but I thought it would be fitting to at least make a post in memory of him especially since today is the three (!) year anniversary of his death. I was hoping this, and from his obituary it stated that he passed away peacefully and surrounded by his family and friends October 5, 2007..
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    The Earthquest Institute website is still running and still accepting donations. There could be many reasons that the Earthquest Adventures website is TEMPORARILY unavailable. http://www.earthquestinstitute.org/
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    Wow I'm really happy I started this thread!! First paragraph... you describe you. If that is the way you are, then great!! You can be *** and not have to live or adhere to some large hyperbole persona... there's nothing wrong with that. But the point of Pride in my opinion is to celebrate the *** community in all of it's shapes, sizes and colors. As outlandish and as ridiculous as it may seem to some of us, for many *** men and women they feel more comfortable in skimpy shorts or in drag. It's just the way they are. They wake up in the morning dressed as "regular people" and all they can think about is the next pair of six-inch heels to buy. The crazy thing is (quote Lady Gaga) they were born that way, just like you were born the way that you are. I think when you talk about gays leading by example, you're missing the point. We are doing so, and more people are doing that everyday. But I don't feel the need to have to conform to current society in order to lead by example. My example is that I am a good man, and that I care about my community and my city. I mean we've got one of the best "examples" in the country right now in Annise Parker... elected mayor of one of the largest cities in the country, in a commited relationship with her partner, and they raised three kids together. AP is literally the religious right's worst nightmare. That is AN example that should be set, and I'm so glad to have people like AP doing it. But for others the example is to show society that it's ok to be ***... whatever *** means for you. IMO the *** pride flag and colors encompass the whole rainbow because the *** community is so diverse... much moreso than the straight community. The only thing that GLBT people have in common is that they like members of the same sex. Beyond that, every type of person you can imagine can be ***. All races, all religious backgrounds, all social segments... you name it. Pride SHOULD BE a time for us to put aside our differences and just celebrate the one thing that we have in common. Just so you know, I'm more like you in that I don't dress in drag or anything like that. You're just as likely to catch me at Lucky's Pub (by the ballpark) as you would at JR's. I view myself as a regular guy, but I am very thankful for all of those in the *** community that are brave enough to show who they really are. We have come a very long way in 42 years (since the Stonewall riots).
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    Most of the streets in the Heights have 70 foot ROWs. The street takes up 30-40 of the ROW, and there is 15 to 20 feet of City ROW on each side of the street. The drainage ditch is absolutely City ROW, and there is certainly a few more feet of ROW next to the ditch. If there is a sidewalk on either side of the property, that most assuredly means the grass between the sidewalks is City property. A stiff middle finger to the property owner is in order. What block of 25th is this house located on? I'd like to look at it on Google Maps.
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    http://www.earthquestinstitute.org/ They could just be working on it.
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    KIAH isn't a CW-owned station, it does not take directives from CW. CW is owned by CBS and Warner Brothers (Thus "CW"), and doesn't own any television stations. The corporate directive came from Tribune Broadcasting. Yes, Houston is a test market for the project. It was thought up by a guy who was fired from Tribune, but the project had already advanced far enough that it couldn't be cancelled. Some see it as a means for Tribune to cancel news on 39 altogether. If, by some remote possibility, Newsfix works, then it's a corporate success. If it fails, then it's an excuse to replace the news with more profitable syndicated programming. Tribune is bankrupt. So bankrupt that it actually sold the Cubs, it's main source of programming for its two flagship stations. At this point, it will do anything for money.
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    Do they need to have meaning? They are a damn good time. Good enough for me.
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    Oh please. Like the cell phone companies are so impoverish that they cannot afford to put up another tower somewhere around the Heights, or bear the crushing expense of spending a few thousand to make the tower inconspicuous. Frankly, the tower was a great idea. Do you think people would be willing to pay $400k for a condo that looked out on a cell tower?
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    good news: Read more: Inner Loop mixed-use projects back on table | Houston Business Journal
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    It's an Internet forum... What do you expect? I hope the pavillions stays healthy enough to not become vacant. The lots south of it could spur promising developemnts in the future, and will hopefully feed each other the volume.
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    Well, maybe that's a problem for some people...... *drum riff* Thanks folks, I'll be here all night.
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    Books-A-Million was paying $1900 for a huge space in Pavilions, and still wasn't making money. They said they were moving out and Pavilions cut them an even sweeter deal to stay. There's definitely no money for condos.
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    Soapboxmom is just trying to promote her personal website. She is just a troll and should be ignored. I promise you not one of her post will make any difference to the development to EarthQuest.
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    What if EarthQuest is the greatest single project EVER built in Montgomery County? What if it creates hundred of jobs and brings a steady supply of tourist dollars for decades like Walt Disney World has? What if soapboxmom is just another internet lunatic looking to promote her own sad website? Here are some helpful links: http://www.mind.org.uk/help/diagnoses_and_conditions/early_signs_of_mental_distress http://www.suite101.com/content/detecting-psychological-disorders-a42722 http://www.heartless-*******.com/heartless/collected_quotes.shtml
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    Good idea! I'd also be interested to know which topics or posts are of most interest to non-HAIFers. We've become an internet resource.
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    You know what would be really useful? A search that allows you to pull posts with the most positives...sort of like a digg...so you could quickly look at posts the haif community has rated the best/most pertinent/most useful.
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    Can we have an 'old member with not many posts' table? A table for lurking subscribers? I'm sure I can fit in somewhere.
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    Oh, FINE. I'm here. Happy now, Pi? Us dorks gotta stick together. And, yes, it's pronounced "she eats." Thanks, Flipper.
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    Click on Members Then click Toggle More Options Then set your filter to Last Post (or visit) is, select Greater Than and enter whatever date you want. BAM! Magic computer internets learnings.
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    I feel pretty good about it. I'm always dissapointed when I'm being lied to with a straight face-which is how this thing started out. It was only after repeated phone calls and emails to Garcia's office-and finally a threat to go to the media that something happened-but it DID happen. So I'm pleased. Oh yeah, the wall, wrought iron fence and fountain they built on city ROW was very tasteful-just blatantly arrogant and illegal. Alot of $$ ultimatly wasted on their part. Oh well... {and thanks for the kud's, dude} ...and your avatar...OWWWWWWWWW
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    nmainguy, let me ask you this, How do you feel about the fact that your city council actually did something you asked without having to get all legalled up over it. I think it shows the people actually have some power, I am betting that you feel pretty darn good about yourself. I think you have done a wonderful thing by not overlooking someones poor taste and blatant disregard for their neighbors by just buliding whatever the hell they want because they have a little money. Kudos to you my friend.
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    There is slow but steady progress. The wall is demolished to it's base. I don't know what plans the city has for a sidewalk. Perhaps you could re-think the cash prize aspect? I'm going to a big pre-game lunch today at Baba Yegas and I was thinking...
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    Well, people, I can believe it. The wall is coming down. I just drove by on the way home and they have a couple of guys on ladders taking the portion on the ROW down brick by brick. I quess playing the pissed off Man delicate flower worked.
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    I think nmainguy deserves a round of applause for taking action. It's one thing to identify a problem, but to follow through is what really counts. We complain about city government, yet how many of us have given them a chance to respond? For example, a sidewalk remained uncompleted for months at the corner of Hawthorne and Montrose. I put in a call to the city, and the work was completed within a few days. Just last week, I reported a sign which had been knocked down by a car several months ago, and it was fixed within three days.
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    While I appreciate the info and effort, you have been the Debbie Downer of HAIF. Nice reputation.
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    That is from what I took to be the loan papers on the Dino Park property. Will Marlin Atlantis be able to pay off the loan or get another extension? Soapboxmom
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    http://outsideonline.com/fitness/travel-ga-201105-evolv-water-sidwcmdev_155635.html That is a great article about Trey White and Marlin Atlantis. Happy reading! Soapboxmom
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    I think given the business history of Marlin Atlantis and its principles that this park may not get built and if it does, having a little background in construction and having looked at the cost of other theme parks, I think it is very likely they have underestimated the cost by quite a bit. That could lead to bankruptcy, foreclosure and / or a partially completed park that needs tens or hundreds of millions in additional funding to be completed to the point it is usable. How many banks have gone under recently due to just this type of situation? Any investors they brought in get burned badly. The taxpayers of Texas are spending millions right now throwing bond money at Marlin Atlantis, handling this project and passing legislation. If it doesn't come to fruition the taxpayers get screwed. The folks buying homes and land predicated on that park being built have paid very high dollar. If it isn't built the property values could drop significantly and these folks could end up upside down in their loans and unable to sell. Foreclosures could result causing great economic harm. The taxable values drop and money that was supposed to go for new schools and other things will vanish. What about the many local businesses that are expanding and new ones coming in that are opening predicated on this park coming to fruition? If this falls through they will suffer financial harm. There is a lot more at stake here than many realize. Many innocent trusting people could get caught in the fallout. Soapboxmom
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    I am not suggesting I am qualified to cost out the job. I am saying I spent years around the construction industry and grossly underestimating costs happens quite frequently. The results can be disastrous. The banks won't increase the loan amounts to a figure they feel exceeds the fair market value of the project. The construction loans have to be kept current. I am thinking of all the banks that went under because they made loans that couldn't possibly be paid back. Making loans that are too risky is something that we must guard against as well. Well, as it is apparent that many weren't aware of the business fiction surrounding Trey White and company, I can't see how some truth and facts are a detriment. Excellent points! There are already folks who have bought homes or tracts of land in that area and if this deal doesn't happen the drop in value will be a disaster for them as they could land upside down in their loans. This whole Dino Disaster apparently started as the residential development Whitestone. Marlin Atlantis was supposed to break ground on in 2005. I think "Dino Don" got dragged into this in a desperate attempt to get it off of the ground as Marlin Atlantis couldn't do so. I just don't see it happening. http://www.marlinatlantis.com/pdf/2004-12-24-HBJ-Whitestone.pdf Soapboxmom
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    This is what happens when you make a crappy product and cut every corner possible.
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    That's what happens when you cut so many damn corners. If the Pavilions looked like the first rendering they showed, I don't have much doubt that it would be a success. They should have kept the condo/hotel tower (just build that parking!), maybe add a 12-screen movie theater (AMC or Cinemark), add jumbotrons (with ads for the Rockets, movie ads, etc.), and probably the most important, make stores accessible from the sidewalk. There should be two entrances, one in the inside corridor, and one on the sidewalk.
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    MisterX strongly disagrees with your post! we should all stop our complaining b/c hey, at least the parking lots are gone! what an ungrateful lot around here.... but that;s exactly what should have happened. the developers were able to turn what should have been a transformative block of cbd into what has amounted to little more than an outdoor mall with an office building attached. i'm glad the city is trying to force them to open up the sidewalks. i mean the fact that they didn't do that to begin with (as shown in their own renderings) is almost mindblowing. probably the single biggest goal of a development like this (outside of turning a profit) is to increase pedestrian activity, to draw the surrounding people to the complex... and they literally went in the other direction. the developer deserves to be broke.
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    McCrady told me 9 months as well. The question is though will the land loans be renewed. I haven't seen an extension filed on the county site for any of the loans due on June 16th. The Whitestone property has a 19 million dollar loan due on September 1st. How are Marlin Atlantis and their numerous little LLCS and LPs going to keep funding all this with no progress on developing these tracts? Soapboxmom
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    How sad! The simple, uneducated, elderly, dying and desperate better watch out. Trey White and his ilk have cheerleaders that don't care who suffers financial losses as long as there is a buck to be made. Not to mention the folks who may forgo medically necessary treatment because these goons convinve them their MLM snakeoil will cure them. Marlin Atlantis has talked a good game, but last we heard the funding is not secured. They have gotten away with not completing projects several times before. It is also quite apparent these folks are not honest and forthcoming. Who wants to place their money and trust in folks like Trey White? If Marlin Atlantis or whatever names they are using default again and leave us in a lurch who is going to step in and pick up the pieces and get the project back on track??? Soapboxmom
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    http://www.earthquestadventures.com/ http://www.realscam.com/f11/trey-white-fake-multi-billionaire-marlin-atlantis-earthquest-park-don-lessem-654/index3.html#post9346 http://www.realscam.com/f11/trey-white-fake-multi-billionaire-marlin-atlantis-earthquest-park-don-lessem-654/index3.html#post9345 http://www.realscam.com/f11/trey-white-fake-multi-billionaire-marlin-atlantis-earthquest-park-don-lessem-654/index2.html#post9334 http://www.realscam.com/f11/trey-white-fake-multi-billionaire-marlin-atlantis-earthquest-park-don-lessem-654/index2.html#post9344 http://www.realscam.com/f11/trey-white-fake-multi-billionaire-marlin-atlantis-earthquest-park-don-lessem-654/index2.html#post9238
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    I called the service provider and the hosting fees were not paid. The account was deactivated for non-payment. The service provider most likely sent reminders, but no one bothered to pay the few dollars a month needed to keep the site up. That does not sound to me like they are working on it. We can call Trey White and his flunkies at Marlin Atlantis and inquire! Registrant: Global EarthQuest Holdings 13455 Noel Road Dallas, TX 75240 US Domain Name: EARTHQUESTADVENTURES.COM Administrative Contact, Technical Contact: Global EarthQuest Holdings 13455 Noel Road Dallas, TX 75240 US 972-715-6400 Record expires on 27-Jan-2012. Record created on 27-Jan-2007. Domain servers in listed order: NS17.WORLDNIC.COM NS18.WORLDNIC.COM Soapboxmom
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