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    There is one big dining room with very tall ceilings. Above some stairs by the door there is a smaller seating area, and also a Tex Mex museum of sorts with memorabilia from Felix's and other places. Underneath the balcony area is a bar area, but no actual bar you can sit at...at least yet. There are tables around the bar area, and from there it leads out to a patio on Westheimer, the patio facing former Chances that will be Anvil's new beer place Hay Merchant, and Chris Shepherd's Underbelly. Back in the main dining room, there's big historic photo panels on the wall. I'm not sure who the pictures are of. The walls are bright neon colors. On a big projection screen they're playing old Westerns, like High Plains Drifter.
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    I love that they have seating out front - gives a great buzz to the bend in the evening....
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    Of course they didn't. There was no HAIF in those days.
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    The Heights reminds me of parts of Victoria, British Columbia.....but with no ocean....or mountains....and with additional crime and littering.
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