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    Charlie Sheen should run for her district. Congress needs more honest polygamy-related non sequitur.
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    This was just posted on yfrog from wholefish with the quote: "You can see this from orbit! EL Real's marquee back in business"
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    No, it's not. The GOP just swept into power in November. Corporate welfare is alive and well, as the slashing of entitlement programs will free up more money for the corporations. And federal, state and local governments are cutting their payrolls, which will require more corporate contracts to do the work that was formerly performed by government workers.
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    There is nothing more defenseless than an infant. Negligence is a compliment to what she did. She should be so lucky to get the death penalty and go to hell. Life in prison should be her punishment. Care of infants is not a game.
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    good idea. I've been to munich 3 times, once when I was 10, didn't enjoy it so much, once 2007, and then again last christmas. here's some pics from the 2007 trip.. http://www.samagon0.com/euro_07/Munich/index.html I didn't enjoy it when I was 10. I enjoyed the hell out of the place both times, and I'm going back this September for Oktoberfest. There really is A LOT to do there. Whether you are a beer drinker, architect fan, car fan, history buff, art fan, they have it all. And they have a HUGE Christmas market, if you can bear the cold weather and go in December (was close to 0 F when I was there). Anyway, all of that and when you order beer they bring it to you by the liter. Awesome place. I don't see how this bar will live up to its namesake.
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    I'd be willing to bet that no skyscraper is built here for decades, so there would be no point in designing a garage around a potential future building design. Given the dominance of parking, both surface lot and in garages, in the southern part of downtown, I think that the city should designate the area as the "Parking District". Then they could disseminate lots of bogus statistics, like "This is the largest designated parking district in the United States," or "The Parking District has more parking places than any other American city except Los Angeles." They could even erect special Parking District street signs with illustrations of local car parks, so tourists would know where they were.
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