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    I'm working on a refinery project in the Middle East right now. It's around $12 billion. I placed the 3d model in Google Earth. If I put the Southeast corner of it at the Houston Pavillions the Northwest corner is at Heights Blvd. and 5th Street. It's the biggest project I've ever seen and they are building a couple of them. My father was in the same business I am and he never saw anything this big in his career either.
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    http://io9.com/55852...-story-debunked http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25BE42PzZZc&feature=player_embedded
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    Town and Country has been updated quite a bit recently. They just added about 100k square feet. Town & Country and Citycentre are totally separate shopping centers owned by different companies. The fact that Citycentre is doing so well seems to be helping T&C. I was there on the Fourth of July and there was foot traffic all through T&C, it's probably here to stay as is for a long time.
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    I heard they would most likely expand north of I-10 near the college first and simply update Town & Country to the south.
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    Because the other Walmart thread has become a debate between a handful of bloggers calling one another's comments "crap", I've decided to start a new thread that will focus on information regarding the proposed Walmart shopping center on Yale. The posts in this thread should deal with information about the plans for the center, such as timing, what stores will be there, property layouts, etc. If you want to debate whether or not there should be a Walmart on Yale, please post those comments in a different thread. Whether or not you want the Walmart, or if you don't care one way or another, you can post any information you have about said Walmart shopping center here. Please do not add editorial comments about how you think Walmart treats its workers, or about what Walmart may or may not do for property values in the area, etc. -- let's try to keep this thread I'll start by re-posting the plan and a link to the Chron article about the Walmart. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/7090711.html Thanks in advance for keeping this post a non-confrontational, non-editorial, non-opinionated news source for the plans for that development. walmart.pdf
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