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    Met up with forumer, jfre81, and took some pics from around downtown
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    How about a few suggestions? How do you design a central entry point that is close to both Terminal A and Terminals D and E? How do you design drop off points so that arriving vehicles and buses from the rental car lots do not end up in gridlock? Where do you place the short term parking areas for arriving passengers to unload their luggage? How many would you need for 44 million passengers annually? How do the passengers who parked in the various parking garages get through security and back to their terminal in an efficient manner? Remember, you said a central location would work better than one per terminal if properly designed and equipped, so be sure to explain how it would work better than one at each terminal. While you are explaining this properly designed system, please estimate the walking distance from the security area to each trminal, and from the parking garages to the security area.
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    I agree that if you are crazy enough to commute from Conroe distances you should be charged an extra toll.
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    I'm all for specialty foods and stuff, but I was hoping for something more "mainstream", I guess. I've never been to their store on Westheimer, so I don't know....can I go there for paper towels and Diet coke, 409 and toilet paper?? I love olive oil, capers and hummus, but they only go so far for my daily needs. I guess I'll just continue to shop at KillerKrogerOnKullen for my staples. But I know where to go if I need grape leaves and baklava!
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    Yes, it is a very pretty and inefficient nightmare of an experience.
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    A new study reveals the only pure humans are sub-Saharan Africans. Everyone else is a mixed species mutt. I hope this clears up any racial purity arguments for the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis.
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