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    Didn't the Republicans control the House and Senate for most of Clinton's Presidency? You're so right, the poor have it so great in this country. Wow, what it must be like... And you're right, healthcare is a privilege in America. Health insurance companies put their own bottom line and their shareholders rights above the lives of human beings by denying treatments or canceling policies when a customer faces expensive medical care. What a privilege it is. I would support tort reform on medical malpractice and some caps, but that is just one of many issues.
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    I agree that the government is not efficient or good at anything it does...when the people running that government are intent on destroying it. Your rants and tirades fall on deaf ears when the governed are living through the rubble of institutions that were plundered by advocates of your version of 'less government'. You had a 30 year run. It ended with the worst recession since the Depression. People are ready for something else. When your only solution is to go back to the policies that got us in this mess, you are pissing in the wind. You simply cannot advocate for returning to what caused the train wreck and maintain any semblance of credibility. But, then again, I don't think you are concerned about sounding credible anyway.
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    GOP tells Marksmu to stick it. With hundreds, even thousands, of conservative protesters screaming at town halls for the government to get out of the healthcare business, here comes the GOP promising seniors that they will do everything in their power to ensure that Medicare collapses under its own weight. The party that claims to stand for fiscal restraint has issued a manifesto vowing to oppose any measures intended to reign in wasteful spending in the Medicare program. Presumably, this includes free motorized scooters to people that do not need them, expensive invasive surgery where a non-invasive procedure will do, and, of course, protecting President Bush's giveaway to the drug companies back in 2003. Let's see how many true fiscal conservatives we have reading HAIF. Register your opposition...or support...of wasteful Medicare spending here.
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    True, but unregulated greed enriches a very few at the expense of the many. Advanced societies recognize this fact, and have enacted laws to limit the exercise of unregulated greed. Theft, fraud, forgery and numerous other economic crimes have been outlawed. The last 30 years has seen many former crimes legalized under the theory that "businessmen" will regulate themselves. While most do, not all do. The 2008 elections and continuing polls of American citizens show that most Americans wish to reign in the most egregious violators. This is not an all or nothing proposition. Some regulation is necessary to encourage those without conscience to conform their behavior to societal norms. Certainly, not all will agree with those regulations. However, the blame for those increased regulations is misplaced. It should not be placed on the citizens who tired of being fleeced by thieves in suits. The blame goes to the thieves in suits for taking advantage of the unregulated markets to enrich themselves unfairly at the expense of others. I have little sympathy for those who cry about the new regulations. They brought it upon themselves. Honest businessmen are still allowed to make a buck. As they say, you made that bed. Lie in it.
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    Maybe this belongs in Houston Media, mods can move it, if it should be there This is the paragraph from Yahoo! Finance Houston The Slideshow link: http://www.usnews.com/listings/americas-best-places-to-find-a-job/1 Other Cities include, Anchorage Arlington Columbus Honolulu Houston OK City Salt Lake City Shreveport Tallahassee Wichita I can't believe Houston is still making these lists, i mean we're faring better than most big cities, but where no longer the bright star we once were in the recession, we're barely blinking as is. With our unemployment rate rising, even toping Texas', i wonder how long we can hold on. Hopefully it ends soon.
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    Other side of the street. FYI, Metro has finally cooperated with Google Maps and given them route times in an acceptable format after a year of me screaming at them and getting no response, so you can plan a trip on Google Maps now using the bus system. Just get normal Google Maps direction and then select the Public Transit option.
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    When was it called the King George? Here's a 1932 ad for the DeGeorge:
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    Here is two pictures I took in 1990 of the King George Hotel.
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    They have plenty of land with empty fields since they cleared the trees around the runways. A bunch of solar cells could potentially replace the grass. No need to mow the grass anymore either. Win-win!
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    I agree with Subdude.. we are a car-centric city in an automobile-driven society. There's no getting around that, neither do I believe there is reason to apologize for that. However, editor does bring up a good point in how the above is translated to residential architecture. Certainly there are better ways like detached back garages. This leads me to a specific observation which maybe someone can enlighten me on concerning the history of - alleyways. Cheryhurst has them, as do several other older neighborhoods. How come though these aren't more prevalent in older neighborhoods? Also, obviously there are economic factors that I'm sure go into it, but why do zero new neighborhood developments in Houston utilize alleyways, yet pretty much every new neighborhood in North Dallas area does utilize them ? 2nd observation. We lament the fortress house when applied to new and tacky cookiecutter residences, esp when a driveway up front is involved. "Oh woe, Neighbors dont talk anymore"..... but how many countless Mod houses, that have no front glass, or far setbacks on a huge yard, or walled in front courtyard, do we see as beautiful. They're much more fortress than those above so i think using that word with a negative connotation is misguided. Same is true for relatively new architecture e.g. The Zemanek house on Peden recently reviewed on Swamplot ... it's a fortress.. but its beautiful. All fortresses, all front entries dominated by garages or big-ass driveways (least so with Zemanek since its a corner lot, but corner garage nonetheless)... all revered. Our Mod photography winner- The Main house used on the front page of Houston Mod Zemanek
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    I guess it's problem is it's location - too valuable to remain as is? At least in the eyes of Ashby
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    TOUCHE! We just bought a house in New Territory. The prison bothers me not one iota. It is far from the worst thing that could be on "the other side of the tracks."
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    I love the look of the Chinese one: Link Cool, I've never seen it from the backside: Link
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    The metro tracks in this part of town are split between Fannin and San Jacinto. On the west side of the building, the tracks are right next to it. On the east side, the tracks are separated by a couple lanes of roadway.
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    I feel that Marmer makes a good point. There's a difference between what one "can" do and what one "should" do. And while this development is probably in the financial best interests of the developers, there's nothing wrong with considering what's best for the community and others affected by it. In this case, it's pretty clear that most of the community does not want this development.
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    I didn't know it was once called that, but I see a 2001 HBJ article that refers to it as the "historic King George Hotel" ("While the lives of many historic properties in Houston end in a visit from the wrecking ball, some stories have happier endings. The Housing Corp. of Greater Houston has completed a $3.2 million renovation of downtown's old King George Hotel, a property that dates back to 1913. THC, a nonprofit developer and manager of affordable housing projects, has redeveloped the abandoned hotel as a residential facility for U.S. veterans and has rechristened it The DeGeorge at Union Station."). Also saw this ("REPOhistory was invited to Houston, Texas, to create a public art project. We chose to document seven layers of history on the location of the King George Hotel."). H8S - The REPOhistory website has some photos on it.
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    Perhaps it's because they know Medicare is incredibly popular and successful with those covered by the program.
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    Ashby & Rice University: Together, turning riders into drivers
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    How many units are there now anyway? Wait... I think I just found it. 67 units there now. So whatever traffic that place generates now, it will be about 3.25 times more with Ashby...
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    I hardly think shadows are permanent.
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    because trucks are dispatched from 3 stations does not make it a 3 alarm fire. the 111 fire (or you may hear box alarm too), is not a manpower intensive fire. sometimes more than one station is dispatched depending on location so that if other factors (trains, traffic, etc) are involved, the fire can be attacked as quickly as possible. the gallery furniture fire i believe was four alarms and there were way more than 4 stations involved.
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    i think that's a regular fire. you see 211, 311....the higher number means more manpower is required.
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    lol...wasnt sure wether to give that a negative or a positive...
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    While this is true, Sugar Land has adopted many of the First Colony development regulations to try to become more visually appealing. The older areas of Sugar Land that were there prior to the annexation of First Colony (late 90's I think) still look the same, but newer development should be more visually appealing and better planned.
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    How long until that white ice turns dirty brown? I know it won't be real ice, but can they keep something so white clean for very long? I hope so.
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    The specific location was inappropriate and even dangerous for future residents of this development. The situation is much more complex than most outsiders realize. And what this means is that other, more deserving applicants will receive the tax credits instead, based off TDHCA's points system.
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    Just received word from Robbye Meyer at TDHCA - Likely due to pressure from area residents and revelations brought to light by the area civic group United77498, Goldshire has officially withdrawn their application as of today! Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in opposition letters to TDHCA. Final count was 2,605 opposition letters! You can bet United77498 will be keeping watch on future developments in this area and keep working for you, the residents. Stay tuned. AK www.united77498.org
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    You should have seen the "in dire straits" people Friday they "found" a wheel chair, had people getting out of their cars to hand them money. Harris County pulled and they took off!
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    Sadly, the "thieves in suits" often make their beds with the politicians, which enables them to fleece the populace even more!
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    Same reason I don't bike. I sweat even when its in the 70s, just walking when its sunny. A bike in Houston does nothing for me.
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    To the OP...I think you will likely need to... 1. Compromise on the wish list, or... 2. Increase the budget, or... 3. Have a great deal of patience to find the ONE amazing deal that comes along as a result of a distress sale or something and be prepared to make an offer immediately, perhaps the same day it becomes available. Faced with a similar situation, we chose option #1 and bought a home in New Territory. Now that we've calmed down about compromising, we are actually quite happy. A lot of homes here get sold through word-of-mouth. If you aren't getting insider info from your Realtor, you probably need a different one.
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    Thanks for the update! I looked at those and contacted TDHCA with my own concerns on the matter. As I said before, I live in Southwest Houston. The State funding of the project in Sugarland will steal money away from my area. We've got apartment after apartment here, and too many of them are dumps. We need MONEY to FIX these existing apartments. But developers want to and use that money to impose low-cost housing on neighborhoods that don't want it. Another thing, is it me or does the "Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs" neglect the "Community" part? I've been to their hearings, and I've seen the low cost housing proposals. I've yet to see a TDHCA hearing on a library, school, park, or other community asset.
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    It looks like you probably have too many prerequisites (3 full baths, 3 car garage, best schools, new or near new construction, 3,000 sq. ft. minimum, reputable builder, remodeled, no traffic problems, clubhouse and pool etc.) for what you're willing to spend. Shoot, I've lived in Sugar Land almost my entire life, and I would probably snatch it up if I found what you're describing for $300k! There are always a TON of houses for sale in this area.... even more than usual right now. If you're really having that much trouble finding something, you probably need to either lower your expectations or raise your budget.
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    Ok, I'm really prejudiced. We live in New Territory and love it, but I know it's hard. We used to live in Brightwater, so I understand the uneasiness with the East side of that area. The neighborhood itself is very nice though. Do you have a good realtor? Sound to me like that's what you need. I know a realtor heavily involved in the community. Her website is www.movetomorrow.net (if the moderators remove the link just PM me or google 'kathy morrow realtor'). I think having someone who knows everyone (she lives here) really helps. We moved across the street and even that was tricky, but having a neighborhood realtor (wasn't Ms Morrow - there used to be another one) REALLY helped us. One couple from our neighborhood moved up 99 to Waterside Estates. Supposedly that is very nice. ALso, moving up 1464 Chelsea Harbor is supposed to be nice. Those would both be very current homes and shouldn't require any home improvements. You can use Old Richmond Rd (or West Airport) to move East/West to get to hwy 6 (vastly improved near hwy 90) and avoid that awful 90/99 intersection. Good Luck! Deanna
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    sugarland is tough, no one wants to move. we searched for about 7 months for a house. my neighbors are going to move in a month. we are in a subdivision called austin meadow and the street is orchard blossom. the house is 3,000 sq feet with 3 full baths and 1 half bath. they put in wood floors all across the lower level about 3 months ago. this is a great neighborhood. there is a park 1 street away, its a culdesac street with about 9 kids on it. it should list in your range. we are zoned to colony meadows elementary. hope this helps. if you want more info pm me.
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    You must be joking. Just as long as it's not in your back yard, right?
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    For those who are interested: (1) According to TxDoT the new upgraded 1464 will be complete to the Westpark Tollway sometime in September. At that time all of the lanes will be opened. (2) The developer has built a walkway under 1464 so kids (or parents) wanting to go to the rec center will not have to cross over 1464, but can safely cross via a walkway under the road - along the waterway.
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    When we lived in First Colony, they zoned our little subdivision and the one next to us to schools on the "other side of the tracks" so to say. They tried to rezone another neighboring subdivision to those schools as well, and the parents had an uproar. First Colony, of all places! Just goes to show, you're not safe from this anywhere in FBISD. You just have to make an informed decision and take the chance. I thought Aliana was zoned to Austin High? I would be highly surprised if they rezoned Aliana or anywhere else out of Austin High. Especially if Telfair gets its own high school (though being zoned to Kempner doesn't seem to be hurting sales) and all the New Territory kids get moved out of the Austin High zone and into the new Telfair school.
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    Yes, this is what happened over at city-data. We were even fussed at for not reporting her sooner for being a troll. Long story short: It was basically found out she had some kind of personal beef with one of the homebuilders out of Florida, who happens to be one of the many builders in Aliana. That's the only connection.
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    The posts at City-Data have been deleted, and I haven't seen anything backed up by research. All I see is innuendo.
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    Or ... maybe Cali~girl is a disgruntled employee of Aliana ... or maybe Cheng ran over Cali~girl's dog ... or ... oh, nevermind.
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    Cali Girl.... Your stuff is getting old The stuff on City Data has been erased! Do you want that to happen here too?
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    I thought I read in the Fort Bend Thursday supplemental section in the Chronicle that the prisons in Fort Bend were being reviewed/assessed for their "best and highest" use, which is a code language for "we want them the hell out of the way." I suspect the big developer money is talking loudly and calling for many of the units to be moved west away from most of the new development. The item in the paper specifically mentioned that the Sugar Land Regional Airport wanted the land next to it that is presently occupied by the prison. When we bought in Telfair we weren't fully aware of the long term plans for the airport, but I have heard people "theorizing" that SL leaders want a larger airport where regional jets could land, making SL a much more inviting corporate HQ type area. Then again, I've also heard that FedEx is looking for a hub in the area where they could land jets without being tied up at Intercontinental. I doubt the latter, but suspect the former to be at least partially true.
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    LOL. I can't believe people are worried about living next to the prison. Your probably still safer then you would be ANYWHERE in Houston.
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    I own three games plus an Xbox console, so thats what 300-350 range total, plus $5 a month for for xboxlive. I finally caved in and bought one when HALO II came out because I'd been addicted to playing the original on my previous roomies' console. I'm perfectly happy just with the Halos and PGRII. Before then, I'd never owned a game system. I was forced to entertain myself with a Commodore 64 growing up. I'll cave in and buy a 360, when Halo III comes out. But I figure it'll be worth it in that I don't own a dvd player of my own ( dont have to with roomies), so it'll be double the investment.
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    people are camped outside the circuit city over here by the galleria. as for the PS3, i don't even bother with my PS2 anymore.
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