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  1. Quick search does wonders. :) http://test21.kalibratecms.com/
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  2. Project Name: McNair Plaza Architect: House & Robertson Architects Groundbreaking: Beginning of April 2021 Completion of Construction: December of 2024 Tower Height: 750.5' Information: All Buildings connect at Below Grade Garage and at Ground Levels and certain levels above.
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  3. https://news.cision.com/skanska/r/skanska-signs-new-tenant-lease-for-office-tower-in-downtown-houston--texas--usa,c3267109
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  5. https://www.perkinseastman.com/projects/heart-of-montrose/
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  6. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Skanska-plans-28-story-office-building-next-to-15867313.php#photo-20488083 From the article: "Norton Rose Fulbright, which has signed a long-term lease agreement, expects to relocate to the new office building in 2024, at which time it will acquire naming rights to the tower. Until then, Skanska is calling the development 1550 on the Green. ....... The project, which is being designed by BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, will feature tree-lined pedestrian zones and two roof terraces dedicated to tenants on the 12th
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  7. Building Inspired by nature and the waterways of Houston, Fitzroy Residences towers 32 stories high — and houses 191 condominiums, plus hotel rooms and amenities. The exterior features waves of curvy slabs, while the interior reflects Midtown’s fresh and urban feel. Anticipated ground breaking mid-2021. Estimated completion date late 2023.
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  8. New rendering on their website. https://thehallmark.org/uptownoaks/
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  9. It's official. Building permits issued! Sitework, foundation, and shell adding up to $117 million.
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  10. I'm glad that Caydon's Laneways approach seems to be spreading to other developments. More photos from the link: Not 100% sure on who the client is/was, but the upload data appears to show this was added to their site last month.
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  11. Happy to see this. The announcement of the lead tenant will be in the next week or so from what I'm told and I think this group will appreciate the renderings. This project does a nice job of closing out Discovery Green (along with Block 98) and completely hiding/wrapping around the Embassy Suites when standing at the park.
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  12. For reference it should go from this: To this: If everything goes accordingly. It jumps over Old Spanish trail and goes towards the UT campus from the looks of it. source: starts at around 51:30
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  14. The other day I drove down Westheimer from Midtown for the first time in 6 months and WOW. I might sound crazy, but this area is starting to look like Melrose Ave in LA. Not as dense, but I swear it looks like an up and coming Melrose. 101 Westheimer Rd is repainting their buildings from a yellowish color to gray/black/white (matches the Pearl Whole Foods building) 215 Westheimer Rd went from a small building + big parking lot to a massive building with a small/ hidden parking 223 Westheimer Rd went from an old shotgun/suburban looking house to a extremely contemporary wh
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  15. With all DUE respect, this chain of corrections has been quite entertaining.
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  17. Dismantling the AT crane that took down the tower crane.
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  18. Nice to see work done on the retail podium. Getting there!
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  19. Regent Square with @Highrise Tower. Retail component along Dunlavy coming together.
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  20. The Ashby high rise land is finally being put to use!
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  21. Porta-potties...perhaps the most reliable sign construction is about to start.
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  22. Bird-Eye View of construction crane being dismantled this morning.
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  23. Chelsea Museum District appears to be the official name. New renderings uploaded to Google a few days ago
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  24. I think it would be a great place to put a Greyhound Bus Station.
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