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    Downtown Houston by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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    I’ve been wondering because a January ground breaking did not happen. However there hasn’t been a day when there wasn’t at least one vehicle at the trailer. And there have been people walking the site several days this past month. Plus a another fence has gone up separating the trailer section. Nothing earth shattering, but it’s something. Attached is a shot of what will be the main first two parcels taken on January 30th.
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    Downtown Houston by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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    Here are some more images from the brochure:
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    Rice University by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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    I posted this on the Regent Square thread i think? Maybe sometime last summer, but I'll post it again here.
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    the more i see how this is shaping up, i think they were VERY fair to Cosmopolitan...in fact from the angle shown above it seems they were hardly effected at all... HOWEVER, thankfully from the view i always tend to see (driving and biking and walking by), it is mostly non-existent haha! But yeah, wow Cosmo fared better than i even thought possible...good for them but makes them look all the more ignorant for causing such a dang ruckus when this all began with delays and lawsuits etc... in fact they should be thanking Aspire for making THEM look better than they actually look thanks to now being partially covered up
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    This one still stands out so much in TMC. It's great! TMC by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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    That first rendering of Memorial Hermann Tower and the Westin says hi.
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    Almost gone. Looks like the job will be finished by tomorrow. Someone is going to have fun getting that ladder out of that canvas tomorrow!
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    SCHAUM/SHIEH and HKS Architects concept https://acochran.com/work/houston-endowment-headquarters-competition-landscape-architecture/
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    From ze Planning Commission: Architect is Muscasy & Associates, Architects
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    From ze Planning Commission. Not much happening with this Agenda overall, but this project in Lawndale is looking for an off-street parking variance. 106 Unit Midrise Apartments. Definitely an odd location.
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    Crane Height: 374' 03/01/2020 - 05/04/2021 https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=429419406&row=16
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    901 Commerce by Marc longoria, on Flickr 901 Commerce by Marc longoria, on Flickr
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    ...and Theo's bites the dust. Had some time during lunch to go check out the demo.
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    It won't sit on top, it will be in front on the vacant half-block.
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    This needs a name change, "The Parker".
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    Caught workers working on Sunday, progress is being made.
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    Like the idea of the coral limestone. I wish shell limestone would make a comeback from when it was used extensively in early modern styles here in town. That material always felt very "Houston" to me.
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    It also looks like something Godzilla might attack!
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    People can actually step outdoors for a few minutes and enjoy it without smoking.
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