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  2. wow...that looks great. I guess they are opening for the new school year!
  3. Yeah, it also reminds me of the metal-sided townhomes in 4th Ward and elsewhere. I'm trying to withhold judgment on this. I am a person who likes permanent materials, like stone. I know, I know, stone isn't permanent.
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  5. Understandable concern, but I amazed this even got built at all. Its a good first step. We will go from zero BRT to almost one. They just need to start with a proof of concept. Its better than nothing, right? I'm sure many compromises were made during this process, but lets not forget that its great that compromises were made at all. Obviously cooler heads prevailed and saw future opportunity in this.
  6. While obviously different materials, I'm seeing a kindred spirit in CAMH's cladding.
  7. I posted about this in the Galleria Expansion thread last week...i am excited for it. Houston was chosen because it is one of the largest and busiest malls in the country I am thinking. also i thought it was going to go where TopMan/TopShop was since a 2 story location would be cool and help divide out the sections they mention in articles where there will be a try and play section...(plus that would have placed it right there by the children's galleria themed play area)...but i noticed a sign saying "Q" coming soon (which i take it is the womens clothing store) but since b8ta store has involvement in this i am thinking it will be in the Neiman Marcus wing near b8ta and obviously there is enough empty space down that hall still... we shall see (as the only other space i have noticed large enough is the east end of the ice skating level by the post office next to the massage place as that is now a large white painted wall... https://techcrunch.com/2019/07/18/toys-r-us-taps-tech-startup-b8ta-to-bring-its-stores-into-the-future/ Again, I am excited about a toy store... 🤡
  8. New name for the BRT line: MetroRapid https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/transportation/article/Post-Oak-BRT-branded-MetroRapid-while-station-14103482.php?utm_campaign=CMS Sharing Tools (Premium)&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral#photo-17870740 All this time, money, and effort and it won't be a full BRT line? If they compromise on this, how can we trust that the lines in the MetroNext plan won't just be bus lanes the whole way but that's it?
  9. Well Well. This looks to be the reason why this portion of the property has taken so long to be finished. Mystery solved. That is definitely an updated site plan. I'll be updating this on the map soon. Honestly, as I said earlier, its a smart play. We complain about Camden a lot on here for their slow pace, but it seems this was a little more of a strategic play. We forget just how much of an empty canvas Midtown still is, so when one trend pops up or when one developer does one thing its going to quickly change plans for another. I mean lets be real the idea for the pad site was something one usually would have done 10 years ago when this was mostly developed, but now with latest trends we now have more sophisticated options to handle that space which is fantastic. Unfortunately, it meant this part of the property got put on hold indefinitely, but it might just pay off for them. That corner is near a key light rail station between TMC and Downtown, and the 82 bus route from Montrose to Downtown. Even with all our knowledge about insider industry info we still can be oblivious to other market forces that happen...which is why I always try to instill in every thread that we have to wait and see what happens because we just don't know. Great find as always @CrockpotandGravel
  10. The very first entry into this thread by brian0123, 2012, is what I'm referring to. It has the very same plan with the two restaurant pads in red. I don't know where it came from but it was the first post.
  11. Another view of Black Swan Yoga, part of Drewery Place at Laneways Midtown from Caydon. This was posted a week and a half ago to Black Swan Yoga's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzvBveUBTaR/
  12. Unlike some other Negative Neds, count me as one who is sad about the demolition of the bank. I loved looking at the building on our family shopping trips to Pasadena in the 70's and 80's. It had character. I wished more could have been done to rescue the building.
  13. More on the design of Hando. This is a restaurant in the Revive Development at 518 W 11th St in the Heights, Houston. From their NextSeed campaign https://www.nextseed.com/offerings/hando/about Designed by local Houston architecture firm, JT ARC Studio, Hando’s dining room in The Heights will be a naturally lit and airy environment centered around the main seating area: the bar. With all of the available seats located around the chef’s preparation area, guests can watch every hand roll being made right in front of them. With only the bar as a barrier between guest and chef in this small space, there will be natural energy and plenty of organic conversation to make the 1,200 square foot space both intimate and organized. Updated rendering of of Hando
  14. Updated construction progress photos of 518 W11th St in the Heights, Houston (near Ashland St) . This is a strip center development from Re:Vive Development ( Revive Development). From Revive Development two weeks ago on Instagram: A finished storefront is a beautiful thing. This unique retrofit grid storefront features a custom steel pipe and tube canopy with a center set glass and steel frame. https://www.instagram.com/p/BzdXZz4JeqS/ From Hando restaurant last week: Home. Sweet. Home. We can't wait to invite you in soon! https://www.instagram.com/p/B0HSBImgIZH/
  15. Dock High District from Lovett Commercial may be a joint project with Jon Deal. Or maybe not. Or it could have been a redevelopment project Jon Deal planned to do on his own but scrapped it. Or maybe not. I didn't see a domain for Dock High District, but there was a domain registered by Jon Deal in 2015 for Dock High Houston: http://dockhighhouston.com
  16. That's because there is no current "active use" that makes economic sense for many of the parking lots. You might prefer that the owner build some super attractive building, but if there's no tenants willing to pay the rent necessary to make a profit, then the owner goes bankrupt.
  17. How do you preserve a building no one wants, and where there's no extra money? Should Pasadena or Harris County taxpayers pony up whatever it takes to preserve every building, regardless of cost? There is some economic reality here you aren't acknowledging.
  18. I didn't. Good catch, @Avossos! I couldn't find any direct information on Dock High District , the new district including redeveloped warehouses from Lovett Commercial around Sawyer Yards. I only found indirect information about Dock High District from real estate listings, more like a one line blurb. It seems it dates back to April 2019. From a recently removed Boulevard Realty listing ( I think it's the same on listings that come up): ...just steps away from Trammel Crow Residential's new mixed use development; Alexan Lower Heights and Lovett Commercial's new mixed use development; Dock High District. Both will offer numerous restaurants, boutiques, and shopping, all walking distance from Studemont Heights.
  19. Good to know. Thanks. The way I read the minutes, the proposed food hall would go in the restaurant pad shown on the site plan above for Midtown Park (part of the Midtown Super Block with the Caydon McGowen Station apartments next to it). Further clarifications could have been made in subsequent meetings. Maybe we'll know more once the minutes from the June and July meetings are uploaded.
  20. I can't find an updated site plan for the other portion of Midtown Park to include restaurant and kiosk pads. The more recent I could locate (there may be a more recent one but I didn't come across one) are these plans from a 2017 leasing brochure from Littwitz Investments. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/58d2bf64ebbd1a5a94a363a5/t/59b93bcb37c581dddc151a9f/1505311741530/Midtown+Park+OM+8.2017+rs.pdf (archive link)
  21. You're welcome. Maybe there will another update when the board uploads their minutes from June and July.
  22. Anyone who lives in this building please invite me over to go swimming. I’ll bring some good booze.
  23. Much appreciated Crockpot!
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