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  2. I agree that it is cool but game changer is a little overstated. People could do that at the JW across the street ($189 / night) or the Club Quarters ($130 / night) compared to this at $129 / night. Plenty of other boutique hotels around Main Street as well with a lot closer to the central bar area.
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  4. This is great. A few notes. 1. There is a pedestrian bridge crossing from the south side of the bank to the north. 2. A dog park is listed (originally, buffalo bayou partnership said no dog parks in their program) 3. The Kayak launch. 4. Outdoor movies being a re-purpose of the Silos makes a lot of sense after their art display there. I really like that there will be plenty of green space to absorb water versus going all concrete and I'm very happy to see a good developer utilizing the land.
  5. It is a bit unusual at this stage of the game. Unless theres another small structure going next to it, or soemthings going with the foundations (or, depending on the construction, the slab-on-grade). I did look up the firm. http://powerliftfoundation.com/ They seem to specialize in foundation repair. But they do perform some new construction it seems.
  6. Not sure actually. Do you see any of the brick veneer cracking? or any evidence of windows that have broken?
  7. Curious why they would do this to an existing building? They have done some excavation on other corners of this same building. Is the foundation failing?
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  9. The Chronicle is reporting that it opens on the 28th of July. When this opens and the bar is well lit and available, it would be kind of a game-changer that area. At this point a person could stay there, go to finn hall for food, walk to the bars further down on main, take the train to the museums and park, and call it a weekend and be like "Houston's pretty cool." All without a car.
  10. Urbannizer

    615 W Gray

    Demo permit issued for 615 W Gray St. https://communityimpact.com/houston/heights-river-oaks-montrose/development-construction/2019/07/22/demo-monday-city-kicks-off-demolition-day-in-second-ward-razes-15-buildings/
  11. haha Nice shot, certainly can see more of downtown than I expected from that location/angle. I’ll have to check it out soon.
  12. Saw this on the twitter the other day and forgot to post it. Seems like the work will start soon (probably?). If a bike can get some protection at least from some part of Midtown into downtown, directly to the protected lane on Lamar, that would be earthshatteringly cool. From HHC to the park, the traffic is not bad, and you can definitely manage with a sharrow. But HCC to downtown, especially once you cross into downtown, is a bit more risky and a protected lane would make it easier for: HCC/Rice students, all the new residents moving into midtown, people in Museum district, people wanting to go from Hermann Park to downtown, etc. Minimal effort for maximum effectiveness.
  13. Crock, let me speak to you as a forum member and not a mod. The F in HAIF stands for forum. We are not a real estate news site like swamp lot was. That being said, creation & discussion can flow freely between users without much interference. Now - as a moderator: As a voluntary moderator, I do this in my spare time to ensure nothing goes off topic into a political or adult language situation, or spam, or arguments unrelated to the discussion, etc. I’d be open to the idea of organizing and labeling everything, which is why I reached out to you previously about applying to be a moderator yourself. If you wish to be a leader/champion of change then act like it. Personally I’m happy to change titles, move stuff around, and oblige to requests but you’ve got to cool it down. I cant spend all of my free time tweaking every topic on HAIF because you’d prefer it that way. If your request is not answered or done right away you’ve got to accept that we can deny them. If the Editor wishes to see “going up” take on a real estate, click bait (sound the alarm, a tree is getting cut down), website then it’s his decision. Not ours. We’re open to ideas, change, and progress. We’re open to users contributing new uses to the evolving landscape of discussion. Sincerely, I do appreciate your contributions. What I don’t appreciate is being called out if myself or any other mods say no/deny your request.
  14. Wow! It seems Marquette's going in big on EaDo and the eastern part of Downtown. As I recall, they also have another tower proposed to the north of the Juice Box across from Jackson St BBQ.
  15. I am going to assume you think I was negative. I didn't express any emotions about the demolition, just the realistic fact that without someone willing to buy the building, it couldn't be saved. No one wanted to pay for preservation. I try not to get emotionally invested in property I don't own, which makes life much better than rolling up into a fetal ball every time some building I loved is demolished.
  16. yeah... a lot of fluff in the write up, but the best we can hope for is it looks sharp and clean, like the assisted living a block a way (which i think looks nice). It would be cool if they have nice green space in front like it shows.
  17. Oooofff.... this is not a very good looking building for such a highly sought-after and visible piece of land. This pretty much looks like most of the generic stuff going up in Midtown...
  18. Preslee's is now accepting employment applications. You can pick one up at the restaurant.
  19. Its possible this was motivated by the stiff competition that is growing on W Dallas St. All of these will be competing for the same demographics and market share, so it probably would have motivated Wood Partners to fancy this up a bit.
  20. More than likely shipped it to a render company, but hey kudos if not
  21. The project can't move forward until all tenants of whatever buildings are on the property vacated. Thats all the connection that is needed. Its also where the first rumors of this project began. Would be good to include it into the thread for the record. We do this for pretty much every other thread with smaller properties that then get replat into one big property. Keeping in line with precedent done in the rest of the forum, can we please merge them?
  22. The negative comments are astonishing. "We have parking requirements to protect neighborhoods" - Councilman Mike Laster. Protect them from what, parallel parking? "Walk for two blocks, it's not going to happen" - Councilman Greg Travis. Why not? It happens all the time. Kind of a reminder that the old Houston is still alive, although thankfully diminished in power.
  23. I tried sending you a message but it said you were unable to receive messages.
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