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Black Friday Hike #optoutside

Event details

Black Friday Hike #optoutside

November 24, 2023, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Lake Houston Wilderness Park

25840 FM 1485, New Caney, Texas, 77357


Let’s Embrace the Outdoors on Black Friday! #optoutside


This #BlackFriday, why not break away from the hustle and bustle of crowded stores and instead immerse yourself in the serene beauty of nature? Join us for a refreshing outdoor adventure to destress and unwind.


Our trails are the real deal, offering natural dirt paths with undulating hills, enveloped by lush trees, and inhabited by various wildlife. No one gets left behind on our hikes; faster, participants will circle back to rejoin the group, and we regroup at intersections to ensure everyone knows the way.


Here’s what you should bring along:

- Water to stay hydrated

- Long pants for comfort and protection

- Sunscreen and bug-repellent

- Sturdy, supportive shoes for the trails

- Snacks & Lunch to keep your energy up


After the hike: Picnic in the park. Bring:

- Your lunch

- Comfy Chair

- Comfy Shoes

- Extra layers based on weather


Dog Friendly for responsible dog owners. Must have water and poop bags for your pups. 

Please do not let your dogs approach any other dogs or people without permission.


No Kids: Please note that due to the hike’s length, it’s not suitable for kids, and we are an adult outdoor social club.


Fees: $3 per person, park entrance fee – Pay at Park. This isn’t a Texas State Park, so your park pass won’t work here.  The hike is free.


How to locate the group:

Look for the HTXoutdoors and Bayou City Outdoors sign at the entrance of the parking lot, near the nature center. We’ll commence the hike from there.



The parking lot is at least 10 minutes from check-in. Plus, there will be a line to check-in.  Please allow a minimum of 10 minutes from what Google/Apple says your arrival time is. 

There’s ample parking near the starting location, situated at the back of the park. Ensure you arrive on time for the hike by allowing extra time to reach the parking area.


Start Time:

Arrive by 10 am for a punctual start at 10:15 am.  We will leave if you aren’t ready by 10:15. Once on the trail, we don’t leave people behind.


About the Park:

Lake Houston Wilderness Park sprawls across 4,786.6 acres of wooded terrain, just half an hour north of downtown Houston, close to New Caney, off Highway 59. It stands out as the only H.P.A.R.D. park where you can camp overnight. A vehicle bridge over Peach Creek has expanded access throughout the park.

The park offers cabins and walk-in campsites for rental. Activities here encompass hiking and biking along 20 miles of trails, kayaking on tree-lined creeks, and horseback riding along 13 miles of equestrian trails. Feel free to bring your own bikes, watercraft, and horses.

As it’s a wilderness park, expect a heavily forested environment, with a note of caution regarding wildlife, including several species of snakes. Always keep safety in mind when paddling the creeks, as conditions in natural waterways can change unexpectedly. (Information courtesy of Lake Houston Wilderness Park.)


RSVP at https://htxoutdoors.com/events/black-friday-hike-optoutside/ For additional info e-mail to info@HTXoutdoors.com

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