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  2. I don't understand this all or nothing approach TxDOT has. Are they really that allergic to the idea of working with local leaders and residents impacted by the project, even if it sets them back a year or two?
  3. Maybe if you had been paying attention you would know that this post isn’t about a stupid stick shack that’s under construction, this is about POST: 401 Franklin Post office site redevelopment, if you want to talk about that stick construction then you should start a new post about it!
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  5. Whats going on in the brown space on the roof in the top third of the roof? Is that soil or is it being prepped for something else? Anyone know? And thanks @citylivingfor your greatness!
  6. I don’t understand what all the obsession is with that stupid shack that’s under construction, I give you awesomeness and these are the comments that I get from my photography?
  7. Yeah the way I read it is the same as @Houston19514 . It sounds like the enviro studies and pre-construction stuff for the whole line is under-way and construction on the thing as a whole doesn't begin until 2025. At this particular meeting however, they chose to focus on that certain piece. If they are doing BRT the same way they did BRT in Uptown, then I can see how this can be a long term project requiring crazy amount of prep. I mean Uptown BRT came with sidewalks with trees and lights and the median is full of trees and each stop has a nice shelter area and some LCDs. I think Uptown
  8. You can already see how the TOD standards are affecting Harrisburg. Exciting stuff but yes parking minimums have to go in this area. There is way too much potential!
  9. I too wish that more of the east end was included in the parking minimum. not just as mention the new places going up, but Harrisburg and Wayside area, that area has so much potential, and will really benefit from the TOD designation, but would benefit even more without parking minimums at all.
  10. I don't think it's for only a portion. I think all segments of the University Line BRT are on the same schedule.
  11. Oh wow you're right! Damn that's crazy. Well now it makes me wonder why they didn't include the rest of the East End. Especially with East River and Triden developments going on. And Montrose needs to be next.
  12. it doesn't though. the dotted line that denotes the new edge runs along the RR track. the red dot outside of the Market Based Parking is this location. actually, the red dot is 2 blocks low, sorry, it's across Milby from the box shaded 'transportation and utility'. here's a Google map with the boundary highlighted, which is easier to see locations than the COH map. it's super hard to follow the COH map, but this is just on the wrong side of the boundary for no parking necessary. but basically, with or without the map, the boundary on this side is the RR track, so in perso
  13. It does fall within the No Parking Min boundary. It doesn't require any parking but I'm assuming the developer did what they felt was best. Now if the development did fall outside of the No Parking Min boundary, they would have to follow TOD/WP criteria for parking if the street is considered TOD or secondary. And if the street isn't considered TOD or Secondary, then they have to follow original parking minimum requirements. However many spaces are needed per person.
  14. Maybe I’m confused by the way you worded it, but this property does not fall within the existing or proposed (recently adopted?) MBP area in that map. This property is east of the Houston Belt and Terminal Railway, which puts it outside of the zone. If it is outside of the MBP, then the typical archaic parking minimums required by the City of Houston apply, correct?
  15. This has probably been asked before, but what is the stick construction down by the highway?
  16. And it is only a portion of the University line :(
  17. Which is exactly how the system should work. 🤗
  18. In terms of how the building is positioned on the property and whether it has to front the street or not is TOD/WP. But based off parking alone this business falls within the no parking mins area. I can see that rule applying outside of these areas. The developers probably felt it was going to be needed.
  19. I think that our crappy grid continues to be tested periodically during the hot summer months, it makes better sense for them to lay-off the lighting for a while. I think if I were managing the building, I'd do the same thing. I bet they light up again in the fall.
  20. I’m pretty sure the number was actually 86% beef, and the other 14% was water and spices. Cocoa powder is traditionally added to mole sauces in Mexican cuisine, which is why they would be using this as an ingredient. If it were for color, they would be using Caramel Color, which is basically a small amount of almost-burnt sugar. I am not trying to advocate Taco Bell as a health restaurant, but your post is nothing more than uneducated fear-mongering. Taco Bell has long been one of the only major fast food chains offering suitable options for a vegan diet. If you ignore all the stuff targe
  21. Anybody know why Wells Fargo and Chase Towers have not had there decorative lighting on for the last few months? Seems like ever since people got ticked off that the lights were on downtown during the freeze they decided to not light them back up. Sad seeing our skyline at night and our two tallest are dark.
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