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  3. In case anyone is still interested, this is the official outline of Independence Heights. https://www.houstontx.gov/planning/Demographics/docs_pdfs/SN/13_Independence_Heights.pdf
  4. Noticed this weekend that “Swift-friendly” chimney is complete.
  5. I confess I don’t know much about this subject; but own a electric scooter. Also own old fashioned scooter that I self propelled myself in. Plus all grandkids have these self propelled scooters. When I read this thread— I am always wondering about COH existing ban on kids using non electric scooters on sidewalks like those at Buffalo Bayou. There was a sarcastic Park Ranger who, informed me that kids scooters were banned at Buffalo Bayou and I should leave immediately or get ticketed. Do they ticket “ shared” electric scooters when ridden at Buffalo Bayou?
  6. Correction, the groundwater cleanup online meeting I was referring to is for 3509 Texas Street. The digging goes and is progressing slowly. I’ll post a photo from atop the Lamar Tower when it looks more progressed. Feel like I’ve posted enough pics of an empty lot for now. Highrises’s photos nailed it.
  7. Just as a quick aside, I've been emailing a bunch of public officials/asking at public meetings and trying to figure out where the law actually stands. At the moment: ebikes are allowed everywhere. State law specifically prohibits municipalities from restricting them where normal bikes are permitted (except for some mountain bike trails). City is going to work on having ebikes specifically included in language via ordinance. Scooters.... are not very politically popular. They are permitted by a lack of regulation basically everywhere except for Buffalo Bayou Park and so
  8. I like both Best Buy and Micro Center. I'd hate to see Best Buy vanish, though I from what I have read they have actually been doing okay. Also they are opening new stores again for the first time in a decade. Maybe this and the Bingle location were just weak performers? The Meyerland store was close to other locations while inner NW Houston has only gotten sketchier over the last few years. I noticed the big one by the Galleria and the ones in The Woodlands, Sugar Land, etc have more stuff like kitchen appliances while the oldest and smallest stores don't or that part of the store
  9. Yesterday
  10. The academic building renovation is complete or almost complete. The residential building has begun construction (I think mainly site work though). The office building will be next and has not started yet.
  11. What is under construction right now? Is this development going by phase or are all towers under construction at once?
  12. it does, just a little bit. But, the important thing is, it blocks half of the Cosmo from South Post Oak so I don't have to look at that thing while headed north on South Post Oak
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