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  2. the city owns the land, it is managed by a private partnership. https://www.discoverygreen.com/history-of-discovery-green#:~:text=Discovery Green exemplifies a successful,operates and maintains the park. it is a public park, public land at least. not that it makes a difference in the context of what the security guards can/can't do to people riding scooters, or bicycles, but I'm fairly confident that the rules exist to make it harder for a person to take legal action against the conservancy should a cyclist run over a kid. anyway, I've been riding my bike in and around
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  4. Anybody think that they are ever going to fix the broken section of the bayou trail/bike path right by here?
  5. I drive by this house everyday for work and have always thought the same thing. I'm curious if we could work with a group to move it elsewhere in the neighborhood. I've seen Bullethoof do amazing work, and those at the Plant House have to be familiar with the process. Anyone know them? I'm down to get a little vocal about it.
  6. Thanks! I had forgotten about the Bagby redesign.......that is great news and should offer some nice continuity for those bikers along the bayou looking to access the Post HTX.
  7. Franklin itself could really stand to be redone. There's no reason for it to be anywhere near as wide as it is. It's not on the Bike Plan, but throwing some protected bike lanes on there would really help with circulation between the trails and the surface streets. Some street trees would also be nice.
  8. Bagby is getting a redesign that will add a new cycle and pedestrian zone, but it stops at Franklin. Maybe it could be extended by the developers? Only real access point is via George Bush Monument across the street. A ramp bypassing Franklin would have been great though. This should be done by the end of 2021:
  9. I'm still not clear how access will work to this development when using the trails along Buffalo Bayou? It's a shame they couldn't include some stairs or a ramp that would come up under Franklin St. Seems like it could be a nice gateway to the project.
  10. The project was funded a $28,851,400 HUD loan 12/15/2020. The owner is Partin Development. Here is the general contractor's sub-site, plans section lists all property related documents. https://www.strategicplanroom.com/jobs/299/details/cityscape-apartments Construction and sitework have not yet started, however there is a building permit issued Oct 2020.
  11. Looks like they are moving the old train
  12. Cidercade is starting to move in the arcade consoles. Status on the Instagram page has changed to “Opening Soon.” http://www.instagram.com/p/CKNA7eQrZ3f/?igshid=1gmt0630nku8x
  13. ^^^ actually, i would like to venture forth just to try my luck with those awesome stairs...
  14. What’s going up on Fairview and converse street? Right by Lola’s. Doesn’t look like residential from what’s up (could possible be) but it looks more commercial. It looks pretty big for such a small lot. Happy to see the infill. And it looks promising no matter what it is (no parking lot!) so whether townhouses or a new business, I’ll take it.
  15. I took these photographs from neither, I don’t own a drone and I don’t feel safe in a helicopter. I took these photographs from the top of a building that I was given permission to go up to.
  16. Serious question - were these taken from a drone or a helicopter? (saw one parked in about this exact vantage point for a while today around the time these were posted)
  17. Have we settled how tall the flagpole is? The online databases I've seen tend to do like Emporis and say that the height to tip, architectural height, and roof height are all identical. https://www.emporis.com/buildings/117718/american-general-center-houston-tx-usa
  18. This is going to get so much foot traffic because people are going to come just to drink coffee on the roof. It will def become a social media worthy place to take pics.
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