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  2. From the "It Could Be Worse" department . . . Twitter series on "Pictures of Highways in China." I guess the only good thing you can say is at least most don't have feeders? Noah Smith 🐇 on Twitter: "Pictures of highways in China https://t.co/d8yMYCUlRu" / Twitter
  3. It's been awhile since I paid any attention to this series, but this seems a long time coming. 'Top Chef' Season 19 to Film in Houston, Bravo Says - Variety
  4. For the low, low, price of $25, they can run a buzzer over your head and keep it that way!
  5. Not likely considering there's a parking garage beneath it. Probably have to re-do the waterproofing to keep that pesky seepage out.
  6. We don't need a 50k stadium, yet. Just need to win consistently to bring the fans back.
  7. On this, only thing I can confirm is that UA has requested (at least pre-COVID) more gates on A, for obvious reasons that don't have much to do with utilization. They'd be stupid not to. I thought there was some agreement/right of first refusal, subject to minimum utilization requirements, but appears I was mistaken. The A gates do have minimum utilization provisions, the problem being they're not tied to minimum utilization of gates at other terminals. So UA can schedule the minimum turns per gate on A while not utilizing some gates on B, C, or E to that level (if at all), without losing the A gates. The former A icehouse gates that became the Southwest gates were under yet another separate lease with a 30-day termination at either the City's or United's option. It may even be the case that the City terminated the lease before COVID and Southwest because at one time the first AA flight of the day to LAX used those gates (as well as the EAS airlines). It's strange to me that the City and Southwest are not talking more gates at HOU. Seems like now would be the time. And it'd probably be the 5-gate international concourse expansion versus a new east concourse for non-Southwest airlines.
  8. That's correct, the various lease terms are tied to the investments, with B-South being the first required investment that IIRC squeaked through the first deadline since it was negotiated right before the financial crisis and then there was the controversy post-UA merger with the HOU international project. The new C-North was the second phase of that lease, but the largest phase was the redo of the terminal, the new FIS, which I believe was to go where the Skytrain APM maintenance facility currently is, and the two piers to replace the banjos. Of course there's nothing preventing the City from extending the development period, especially with COVID. But I hope they don't. One of the reasons IAH has suffered because of the mad rush for gates at DEN and ORD and associated minimum utilization requirements, so it'd be dumb for the City to lose leverage in this situation. Oh, I get it now, it's a walkway running east-west over the ticketing curbside from the C garage, not north-south across Terminal Road from the terminal to the concourse. Thanks for that. It might be a popular feature . . . at least there will be an underground option. Looks like you were right!
  9. It's going to be a parking lot first
  10. the UH/TT game this year sold over 40k tickets. that chart shows that they will have the smallest capacity in the big 12. if this game occurs in more 'normal times' (aka not a pandemic) and is a 'game that matters' (aka conference game), tickets are going to be hard to get even in NRG where the capacity is over 70k, and then add to it when they are back in the top 25, or if their opponent is in the top 25? as an example, in 2015 and 2016 it was as near an impossible ticket as you could get for sports tickets in Houston. they don't have to expand, but I think if they don't expand they better have a really good relationship with NRG to ensure that when there are important home games for UH that the Texans are on the road that weekend.
  11. The walkway depicted on the cover is from the parking garage to the International Terminal D/E central processor (ticketing hall). You can be sure neither TSA nor CBP would allow an open "sterile" walkway.
  12. Great info. Thanks. I had also presumed the Terminal B FIS was shelved, but it is stil referenced as a thing in some 2018 bond documents (and that's well after plans were well underway for the International Terminal project). "Under the third and final deferred phase, United may construct two new international-capable Terminal B North Concourses for both mainline and regional jet aircraft along with a Terminal B FIS facility and the renovation and reconstruction of the existing Terminal B central lobby and baggage claim areas." My understanding of the lease summary in the 2021 bond documents posted above is that the lease that expires in 2024 is only as to the north side (the banjos) and related support facilities. The rest of Terminal B appears to be under a lease that does not expire until 2041. That may give us a pretty good indication that United will be starting on Phase 3 soon, likely before the end of 2024. (I doubt they would want to give up those gates; of course it's always possible the terms could be amended before then)
  13. It appears to be in the place where the existing sterile walkway from D to the FIS goes. I doubt a walkway from the garage would make much sense, considering D will no longer have ticketing, and considering the new ticketing building is farther to the west toward Terminal C, I doubt it's from the Ticketing to the concourse. The above said, I can't imagine CBP approving an uncovered sterile walkway, so who knows? Maybe it carries utilities. There's a similar structure at Terminal A parallel to the walkway.
  14. I am all for people getting a fair share for their craft, but wow, yeah.
  15. Looking at recent posts on their FB page, it's pretty clear that like many other restaurants, they've been struggling with staff shortages for some time now. I certainly hope they reopen soon, as I would dearly hate to have to add them to the mental list I've been keeping of places that have permanently closed as either a direct or indirect result of the pandemic.
  16. Kanomwan put a message on FB that they are closed until further notice.
  17. I thought it looked like a walkway from a parking garage to Terminal D, but I am not sure.
  18. Thanks for letting me know. I searched back a few pages to see if it had been posted, but didn't see it. Went ahead and deleted it.
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