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  2. After all this there have been several answers as to why preserving the prairies are worthwhile...you have just chosen to ignore or dismiss them. At any rate, this is just an academic exercise as the prairie will never be a forest due to the soil chemistry, it's current use in agriculture and it's future use for master planned communities.
  3. When I was looking at their website, I noticed the tuition was set up as "resident" and "international", with international being quite a bit higher. That's normal (though it's usually termed resident and non-resident) for public schools, but why would a private school charge so much more for international students? I suspect they are trying to attract folks who want to get the the US on a student visa and milking them for profit.
  4. If you go to their website (W Squared) it seems as if there is another rendering labeled N. York. Retrofit. I'm not sure if this is anything but a concept at this point that's available for potential renters (if the property is still owned by ancorian, I don't see it listed on their site) http://www.wsquaredarch.com/commercial/dnip2mksbutbsieo4q9v2odq0i57sa
  5. I lived in the Menil neighborhood and understand the history and fights over those trees on Dunlavy. I would imagine the neighbors on that back street are not happy about losing that wooded cover from 288. They now will be looking at a lit parking lot and HEB. I just hope they decide to landscape and add trees. I know I will be sending them emails about landscaping and remind them how beautiful a parking lot can be. It never hurts to recommend these things and it only takes a few to get them thinking in the right direction.
  6. Well a big delay in the project was getting the historic tax credits approved while allowing modifications such as skylights punched in the roof... There are a few tenants signed up already. The fingers furniture site (or can't remember if Macy's site) I don't believe isn't being developed but they are putting some pad sites in front (Fast Food/Commercial Tenants). They aren't in a rush and have recently acquired acquired some other big lots recently. They function in a long term land bank strategy. They own so many lots of Harrisburg for example, was there a rush to put in Baker Ripley or the CVS? It's not even 1/5th developed.
  7. you know this project has nothing going on when we revert back to the whole rail topic...
  8. To raise land for new suburban homes in the flood plains!
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  10. Several Lovett projects around town are currently stalled, with few signs of progress: Houston Post building at Polk/Emancipation, Fingers Furniture redevelopment at I-45 and Cullen (Coogs Crossing I think?), this project, etc. I wonder if they’ve taken on too many projects all at once and overextended themselves (financially or otherwise)?.
  11. Assuming this rendering is new (after Victorian’s backed out), that’s an encouraging sign. The Sampson/York corridor has a bunch of potential.
  12. Wow, those reviews say it all. I was curious to see if they were a lot cheaper or something, but they're not, they're actually quite expensive. Hard to imagine why anyone would go here.
  13. The BBQ quality will be very high in this area with Truth BBQ down the street.
  14. And after all this, still no answer as to why preserving the prairies are worthwhile...
  15. Why not? After all, you yourself told me that this issue was of high complexity. Boring cliche post. I'm well aware of that. Good, now bring me some honey.
  16. Looks like a false alarm. Report of a fire on the 19th floor of the new Hanover Post Oak.
  17. Here's the timelapse, with apologies it apparently cut off the beginning. Regardless, it's about 8 hours compressed into 18 seconds. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V00-aCJG0Vo&feature=youtu.be
  18. An AT crane down in the pit (was surprised it wasn't at street level).
  19. Went by the site the other day and looks like some preliminary work has started. The lot is closed off and mostly demoed at this point.
  20. Several months ago Paul (owner of TNP) showed me the plans. TNP will have a new home within this development. All going well.
  21. Ugly is in the eye of the beholder, just as much as beauty is. Some people like prairies.
  22. This doesn't really speak to the quality of the education, but some reviews I found from former employees and students at the school indicate that it's for-profit, perhaps regardless of the official designation. http://www.onlinedegreereviews.org/college/national-american-university-reviews/
  23. Wish as you may, the soil in the Katy Prairie isn't conducive to forests. If it was...surprise...there would be forests there. The only forests that will ever be planted on that prairie will have 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Those forests are growing at a brisk pace.
  24. Tens of millions of years have conspired to make the Texas Coastal Prairie ugly as sin and nigh-uninhabitable to pre-modern humans. It's also a paradise to countless other species. We've only got cities here because of physical geography, not ecology. Try as you might, what's aesthetically pleasing will only exist in pockets here. But that's OK - there are plenty of pretty places within a few hours drive. Quit picking on the ugly - it never did anything to you.
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