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  2. Anyone who lives in this building please invite me over to go swimming. I’ll bring some good booze.
  3. Much appreciated Crockpot!
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  5. I was there too. What a great event that was.
  6. I doubt anything will be going in where the building stood. The north side of Pasadena is economically depressed and is shambles. The major retailers have almost all pulled the plug on the mall. The strip malls and restaurants are on the low end of retail. No one is getting into bidding wars to purchase residential real estate in that area. The city will pick up all of the rubble and leave the pavement/parking lot as is then put a lot for sale sign on it. The only way some major investment in a structure will be made is if a local, state, or federal building is constructed in the site. The demolition today was inevitable. It was all about location. If this building had been located in the Kirby, downtown, or Bellaire area it would have been kept well maintained, stayed occupied, and received Historic Building protection. I worked in Pasadena around 15 years ago and would see this building regularly. It’s sad to know it is gone but the reality of the area made preservation/restoration impossible. The asking price when it was on the market was super cheap for a reason.
  7. I found it interesting that the Children's Museum was considered to be one of his most important projects.
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  9. I'm all for development but if the renderings are accurate, this monster has zero character, is completely cookie-cutter, and adds nothing to the neighborhood feel of the area... And once again, another blown opportunity with the lack of ground level retail.
  10. I definitely need to get a second bottle cage for my bike.
  11. ^^^ greetings and welcome "long time lurker and very rare commenter" @Darb64 please take a moment to you have presented me with a query "why do you think the students will necessarily have the same opinion of the building finishes as you"? well, for one thing, one of my nephews attends TSU (ARCHITECTURE MAJOR). i know a few of the other students in and around the campus. i know some of the faculty members. also, i am acquainted with a few of the contractors for whom have assisted with the construction of this particular edifice itself. therefore, PLEASE TRUST ME, i am not alone in my most humble OPINIONS of this brand new TSU LIBRARY. as i have stated beforehand, "the students and community of TSU have been waiting for like DECADES for a brand new and serviceable library". and after all of this time, they were certainly expecting something much better (DESIGN WISE) than the current status quo! please DO NOT GET ME WRONG HERE, they are most appreciable of acquiring a brand new state-of-the-art library facility, its just that this particular library design is currently REEKING in certain areas. please bear in mind that HAIF FORUM, is not just for patrons to come in and gaze/glare/stare/lurk/pause, etc. this is also a place to venture forth and share ideas, speak about design aspects of certain edifices and projects (LARGE or SMALL) constructed/proposed within and around our fair city of houston. you have so eloquently stated that "you think that some of the buildings that i have praised are actually horrendous." well, i actually PRAISE the fact that you harbor the right to your OPINIONS within this most wonderful and free forum as well. even in lieu of my so-called "VAPORS". i shall openly extend you the invitation to please post more...
  12. That is pretty amazing, particularly for this time of the year in Houston!
  13. Look what I saw.. margarita machine! I also like the design/color of these shade tarps.
  14. Lola Savannah's single origin El Salvador Honey-Process has been my go-to for beans this month. https://www.lolacoffee.com/
  15. Yeah I know there used to be a Katy and points west section but wasn't sure what was most appropriate. Feel free to move where you think fits best, mods.
  16. I liked it when Rich Lord and Charlie Pallilo were together many years ago best.They seemed to be good together. The Triple Threat stuff was hard to listen to. 3 guys all trying to talk at the same time makes for hard to hear to anybody. C).
  17. It's a public university at the mercy of our current political leaders in Austin. 🤡🤬🙈🙉🙊
  18. I could understand demolishing the Wyndham or using the surface lot but I find it hard to believe TWU would allow them to demo their parking garage unless they got something similar in return.
  19. Different angle, these demolition guys might know their craft. Perfect demo.
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