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  2. HAS actually tries to answer this in their Master Plan. In the short-term, their answer is to just keep adding "piers" that jut out from the terminals. The most likely end result will basically be a continuous ring of terminals with piers surrounding the inner roadways--even on the west side. In the very long term, they have several ideas about what could be done: 1) Restructure A and B into one large terminal-concourse building/complex of buildings--it could be another linear thing, but they also looked at some "satellite" concourses (think Dulles) 2) Build a whole new, full-sized terminal complex to the east of the existing complex https://www.fly2houston.com/biz/about/master-plans Chapter 5 and 6 have some really deep reading and good maps/diagrams of their potential expansions (p.52-end in Chapter 5; the beginning of the chapter discusses where to put a new runway).
  3. I have a friend who lives downtown and he used to see a few of the players in the elevator of his apartment building. It was only a few blocks from the Toyota center so pretty easy commute. For a lot of younger guys too it’s probable you are going to get traded so no rush to put down roots — I could see renting a $$ apartment downtown being an appealing option for them.
  4. It looks like a protective film that is over the cladding to protect it during install.
  5. Yeah the presentation dates are off because Hurricane Harvey paused so much but this one is officially kicking off January 2022. To see so much connected walkability is a rare sight in Houston. I walked from Westheimer and Shepherd to Eastside St the other day and what a great walk. It’s amazing how much good infrastructure elevates the architecture of your city and overall aesthetic.
  6. I know that Harden built a place in Rivercrest, so that's Westheimer at BW8. Steve Francis lived in Memorial Villages. Tracy McGrady lived in Sugarland. I think when George Springer first became an Astros staple he was living in one of the towers next to Hermann Park. Dallas Keuchel lived in the tower at Kirby @ Westheimer. So there are some athletes in town. Rockets roster has some up and coming young guys, so I wouldn't doubt a few live in town. I think cheapest NBA salary is about $1.5 mil whereas with MLB it was in the $500s.
  7. I’d actually be very curious to know where each player on the roster lived. I actually wouldn’t be shocked if most lived “in town”.
  8. Yes, that's a good point actually. Kind of an interesting idea, but still such a weird thought. Suburban location would kind of make sense because I think more players are out in the suburbs.
  9. Sorry to hear of your knee issues. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
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  11. Taking over the old Pepper Twins just down the block from their original Cuchara. It's usually packed on weekends so this may be a sister to take off some pressure from the staff and customer's wait times.
  12. Another tenant, IVIRMA Global. Reproductive Medicine. https://www.ivirma.com
  13. Here's something interesting https://thestory.church/nextchapter/ Building apparently leased to another church.
  14. Ross

    Car Talk

    I think anyone caught rolling coal should have their vehicle crushed. Same thing with driving a tuck lifted that high more than 10mph over the speed limit.
  15. When I moved with my family up that way to Sherwood Oaks from Clear Lake CityI, I took a job at the old Ice Haus in 1976 or '77, I think it was, as a skateguard---they hired me even though I didn't know how to skate! Anyway, I met ALL of my buds there---hockey players---and even my girl, Elaine. What a great hang-out for us guys and there was always a party to head over to. Great days.
  16. They are starting west and working east. But by the time they get to Shepherd, the construction on Shepherd will be finished. These dates are way off cause nothing has happened yet. https://www.rebuildhouston.org/documents/project_media/alabama_presentation.pdf
  17. absolutely. the Internet, and short form communications (text, twitter, etc) makes it even worse. so it's not all down to bad application of best intention policy. something as simple as homonyms though. how is that missed? I'm sure some see my failure to capitalize the first word of a sentence as a thing that is grating (I do apply it consistently, so if I were writing a novel it would be ok!).
  18. It is not just grammar and syntax that are deficient. IMO there is a general decline in the ability to communicate effectively (notice I did not split the infinitive 🙂). Is this in spite of, or because of, all the communication tools we now have? I wonder. My grandmother graduated from a very rural high school in southern Louisiana in 1932. Her grammar and spelling were impeccable and her handwriting was gorgeous. She always wrote in clear and complete sentences. Of course, I have saved the letters she wrote to me when I was in college. She passed the year after I graduated. We need to start (or resume) thinking of school as boot camp for our lives after we "leave home."
  19. samagon

    Car Talk

    I'd guess scissor lift. I hate seeing bro dozers like this being driven on the streets with a passion, and I hope every single one of them breaks in a manner that doesn't harm anyone. whether it's chip tunes being legislated out of business because of how popular they are with the Diesel crowd to defeat emissions, or make their trucks roll coal, or whether it's absurdly unsafe lift kits like this that are driven on any type of road. I mean, sitting in that truck could the driver even see a car that is less than 3 car lengths in front of him? much less a full grown adult crossing the street (never mind a child)? not even thinking about how absurdly heavy those wheels are, and probably no upgrades to the brakes to compensate for all that extra wheel mass that needs to be slowed down.
  20. Someone ask their East End District contact
  21. This is going to coincide with the reconstruction of Shepherd from 59 to Westheimer. I read construction on Shepherd will continue on Jan 1st.
  22. he has at least one warehouse that I know of https://www.google.com/maps/place/Landry'S/@29.7843687,-95.4536611,16z/data=!4m9!1m2!2m1!1sLandry's!3m5!1s0x8640c6c6e34d8a25:0x6bcba908a3d2846c!8m2!3d29.7845155!4d-95.4539067!15sCghMYW5kcnkncyIDiAEB would be a terribly disappointing result if that's what this was slated to become.
  23. I wondered what was going on with that building - rode by last week and it was being renovated/worked on - I will try to get pics next time I go by....
  24. I so feel your pain.....hope you get better fast.....I missed riding my bike so much when I got hurt - I hope you're back on your bike in no time !!!
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