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  2. From the linked wikipedia page: Following one of the source links, they have some pictures https://www.engineersgarage.com/egblog/china-unwraps-worlds-first-driverless-rail-transit-system-with-autonomous-technology/ Also this explains why there's room for a driver - it's semi-autonmous, more like a Tesla than the little autonomous bus Metro is running around TSU The doors look about the same height as your typical light rail, and the "tracks" should allow it to align close enough to a platform to allow for level boarding
  3. What are you basing that on? There appears to be a single, consistent floor level inside the bus and the doors are about as low as they could be - they look like a reasonable boarding platform height.
  4. It appears they built the thing with platforms that do not provide level boarding. Once built, building higher platforms is hardly a "simple fix".
  5. It was a neat idea, but if half the midtown businesses were against it, I can see why they didn't go forward
  6. Houston Public Works withdraws Brazos Street bridge revamp plans Houston Public Works has pulled proposals to permanently close the Brazos Street bridge and implement new pedestrian features around a corridor threaded between the Montrose area and Midtown. “Please be advised that the Houston Public Works Department along with Mayor Turner has made the decision to resume the project with the original design,” reads a Public Works notice sent to stakeholders on April 2. https://communityimpact.com/houston/heights-river-oaks-montrose/transportation/2020/04/02/houston-public-works-withdraws-brazos-street-bridge-revamp-plans/
  7. The industrial site is being dismantled and cleaned up. Last week: Yesterday: Removing chemicals and the barrels that were dumped on the side of the road.
  8. New Maritime Museum confirmed for East River. See pg 8 https://issuu.com/midway2/docs/district_ss2020
  9. Vice is out with another video on Houston's car culture
  10. pretty sure the level boarding is a simple fix with higher platforms.
  11. Yesterday
  12. This photo is from yesterday. Construction has re-started after the brief shutdown due to confusion between the City and State SiP Orders. The brief shutdown did cause both crane installations to be postponed until later this month. Source
  13. I love classic design, but I agree that this was not that good. I admire the attempt, but the lack of skill set is apparent. We need some builders/developers to sponsor some scholarships to the American College of Building Arts. Cough..cough..Randall Davis...cough...cough.
  14. It's BRT with electric vehicles, but apparently without even having level boarding. IMO, the quick-charge battery powering is the coolest part about it. While it is theoretically "autonomous" (self-driving). It appears they do not operate them without drivers.
  15. Agree to disagree? This thing looks like a cheap piece of crap that will age extremely poorly. The first floor actually bothers me the least, but it has *zero* relationship with the rest of the building. The windows don't even line up!
  16. The old Lee’s Fried Chicken building is turning into a Common Bond take out concept.
  17. The biggest thing is keeping dedicated ROW. That's also the hardest part
  18. very neat, but the paint would need to be re-applied every few years. not that this isn't easy to do, it would be a thing though.
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