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  2. Does anyone know how much of the phase 2 is funded yet? The massive garage they're working on certainly seems ambitious. But what are chances of this actually coming together on this timetable? If this is more than just a paper project, I can see this spurring a lot more residential development in midtown, which is a happy thought.
  3. Nah - just more saber rattling by the opposition.
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  5. goofy

    Queer Us Folk

    Calling an internet stranger "a thankless child" because they don't agree with you might be the kind of attitude that has caused me/others to believe that the "gay community" is a myth. I knocked on doors and volunteered with lgbt and progressive groups in suburban Austin before I could vote and before gay marriage was legal. My parents threatened to kick me out. The only reason they didn't was threat of CPS involvement and a supportive aunt. When I went in search of the supportive communities others waxed poetic about, I didn't find them. I firmly believe the 'gay community' was dead before I reached adulthood; it's not my generation's fault. The only accessible remnants of it were bars, where I've been roofied and sexually harassed while working (i used to work in sexual health doing testing and providing safe sex supplies, you know, trying to help the 'community'). Your experience are yours, my experiences are mine. There's no reason to chastise and demean other people. Peace.
  6. Wow, these are some really hot takes on interior decorating. Got any more for us? 🙃
  7. Not good. I’d also be surprised if any Japanese firms were doing any big movements on international projects- the yen is ridiculously weak right now (145JPY to 1USD- it’s normally 100:1 or so). if a company like Brightline could pick it up, that could be our last hope to see this one get momentum (albeit it would likely use different technology)
  8. Moved to Houston in 2002 when I was 22 ... Montrose was definitely a different place ... was out to the bars / clubs / restaurants several times a week. Now that I'm 42 I just don't feel the need to "go to Montrose" as much anymore. I did it for so many years and have basically moved on. I still go out to the montrose bars with friends every once in a while, and we have a blast, just don't need to do it every week... other parts of the city, like Downtown, can be just as fun and sometimes more fun. I just don't need to "be around other gays" every time I go out.
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  10. If we could turn the Pierce into our own East Side Gallery like Berlin, I'd be down
  11. Very interesting. My guess is that this portion of South Main must have been renumbered in the late 1940s. Keep in mind that this was definitely the outskirts of town back then. It was so far out that the first two years after we moved to the area, the only available residential phone service was an eight-party line. In the recent Brochstein's thread, a poster raised that possibility, and I have to agree. There wasn't a Brochstein's at what is currently 10002 South Main, and their factory further out near Stella Link was built in 1940. There was only one Texas/South Main Drive In and only one Brochstein's factory. I haven't looked for any proof of renumbering, but that has to be what happened.
  12. dbigtex56

    Queer Us Folk

    "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child" - King Lear
  13. I'd have called it an irregular quadrilateral, but I flunked geometry so that might be more imagination than reality.
  14. This is seriously starting to look like Pacific Rim. Like we're doing everything in our power to wall off the monster that is the Embassy Suites Kaiju.
  15. https://3dus.us/portfolio-items/1550-lamar-street/?portfolioCats=44
  16. Sorry if this has already been answered but will Richmond be rebuilt and on the other BRT routes planned are the streets being rebuilt or is it as needed?
  17. I think the 40/41 could be fixed with a little smarter frequency & timing. The 25 and especially the 82 need dedicated bus lanes to be on time at peak. Richmond and Westheimer have the room west of 610, but making a dedicated bus lane where the 82 really needs it is probably politically impossible
  18. 😍Keep the updates coming on this one especially since we don’t have any renderings.
  19. dguet

    Queer Us Folk

    Gayborhoods were havens of safety for times when the outside world hated and attacked us. They made it easier for us to meet and organize and share strategies during dark times (AIDS, police raids, and hate crimes). It allowed for a community to develop, something much harder to do online. Also many of us did NOT have families that accepted us; many were ostracized by family, church, and even the workplace, so the gayborhoods were lifesavers (literally). Hence the fixation for those of us who remember. Count your blessings that you live in a more tolerant time. And you are right, if something is no longer needed, it should be discarded. But sometimes we throw the baby out with the bathwater, we forget our history, and we repeat old mistakes just to "build more apartments". Assimilation is great, but don't forget the world you are living in is very, very recent and there are people out there who would love dearly to strip us of our freedom and put us back in the closet. However, I digress. To refocus, I am NOT talking about the Gay bars or the sex scene or the gayborhood, but merely that you could go out and invariably see a significant number of Gay and lesbian people at your favorite restaurant on almost any night, and certain nights and places catered to Queer folk even though they were not Gay businesses. Perhaps we are still there, but too diluted into the mainstream to be noticed? <sigh> Gurl, it was FABULOUS wasn't it?
  20. Photos from the past week, uploaded them in chronological order but may be showing up out of order. They were working to finish all day yesterday.
  21. Houston ranks #3 nationally in new apartments built in its downtown between 2013 and 2022: https://rejournals.com/the-most-active-downtown-areas-for-apartment-construction-chicago-is-ranked-no-12/
  22. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/Bullet-train-Texas-Central-Houston-Dallas-proof-17478111.php Sounds pretty dead.
  23. The South Main Drive-In opened June 7, 1940 and was Houston's first drive-in, according to Cinema Treasures. South Main Drive-In There's no listing for the Main Drive-In. However, the book "Cinema Houston" says the South Main Drive-In was originally called the Texas Drive-In, and the address given is 9900 South Main. Google Books link You can see ads showing the original Texas Drive-In name at the Cinema Treasures link, but they don't list an address, just general directions ("drive out South Main highway - near the underpass").
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