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  2. More N. Shep retail at W 14th?

    Dorothy between 13th and 14th has a bunch of houses as well, fairly new ones. I assume that's the 12 small lots along Dorothy on the diagram. So, this would be the Roadhawk car lot, the crumbling building to the South of the car wash, and the metal building on Dorothy. The houses on Dorothy are going to have the back of a two story commercial building to look at. Not a good choice to buy one street either side of Shepherd or Durham.
  3. Battlesteins building purchased

    $8 million to bring it up to code and $17 million to make it OK for office occupancy. The JW Marriott cost $80 million with $12 million in city subsidies provided.
  4. Shepherd Row in the Heights

    I guess I need to get a picture of the Fish-Pets-Coins sign before it disappears. That strip is pretty much a dump these days, so I was wondering how long it would be before someone redid it.

    Love it. The GOP’er is already elauating her performance, and she isn’t even in the seat yet. Just what you’d expect.
  6. Battlesteins building purchased

    Good news, but too bad they couldn't have gotten it while they were doing the JW construction. I seem to recall media reports indicating that the hotel developers made offers but couldn't reach a deal. My own wild speculation is that they have some contingencies drawn up for back-of-the-house uses for it. Agree parking seems like an impossibility. If nothing else, a refresh of street-side face should be on the way, and long overdue.
  7. Houston Steel Erectors uses comcast for our cable and xfinity for internet. They are not too bad.
  8. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    I've been twice in the past week and went to Craft Burger and Sit Lo. The prices are a little higher as mentioned before but I love this place! I'll definitely be going back often. Excellent addition to downtown in a great location.
  9. New signage for the Houston Bikeways went up near Saint Arnold in the last few days: This section is being re-striped (to a wider range) and having curbs replaced and no parking signs installed along entire route. It's currently not illegal to park in a bike lane unless there is a corresponding no parking sign (rolleyes X infinity) They've made big strides with this project in the last few weeks. They're going to be doing Lyons from Jensen all of the way to McKee. Hardy and McKee will eventually have dedicated bike infrastructure to head into downtown.
  10. Battlesteins building purchased

    Exactly. I highly doubt they will demo this building.
  11. Battlesteins building purchased

    Agreed on inefficiency for parking. Looks like it's 50 feet wide. Not really efficient for anything, though. Marriott could just be acquiring it to control what's next to them and letting it sit a few more years.
  12. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    Went again today during lunch. Place was so packed it was hard to find room to stand. I think that they will be fine. It was awesome again btw.
  13. Battlesteins building purchased

    They definitely connect at the tunnel/basement level, though who knows what is down there in the Battelstein space. Does the JW have any meeting or amenity space on the second or third floor? JW could at a minimum expand the lobby at the street level and have a second set of elevators that take you up in the other "tower".
  14. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    I get that everyone wishes the place was cheaper. The reality is that right next door there is a hotel with out of towners who will gladly pay that simply because of the experience. I went this past wknd and I honestly don't see this place slowing down. Not to mention that the other food halls being built are going to be really popular. Downtown has an energy about it now that it never had before. Pretty exciting.
  15. Battlesteins building purchased

    And its location on Main. I'm hoping they somehow connect the hotel to this building and possibly make additional rooms.
  16. Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    I don't understand why you extend the Red Line to N. Shepherd Transit Center and have not one but two lines to Hobby when you could be using that money to extend the green/purple lines to Northwest Transit Center. It's going to be real interesting watching a light rail train go past all the junkyards along N. Shepherd. Instead you could be connecting all those people along Washington to downtown. This would also get more pieces in place for conversion of the Uptown BRT line to light rail.
  17. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    There are cheaper options out there to be sure, but not as many as there used to be. There are $11 grilled chicken salads for takeout in the tunnels.
  18. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    lol holy moly guys, let's get some holiday spirit and enjoy each other's company! No reason a forum for people who love architecture and their city needs to be so sinister...
  19. Battlesteins building purchased

    Doesn't seem like it would make for a very efficient parking structure, given how narrow it is.
  20. Shepherd Row in the Heights

    The major difference is that they seem to have purchased a home on Dorothy St to use as an additional entrance/parking.
  21. Battlesteins building purchased

    It very well might be. Parking is all the rage downtown. Although I would think they would have signed a long lease with the garage they've been using. And I don't think there are any curb cuts along this part of Main so I doubt the city would allow one, but we've certainly shot Texas Ave full of curb cuts so I wouldn't be surprised.
  22. Shepherd Row in the Heights

    Looks like a little make-up on what's there now.
  23. 347 W 20th

    Nothing like knocking down a mansion to build something across from an empty parking lot.
  24. 347 W 20th

    With the demolition of the white house on the NE corner of Ashland and 20th imminent, swamplot notes that permit records indicate a hotel may be built on this site. The city's permitting site indicates that a parking review was submitted on 30Nov. The land is currently owned by an entity called Wood Lane Partners, Ltd., whose registered agent is Robert Ackerley, one of the founders of NF Smith, a sizeable privately held electronics parts distributor. Robert Ackerley also appears to be in the pecan business.
  25. Battlesteins building purchased

    ^^^ outstanding news. YES!
  26. Battlesteins building purchased

    Kind of torn on what I would like to see here. As long as it isn't turned into parking.
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