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  3. If you are asking literally how far down it goes, the answer is not at all. Memorial Drive will not be lowered. https://www.memorialparkconservancy.org/discover/master-plan/land-bridge-prairie-restoration-project/ https://www.memorialparkconservancy.org/discover/master-plan/ten-year-plan/?location=Land+Bridge+and+Prairie
  4. So does anyone know exactly what stretch of Memorial this will be and how far down it goes?
  5. You should read beyond the first sentence of the article and maybe even look at the study. 😉
  6. So it took this massive study to realize we need new sidewalks and better transit? Sometimes I seriously want to move.
  7. Soon this will be moving to the “Going Up” forum. Today’s Chronicle article says this shopping center will be demolished. https://www.chron.com/entertainment/restaurants-bars/article/Kenny-Ziggy-s-to-move-to-Luby-s-Cafeteria-Post-Oak-15472146.php?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=socialflow#photo-16055572
  8. Frustrated architect, or planning ahead for the Alien Rapture?
  9. the problem is never the parking and walking i am betting for most...it was the very real fear of getting your car broken into or possibly getting approached or worse attacked by someone up to no good (especially after 2am)... but gosh, i remember back in the day there would be lots of tow trucks having a field day towing vehicles nonstop on Lovett and Avondale mostly owned by people going to Numbers and Avant Garden and whatever Korny Vibes used to be called when it was the bar/club etc...of course that was due to confusing signs or people not even paying attention to signs...so hey a safe, reliable and convenient parking garage for the area is an awesome idea in my opinion! Plus it opens up street parking for all the people that live on the streets in homes and apartments for their use which is also great! (which so many streets have those signs now saying residents only parking during certain hours etc so hey this garage is needed more than ever!) i think it is a win for everyone!
  10. No worries, Mont - it is a McMansion, which is what you get when you've got a committee of people who've worked hard to live in McMansions driving the design decisions. I was just picking out the design detail that grates my cheese even from a distance, and which could most easily go away (if you want to call something that gargantuan a "detail").
  11. Because the market sets the parking requirements - home buyers, renters, and commercial tenants will still want parking, just not necessarily as much as the city's requirements
  12. What about a giant disco ball hanging over the intersection, similar to the rings over Post Oak?
  13. Really you need both a shared garage and good sidewalks to walk from the shared garage to everything around it
  14. I still don't trust it - it might just be a parking lot improvement. I won't believe it until I see a banner for 3 months free rent
  15. Functionally you are 100% correct. Visually, the Civil Courthouse looks like it could be the Capital Building of Memorial City. Tack-a-rama. The Brown is the color of the giant leather Gallery Furniture couches the types of homes with rustic stars have inside of them (comfortable, yes, huge and ugly, also yes). The beige stucco arches perhaps inspired by the french country kitchen vent hood. The high contrast with the reflective glass is reminiscent of the 100% saturation & clarity images realtors take on HAR. The tiny useless columns... this thing is giant McMansion. Sorry Mollusk. Plenty of time to complain online during Covid.
  16. The Civil Courthouse would undoubtedly look better without the flying saucer / dome plopped on top at the insistence of one of the judges. That said, it functions very well internally and came through Harvey pretty well - all as a result of lessons learned from the CJC, which has suffered operational problems since Day One. Perhaps the dome can go back to Tralfamadore during a refresh. CJC got clobbered during Allison, too (albeit without exploding plumbing on upper floors). Fortunately the criminal courts had only moved in a month or two earlier, so they just moved right back into their previous quarters.
  17. I really hope the Civil Courthouse is gone before then. IMO it's in the top 10 worst for worst in Houston. The Criminal Courthouse is in the same realm, but it doesn't leave as sour taste.
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