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  2. Taking bets on the first 20 story tower between 18th and 21st and Heights Boulevard and Shepherd.
  3. EXCELLENT idea, but I'd rather have my account deleted by request (there is no option to delete it yourself). HAIF deserves better than to have to resort to spamming, but if that is the only way it will happen..... so be it.
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  5. Well, except that Crockpot wasn't spamming, but got flagged anyway. Why not just stop posting and go inactive?
  6. Sweet! I was just telling someone the other day how this would be such a perfect mixed use area right here, so close to downtown Heights. Based on how massive this is, this must also include the parking lot behind the former Sand Dollar as well. Can't wait for the pawn shop to go next! Their parking lot has banged up my car several times.
  7. Right, I know that. The map above my post though said in the Houston Chron that the Yale Bridge (see red circle) would be rebuilt. I ended up guessing that that was simply an old map since I don't see why in the world they would rebuild that after it's just been rebuilt.... or Houston Chron got it wrong again.
  8. The rerouting of White Oak to a more eastern connection to Buffalo Bayou, would have no bearing on the Yale street bridge. White Oak bayou would continue to run its same course until it reaches the bypass and some of it's water would continue the confluence with Buffalo Bayou at its original Allens Landing site. This will create a north end island. I also believe that a bridge over the canal might work.
  9. downtownian

    Skyline update

    I like how they pick up bits of everyday life like someone doing an instagram photo shoot on top of Market Square Tower at 9:00 and a tow truck taking away a car at 9:20.
  10. You know, i actually like this design very much. Its a beautiful, dense urban development, and one I could see filling Eastern Houston quite well. That whole area has always felt neglected ever since they cancelled the Harrisburg Expressway, leading to development moving westward. Though, for the past few years, I figured the location would work as a place for the city to build its new Public Safety Facility and Police HQ and also be big enough to hold the County Courts and administration. The City tried to buy the old Post Office north of Downtown to put the public safety complex there and there's controversy over what to do with court buildings after the Harvey flooding. I thought the location was ideal for both purposes, since this property is in close proximity to the sheriff's office, prisons, and joint prisoner intake, but I should have known developers had snatched it up. I would also do that, but maybe the larger buildings are commercial and they are looking for tenants to fill the office space?
  11. It was great fried chicken and at the time it was one of the main restaurants in Houston, along with the Ye Olde College Inn, and Valians pizza which was across Fannin from the Shamrock. Lee's den was the best Chinese on South Main at OST and right in front of an old trailer park. Needless to say, there weren't a lot of great restaurants around town in the late 50's early sixties. It just goes to show you if you want something enough it can happen. And now we're one of the great food cities in the U.S.
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  13. Well if we use Crockpot as example just start spamming the board and we'll flag you as a spammer your account will be automatically nuked.
  14. Twinsanity02

    Skyline update

    This is one of the best videos on you tube showing downtown Houston. For those in a hurry check out 7:45 to 8:45. It's from Fritzphoto.
  15. FWIW, all electric powered vehicles are banned from all trails. Even the electric bcycles have stickers on them saying don't ride them on trails. I think Houston Parks Board not wanting anything electric (hell, they don't even allow non-electric scooters) is the biggest road block here. Everyone knows that the best place in Houston to ride these things would be Buffalo Bayou Park.
  16. Uber and Lyft initially had difficulties getting into our markets, the latter leaving and then returning. It's a shame they're leaving San Antonio, but apart from zipping around Downtown and King William, there isn't a lot of places to go. Houston already has a lot of bike lane infrastructure/trails and would be a perfect set up for this. San Antonio has little to no set up (in the immediate areas I was in and wanted to go), and required you to ride on the streets with traffic. Lisbon had a ton of bike lanes. Austin also has bike lanes. Super easy to adjust your navigation to the bike setting and scooter away into the sunset. Guess I'll have to look into purchasing one. They're unbelievably fun and can cart my 6'1" 230 lbs self around just fine - even uphill.
  17. Some intense soil sampling? This is a different site than the apt building construction.
  18. I chatted with the owner of 3-6-9 this a.m. and he said his lease isn't up till 01-January-2021. At that time he plans to retire as he will have been in business at that location for 40 years. Now. moderators, I REPEAT .... since you don't answer my repeated PRIVATE emails over the last 30 days to delete my account, I hereby request it in the PUBLIC forum.
  19. I'm kind of surprised that's in Going Up when... there's still not any plans about it Going Up. Also, how could I have missed that extremely descriptive headline haha
  20. At this point, I don't think that they'll approve them. At least with scooters in the form that they are in now. Lime just had a pretty significant service retraction. They left San Antonio, Atlanta, Phoenix, and more: https://news.crunchbase.com/news/as-lime-leaves-12-markets-a-note-on-scooters/ Also, I'm pretty sure the new CoH Sustainability project thing went out of its way to not mention scooters. It said multi-modality transport, but then mentioned bike share and car sharing.
  21. Bill Williams' restaurant was in the 6500 block of Main, which is indeed at Dryden at Main (where the Bioscience Research Collaborative building is located now). I've seen a Bill Williams menu from the 1940s that gives its location as "on South Main, across from Rice Stadium", but that would have been referring to the old Rice stadium, where the track is now, not the current one that was erected in 1950.
  22. This is not scientifically accurate, but from the content and size I would hypothesize an extremely large bovine. Or a local Texas size Bigfoot.
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