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  2. https://realtynewsreport.com/mcnair-starting-westchase-multifamily-project/
  3. Walgreen's was built sometime before 2000, probably mid-1990's. I remember, because the Art Institute left some great furniture curbside when their building was demo'd. (edit: 1994, per HCAD)
  4. I feel like the days are numbered for the Walgreens across the street. Anyone know how long it’s been there? I know the CVS further south on Montrose & Richmond has been there since 2005.
  5. Not sure what is going into the former building, but the skate shop moved up to 4201 Navigation Blvd.
  6. If they incorporate underground and/or podium-style parking (which seems certain), it will result in even more land available to build a larger Kroger with ample parking for both residents and customers.
  7. Apologies to Wimpy... "I'll gladly pay you in 2100 for a railroad you build in 2021"
  8. Sonner or later, a fence/barrier will be placed...humans do stupid things LOL
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  10. Hey, you found the exact bridge I remembered and it was exactly the way I thought it was. Nice work! Memorial Park has mentioned that the land bridge is designed to be used by animals to avoid having to cross Memorial Drive. I'll argue that I'm guessing a certain % of Memorial Park users are dumber than the average wildlife. That video shows it with a raised concrete edge at some points and a flush edge at others.
  11. Mildly disappointing rendering: https://www.wolf-cp.com/properties/742-e-20th-street
  12. No longer listed on Loopnet. Any info here?
  13. For what it's worth, I don't see any Certificate of Appropriateness applications (from the last couple of years) for the building pending, denied, or approved. So it's not a question of what they're "allowed" to do, at least in terms of the historic ordinance. Given that they want to extend the storefront where the damage was anyway, I wonder if they're intentionally not repairing it while they finalize plans and permitting. Of course they will *definitely* need a COA for that.
  14. https://communityimpact.com/houston/cy-fair/transportation/2021/06/15/texas-central-signs-16b-construction-contract-for-high-speed-rail-project/ $16 billion contract signed with Webuild (former Salini Impregilo) for the design and construction of Texas Central's high speed railway. No word on financing from what I've seen so this just seems to be an updated version of the $14 billion design-build contract signed a couple years ago.
  15. That 2,000square foot lot is very odd. I wonder how that separated ownership ever came to be.
  16. I don't get it. A car ran into the building. It's been without brick, with plastic sheeting, for more than a year. I don't understand why they have not been allowed to repair the building with the brick that is there.
  17. Permits in for the building that housed the former skate shop. Any idea what’s happening here?
  18. So... you think you saw a land bridge and you think it might have been in Alberta and you think it might have had a fence? Good to know. 🙄 https://www.canadiangeographic.ca/article/banffs-famed-wildlife-overpasses-turn-20-world-looks-canada-conservation-inspiration The fencing (on both the bridges and the entire roadway) in Alberta, is there to eliminate deadly collisions between vehicles and wildlife (deadly for wildlife as well as humans). Pretty different situation from the bridges being built in Memorial Park My best guess is: No fencing. I don't recall this vid
  19. unpopular opinion... it's starting to look less stupid.
  20. I think this will be a great addition to the area! can't wait to check it out...had no idea they were this close to opening!!! basically a week away!
  21. wait, the project name is Kroger Montrose? Are the going to build Disco Kroger Two, Electric Bugaloo?
  22. John Glenn statue at the old NASA site. It was a Bike Tag I had to find.
  23. That roof experience is going to be incredible!!! Such an amazing view of our awesome city! 🏆
  24. But remember, those same people have opted out of using kangaroos, elephants and koala bears!!!! How fun would that have been!!!???!!!??? so don't give them tooOoOoOooOOoo much credit...
  25. I doubt anyone would develop that sliver of land, considering the Bastrop ROW that the City/East Downtown Management District is actively developing as a promenade/public space. I’m more concerned about lot 3 on that map; that is the entirety of 8th Wonder’s outdoor area (which I thought they had owned).
  26. At first I thought they had labeled the entire promenade as possible ROW acquisition target and It is hard to describe how much hell I would have raised if someone tried to buy that lol. 8'X250' is definitely going to be pretty hard to develop. I think you've got one buyer, and that is the warehouse owner that is immediately adjacent. Interesting that they aren't really asking for a discount and still want $165k for it. I wish the city would buy #5 to make a park since it abuts the dog park in the promenade.
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