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  2. I genuinely love Target, but I sincerely hope nobody does most of their grocery shopping there. Even the giant suburban SuperTargets. That's just not what they're good at.
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  4. I think it's mostly the boring glass curtain wall, especially on the parking garage. I must note that I haven't even been to Houston since the glazing started, so I haven't seen it in person. But I also don't like the top all that much and I don't like the entrance. I'm not a big fan of 609 Main, either. Again, mostly because of the boring curtain wall. I LOVE the exterior of 811 Main (BG Group Place)...just not thrilled with the notch that makes it look like a giant BIC lighter.
  5. yep awesome photos... and show that the place is indeed clean, compact, bright and nice!
  6. Every time I see that there are new posts in this thread, my first thought is "cool, we must be getting an update on the rock columns from @gene".
  7. I’m not sure about angle changing the light picture @X.R., but the first one was taken on an especially cloudy day and with the interior lights on. Last two were taken yesterday with no interior lights on. So I guess it just depends on time of day, cloud cover, etc. In regards to the avant-garde art installation, the yellow cylindrical one is actually an interactive piece in which the public is able to add whatever they want to the piece. I believe it’s called “Your Mama Doesn’t Work Here”
  8. The uptick in the homeless population is likely going to be a large problem for the downtown apartment market. It seems like ever since they put up the fencing underneath 59 near Franklin, that massive homeless camp has just moved into random corners of downtown. I've been down here for 6 years and have never really had areas that I fully avoided due to panhandlers. There are several areas now that I hesitate to walk by. I'm still confident in downtown residential over the long run but with so many homeless, no yards to spend time in with everything closed, and with the current status of w
  9. No problem. Hopefully we are not into groupthink on HAIF. Just curious, why don't you?
  10. Its almost spoilers to see the 3rd floor ceilings now, its that interesting. It seems like the light changes a bit depending on the viewing angle? Or is that the camera? If it does change, that would be so cool. Also, all that modern/avant-garde art in the last picture @rgarza is intriguing, especially that yellow cylindrical container with the canvas on top 🧐
  11. OK. I'm just going to say it and suffer the consequences. I don't like that building. There.
  12. haha i am scared my camera will break @hindesky 😲
  13. Off topic, but when we lived in Norway, we could not find a home for rent that had a bathtub. I was politely told by the agent that "Norwegians don't want to sit in a pool of their own filth!". So we bought a Chinese cedar tub off of Alibaba and filled it up using the shower head. Years later, it is now sitting in our yard here in Houston as a planter!
  14. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2020/10/22/la-colombe-dor-hotel-opens-new-restaurant.html?ana=TRUEANTHEMTWT_HO&csrc=6398&taid=5f97a9624f48e300011f5911&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter La Colombe d'Or Hotel in Montrose to reopen in winter with new restaurant, bar La Colombe d’Or Hotel will reopen with a new restaurant and bar this winter. Th
  15. Because they're replacing trees and soil that would absorb rainfall with impermeable building and pavement, and they want to make sure that when 48 inches of rain falls on it the bayou next to them doesn't flood them
  16. It looks much better when it's broken up with that line of gray in between.
  17. Downtown is strange right now. Weekdays are fairly empty as a fair amount of people are still working from home. You can see this in the lunch spots and the tunnels. Evenings and weekends have some pockets of activity: the Harry Potter bar consistently has long lines, Discovery Green is packed, Bravery Chef Hall is packed, places like Flying Saucer, Pappas Bros are decently busy.
  18. Not as bad as I thought, with all the doom and gloom being reported by the newspapers about the Downtown "emptiness", I was suspecting it was low 60%. Hopefully this shows that the recently revived Downtown apartment market is stronger than we thought. I think this means we should be seeing a pretty good recovery Q1/Q2 of next year, with Q4 2020 slowly ticking up in occupancy. I'm expecting it to be back in the 89-90% range by the end of Q2 next year. Baring anything absolutely crazy happens.
  19. The actual address is 302 Fairview, and there are permits listed
  20. Looks like a combination of the 2 colors of granite will be used according to this from the IG.
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