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BCO Birthday Bash

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BCO Birthday Bash

August 24, 2019 – 6:30 PM – 9 PM

El Big Bad

419 Travis St

Houston, TX 77002


We're celebrating!!

(Although, we're not quite sure how old we are because each year we celebrate a random number. haha)


Did you have a dream job when you were a kid?  Or are you still dreaming? 

Are you still waiting for the right time to finally start doing that thing you've always dreamed about?  


This year our theme is: "When I Grow Up"


Come dressed as what you'd like to be when you grow up so we can dream together!

Join us at the birthday bash to meet other members!  We've got some fun plans related to our theme, and to help you seek out other members with similar interests like activity level, area of town, and types of activities!  So this is going to be a perfect event to let out the kid inside of you and find (or catch up with) your playground buddy.


*  Want to meet people who live near you?

*  Want to meet people who enjoy the same activities as you?

*  Want to meet people who are at your same skill level as you?

*  Want to meet people who are FUN!! And actually, want to do activities around Houston?!

*  Want to see what other members are up to?


To help us put together the fun activities, we need some information from you!  Please complete this short form (even if you can't go to the birthday bash because we're going to use it to help plan future events too.)  https://go.bucketforms.com/sf/ebaad4fd 


Location: El Big Bad - Downtown!  It's hard to find a location that will allow 100+ people to attend so please plan to eat there and support our local friends!  We're working on creating a food and parking package for you to save some money and get FAST serve!! : )


Parking: We made parking easy!  Simply park in the One Market Square Parking lot and we'll give you a $7 off ticket so parking is only $8!  And it's right across the street from El Big Bad so you don't have to worry about driving around looking for a spot.


How to find the group: Look for the BCO signs.  We're on the 2nd floor of El Big Bad.


Food & Drinks: Please plan to eat at El Big Bad. It's difficult to find places that allow 100+ people to show up so let's support our local friends.  To expedite the process, we are looking into getting a buffet - making it super easy to show up and eliminate waiting for food. Let us know what you think!!


RSVP at https://bit.ly/2yyiuQ4 for additional information, please e-mail to info@bayoucityoutdoors.com 



Get your copy of Houston A to Z while it lasts. You'll find 8 pages of the coolest, the curious, the gems and the underground of our town. It's everything you need to know to be a Houston aficionado and it's completely FREE - today! https://go.bucketforms.com/ab/7de34918 

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