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Full Moon Hike

Event details

Full Moon Hike

December 26, 2023
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Rally Pavilion at the Running Center

QH83+3P Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park, Houston, Texas, 77007


Prepare for Moonlit Magic!


When the full moon graces the night sky, an enchanting transformation can occur. While we can assure you that no one has turned into a werewolf or Count Dracula during our full moon hikes at HTXO/BCO (so far), we are firm believers in celebrating the ethereal beauty of this celestial event with a leisurely moonlit walk.


Join us for an enchanting journey under the full moon’s radiant glow and immerse yourself in the captivating lunar landscape. It’s a night of celestial wonder that you won’t want to miss.


About the Trail:

We are hiking on an actual trail with hills! Yes, right here in Houston! This is not a paved path, which makes it interesting when you hike back at night, in the dark!

We’ll hike about 3-4 miles.


What to bring: 

- Red Light Headlight / Red Light flashlight – You can get these really cheap at Walmart or Academy, so please pick one up! Using a red light will help you keep your night vision; it won’t scare off the animals as much, and you won’t get as many shadows.

- Water: Stay hydrated before and after the hike. Bring water for the hike. It’s more comfortable to have a backpack to carry it in than to carry it with your hand.

- Sturdy Shoes: These are actual dirt trails, and it’s night: no platforms, no slippers or flip flops. We will check shoes before the hike, and inappropriate shoes will need to stay back.


No Dogs: Most of our events are dog-friendly. Since this is nighttime and there are snakes, there are no dogs on this hike.

Adults only, no Kids: We are an adult social club, and our night hike is not suitable for kids.

Leave No Trace: Please throw away any bottles or trash you have. Bring a shopping bag and pick up some trash during the hike.


Where to Meet:

We meet at Rally Pavilion at the Running Center. Map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/TohzVhGDtjYcrEYx5


Parking is directly next to the Rally Pavilion, with a $2.00 parking fee.



The hike is free, but there is a $2 parking fee


RSVP at https://htxoutdoors.com/events/full-moon-hike-18/ For additional info e-mail to info@HTXoutdoors.com


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