Fulbright Tower
Also known as:Three Houston Center
Formerly:ChevronTexaco Tower
Formerly:Chevron Tower
Formerly:Gulf Tower
1301 McKinney Avenue, Houston, Texas, Downtown 77010 United StatesPrint this page   •   Share this page

This building is often overlooked in the city's skyline. This is partially because of its location, near the fringes of the business core, and because of the number of taller buildings shadowing it. The Fulbright Tower should get more attention as the area around it is redeveloped with a new baseball stadium, a new basketball and ice hockey arena, new hotel, and the assorted shops, restaurants and condominiums planned for the area. As it is now, the horizontal stripes cause some to confuse it with the nearby First City tower or the Lyric Centre. But the Fulbright Tower forgoes First City's harsh lines and cuts and instead favors a more sculpted look, with stepped chevrons approaching the roof line. This 52-story tower is one of a growing number of downtown buildings that are shifting from the underground tunnel system to the raised sky bridge method of linking to its neighbors. This is mostly to economic reasons. It's cheaper and easier to build a bridge over a busy street, instead of burrowing beneath it, avoiding hassles with utility lines and the growing number of downtown buildings sporting underground parking garages.

Quick Facts
    > 21 December, 2004 - The buidling is sold to Crescent Real Estate Equities. A price is not disclosed, but is believed to be in the $250,000,000.00 range.
    > 29 March, 2005 - Crescent Real Estate Equities renames the building the Fulbright Tower after key tenent Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.
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