Kennedy Bakery Building
Formerly:La Carafe
Formerly:Kennedy Bakery Building
813 Congress Avenue, Houston, Texas, Downtown Houston 77002 United StatesPrint this page   •   Share this page

Quick Facts
  • Construction finish: 1861
  • Type: Mixed Use
  • Stories: 2
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  Why would they close La Carafe? What a great little bar! Oldest one in Houston, well,used to be. Good beer, good wine. Bathrooms were tiny, but hell who cares? History should be preserved for future generations. I guess it will be knocked down and turned into a Starbucks. Just what we need, who cares about tradition right? Houston is letting another one of it's architechturely important buildings slowly fade away. Buildings are built to be used.

Jamie McGraw - Tuesday, June 17th, 2008 @ 7:12pm