306 East Friar Tuck Lane
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People in Houston are quick to point out that that this area used to be Spain. What they fail to remember is that this area also used to be France. This home tucked into a hidden drive in the Memorial area is a wonderful nod to the motherland. It is a full French château just a few minutes from Interstate 10. It was built at considerable expense using limestone quarried in France and shipped over for this home. Neighbors say the cost of building the immense home actually contributed to the financial demise of its original owner, but that has not been substantiated.

Quick Facts
  • The home has 19 bathrooms.
  • The garage can hold 26 cars.
  • The ballroom has 75 chandeliers.
  • There is a second, smaller, version of the home on the property which is used as a guest quarters.
Your Thoughts

There is one comment.

  This house is more spectacular on the inside. The level of detail is amazing. When I lived in it in the 70's, it was massive. Now, the other huge houses in the area have made it seem like just another house on the block.

Friar Tuck - Sunday, June 1st, 2008 @ 4:23pm