Houston Texans Practice Bubble
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While the Astrodome has been left in the dust by Reliant Stadium, it can still look down on the new kid in town. The Houston Texans indoor practice facility is another dome -- or more accurately -- a bubble. The building is one of the largest in the area that is entirely supported by air. It's the sort of thing you'd expect to see as a temporary installation for a festival or large wedding, but the Texans are more than happy to make it a permanent feature. Moreover, it's easier to cool in Houston's summer sun because its volume is smaller than that of Reliant Stadium. Just like its predecessor, the Astrodome, the bubble is a grass-killer. Nearly half a century after the Astrodome forced the invention of Astroturf, the practice bubble uses "Field Turf" -- another artificial playing surface. The bubble is part of the larger Texans practice facility, which is a 17-acre complex including illuminated fields and tracks.

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