Alley Theatre
615 Texas Avenue, Houston, Texas, Downtown 77002 United StatesPrint this page   •   Share this page

Not actually in an alley, though there are plenty around, this building looks more like a Lego fortress. Its unusual shape and smooth surfaces give it a feeling of being just slightly into the future. The Alley Theater is a low, white, crouching piece of architecture. All of this is best appreciated in photography, because seeing the Alley in person one is dwarfed and loses site of the building as a whole. The castle motif is actually utilitarian. The top of the towers house the mechanics of the cooling system.

Quick Facts
    >24 May, 2002 - Nearly a year after Tropical Storm Allison flooded the Alley Theatre, things still aren't right. The Houston Chronicle reports the theater is suing its insurance company because it refuses to pay for the $6,500,000.00 in damage.
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  I love it, but it needs a scrubbin'.

Sarah Morris - Thursday, May 15th, 2008 @ 5:03pm  

  I worked here in the "70's-early '80's. The building was a constant inspiration when work was boring. It is supremely utilitarian yet like being in a giant wonderful sculpture simultaneously. And the stages are perfect.

Don Whitaker - Monday, August 7th, 2006 @ 3:33pm